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	      1	   Introduction	to	the	Centre

	      2	   Facilities

	    3-6	   Equipment	&	Technology

	   7-10	   Services
Introduction	to	
the	Centre
Established in 1998, the Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery
Centre is one of the full-fledged private hospital-based
centres in Hong Kong. It is entirely supported by the
Hospital’s facilities. All consultations, treatments, laser
therapies and surgeries are conducted by a dedicated
and experienced team of plastic & reconstructive
surgeons within the Centre to offer patients a one-stop
service. The Centre also provides 24-hour emergency
service at the Hospital to serve patients with facial and
burn injuries. At our Centre, all services are offered by
plastic & reconstructive Surgeons, while the services of
dermatologists or oral & maxillofacial surgeons will be
arranged if necessary.


Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Centre
( Outpatient )

Renovated in October 2005, the Centre (Outpatient)
is specially designed to ensure maximum privacy and
comfort. The Centre (Outpatient) has an operating
room, six consultation rooms and seven separate
waiting areas. Consultation, skin treatments and
minor skin surgeries are carried out at the Centre
(Outpatient). Location : G/F, Li Shu Fan Block.

Surgery & Skin Laser Unit

Renovated in 2006, the Surgery & Skin Laser Unit
has two well-equipped operating theatres for general
anaesthesia and three advanced laser treatment rooms
to perform day surgeries and treatments, ensuring
optimal patient care and privacy. Location: 3/F, Central

Equipment	&	Technology	
Laser, Light & Radiofrequency For Skin Care &

The Centre has over 10 advanced multi-functional laser,
Intense Pulsed Light and radiofrequency systems for skin
care and treatment, including:
Ÿ	 Gentlelase (long pulsed Alexandrite) Laser for
   pigment reduction, laser hair removal and skin
   rejuvenation (without crusting)

Ÿ	 AFFIRM (Nd : YAG laser 1440 nm) Laser System
   for acne scars, pigmentation and wrinkle reduction

Ÿ	 Intense Pulsed Light for skin renewal and hair
   removal (Medilux and Galaxy)

Ÿ	 Aesthetic Laser System (Versa Pulse QS1064,

Ÿ	 Ultrapulse Carbon Dioxide Laser System
Ÿ	 Pulsed Dye Laser System (V-Beam): V-Beam Laser
   System is mainly for treating vascular lesions,
   including telangiectasias, rosacea and red veins.
   Patented Dynamic Cooling Device (DCD) is
   integrated for quick pain relief and epidermis

Ÿ	 Galaxy System (Aurora: Radiofrequency plus Intense
   Pulsed Light and Polaris: Radiofrequency plus laser):
   For the reduction of pigment, vascular lesion; hair
   removal and treatment of wrinkles and laxity.

Ÿ	 GentleWaves (LED Photomodulation):A non-invasive
   system that activates new collagen formation and
   promotes skin cell activity to produce healthy skin.

Ÿ	 Radiofrequency for Skin Tightening (Thermage) :
   Using radiofrequency to deliver heat deep into the
   dermis to induce collagen modulation, whereby
   loose skin of the face, eyelids and abdomen can be
   tightened without surgery.

Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery

With the most advanced tools and techniques, plastic
& reconstructive surgeries can be carried out with
optimal results:

Ÿ	 Double eyelid surgery by minimally invasive suture

Ÿ	 Video-assisted endoscopic surgery enables brow-lift
   and face-lift to be done with keyhole incisions.

Ÿ	 New laser systems enable skin surface to be renewed
   and freshened, e.g. AFFIRM with CAP technology
   uses microthermal-renewal of collagen for wrinkle
   reduction, scar improvement and pigment reduction.

Ÿ	 Laser-assisted eyebag surgery shortens the recovery

Ÿ	 Fine needle injections of hyaluronic acid and
   Botulinum Toxin Type A (BTX-A) keep facial skin
   in the best condition.

Ÿ	 Silk Peel Derma Infusion for skin treatment combines
   exfoliation with infusion of skin-specific solutions
   to improve and revitalize your skin.

Ÿ	 Fat transplantation enables wrinkles and facial
   structural defects to be corrected (Coleman Method).

Ÿ	 Syringe Liposuction System achieves body-reshaping
   results with minimal trauma.

Ÿ	 VelaSmooth system for cellulite reduction (F.D.A.
   approved), which involves infrared light, radiofre-
   quency and endermologic suction technique.

Ÿ	 Special threads for minimally invasive face and neck

Ÿ	 Tear-drop-shaped cohesive silicone gel prosthesis
   for breast augmentation.

The Centre has installed technologically advanced
equipment for plastic & reconstructive surgery, including:

Ÿ	 Video-assisted Endoscopic Plastic Surgery Equipment

Ÿ	 Ultrasound-assisted Liposuction System

Ÿ	 Laser-Assisted Hair Transplantation System (Ultracut)

Ÿ	 Fat Transplantation System (Coleman)

Ÿ	 Fiber-Optic Flexible Endoscopy for Head & Neck

Ÿ	 Computerized Data & Image Recording

Ÿ	 UV Photography for Skin Analysis

Ser vices
Please make an appointment with our doctors for
consultation and assessment. Your doctor will give you
detailed information about the treatment, including
the potential benefits, side effects and possible

Skin Treatment & Procedures

Ð	 osmetic Laser Treatment

Ÿ	 Pigmented Lesions
Ÿ	 Vascular Lesions
Ÿ	 Tattoo Removal
Ÿ	 Hair Removal
Ÿ	 Vitiligo and Psoriasis
Ÿ	 Acne Scars and Other Surface Imperfections

Ð	 kin Improvement

Ÿ	 Scar Management
Ÿ	 AHA Chemical Peel
Ÿ	 Microdermabrasion
Ÿ	 Laser Treatment
Ÿ	 Ultrasound Treatment
Ÿ	 Skin Renewal by Injection
Ÿ	 Radiofrequency (Thermage) for Skin Tightening
Ÿ	 Cellulite Reduction (VelaSmooth)

Ð	 otulinum A Toxin Injection

Ÿ	 Wrinkle Treatment
Ÿ	 Face Reshaping
Ÿ	 Calf Reshaping

Ð	 yaluronic Acid Injection

Ÿ	 Wrinkle Treatment

Ÿ	 Face and Nose Contouring

Ð	 kin Moles & Tumour Surgery

Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery / Cosmetic Surgery

Ð	 acial Cosmetic Surgery
Ÿ	 Double Eyelid Surgery / Drooping Eyelid Surgery
Ÿ	 Eyebag Surgery (Lower Blepharoplasty)
Ÿ	 Other Eye Improvement Surgeries
Ÿ	 Nose and Chin Augmentation
Ÿ	 Other Nose Surgeries
Ÿ	 Lip Contouring
Ÿ	 Gummy Smile
Ÿ	 Brow Lift
Ÿ	 Face Lift / Neck Lift
Ÿ	 Radiofrequency for Skin Tightening (Thermage)
Ÿ	 Fat Transplantation
Ÿ	 Jaw Contouring Surgery
Ÿ	 Otoplasty for Prominent Ears
Ÿ	 Other Ear Surgeries

Ð	 ody Contouring Surgery

Ÿ	 Abdominal Liposuction
Ÿ	 Abdominoplasty
Ÿ	 Liposuction of Other Body Parts
Ÿ	 Breast Augmentation
Ÿ	 Replacement of Breast Implants
Ÿ	 Breast Lift or Reduction
Ÿ	 Nipple Reconstruction
Ÿ	 Breast Reconstruction
Ÿ	 Endoscopic Sympathectomy for Hyperhidrosis /
    Apocrine Gland Excision for Body Odor

Ð	 air Transplantation

Other Plastic Surgeries

Ð 	 urn and Burn Reconstructive Surgery

Ÿ	 Acute Burn & Burn Scar Therapy

Ð 	 econstructive Surgery for Congenital

Ÿ	 Cleft Lip

Ÿ	 Cleft Palate

Ÿ	 Post-Cleft Lip-Nose Deformities	

Ÿ	 Hypospadias

Ÿ	 Microtia

Ð	 rauma & Reconstructive Surgery

Ð	 ancer Reconstructive Surgery

Ÿ	 Head & Neck Cancer and Reconstructive Surgery

Ÿ	 Breast Cancer Reconstructive Surgery

Ÿ	 Skin Cancer Reconstructive Surgery

Plastic 	&	Reconstructi v e 	 S u r g e r y	 C e n t r e	
(In 	service 	since 	1998 )

3/F,	Central	Block	(Surgery	&	Skin	Laser	Unit)	
G/F,	Li	Shu	Fan	Block	(Outpatient)
2	Village	Road,	Happy	Valley,	Hong	Kong

Service	Hours
Monday	to	Friday	      :		 9:00	am	-	5:00	pm
Saturday	              :		 9:00	am	-	1:00	pm
(Closed	on	Sunday	and	Public	Holidays)

For	emergency,	please	contact	us	through:
Hospital	Main	Exchange	       :	   2572	0211
Outpatient	Department	        :	   2835	8600

For	us	to	serve	you	better,	please	make	an	appointment	
during	office	hours.
For	enquiries	and	appointment,	please	contact	us	at:
Tel	        :	    2835	8866
Fax	        :	    2892	7532
E-mail	     :

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