AN OPEN LETTER TO PARENTS
               FROM THE DIRECTOR OF
               RESIDENTIAL LIFE

        I have high hopes that living in our residence halls will be a positive experience for your son or
daughter. Our in-hall staff will make individual contact with your student a priority. In addition they
will offer a range of educational and social opportunities right in the residence hall. We will also do all
we can to help your student become academically engaged as well as positively involved in the UNH
and Durham community. I ask that you help us in promoting these positive avenues of involvement.
One of our biggest challenges is dealing with misbehavior by a smaller percentage of our students. I
hope, as I know you do, that yours will not be among this group. We are committed to creating an
environment that supports the academic mission of UNH. As such, we strictly enforce alcohol and
drug policies and often give very severe penalties for these and other serious violations. As I said
during my speech at orientation, living in the residence halls is a privilege, not a right. Your student
received a letter from me on their bed as they moved in earlier today. That lengthy letter outlines our
expectations and very clearly indicates that they might be evicted if they choose to violate our alcohol
or drug policies. That message will be reinforced tonight and this weekend at their first floor and hall
meeting. Here are some highlights of that letter and what we will share with them.

       1.      We will seek to evict any student who possesses or uses illegal drugs or drug equipment
               in the residence halls.
       2.      We will seek to suspend any student who distributes illegal drugs.
       3.      We will often seek to evict any student who permits underage residents to drink in their
       4.      We will seek to evict or suspend any student who engages in physical or sexual abuse.
       5.      We will seek to evict any student who tampers with fire equipment.
       6.      We will seek to evict or suspend any student who steals.
       7.      We will seek to evict any student who engage in repeat violations.

      I urge that you work with us to reinforce the strict stance we take regarding behavior. Our goal is
to develop a positive community. Most of our time will be spent in such positive pursuits. Our staff
plans numerous non-alcohol social activities every weekend at UNH, as well as during the week.
Your help is much appreciated in promoting these options for your son or daughter. Please feel free to
email me at or phone me at 603-862-1870 (work) or at home (603-868-1251)
should you wish to discuss anything related to the residence halls or your son or daughter. Thanks for
your help.


                                                                     Scott Chesney
                                                                     Director of Residential Life

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