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									Cinema Releases - Christmas 2008

<p>The Christmas season is fast approaching, and so is the anticipation
and expectation for the movies that will be released in cinemas these
holidays. Watching movies, whether in cinemas or on DVD, has become a
tradition of the holidays and is an aspect that increases the charm of
the holiday season. Some movies are released a little before Christmas
while there are others that are released during the Christmas
holidays.</p><p>This year there are many films that have been scheduled
for release during the Christmas holidays. There are many films that are
to be released in the month of December. Let's take a look at some of the
cinema releases on Christmas Day.</p><p>Marley & Me starring Jennifer
Aniston and Owen Wilson is the story of a family who have a dog. The
release date is December 25th, and this is one of those cute family
movies that you don't want to miss at Christmas. The other movie set for
release on the 25th is Bedtime Stories. The film stars Adam Sandler,
whose life changes because of bedtime stories coming true. These are the
stories he tells his niece and nephew at bedtime. This movie contains
some of the magic that people want to have in Christmas
movies.</p><p>Four Christmases is a movie that has a Christmas-related
theme, along with a good cast. It is being released in November and looks
promising. The film stars Reese Witherspoon and Vince Vaughn, a couple
trying their best to meet their four divorced parents on Christmas. The
release date for the release is November 26th.</p><p>If you are in the
mood for a more serious kind of movie, there are some good choices
available. For the Tom Cruise fans, the wait is finally over and his
movie Valkyrie is going to be released the day after Christmas. The movie
is based on the plot of the assassination of Adolf Hitler. The other
movies being released in December are The Spirit on the 25th, and The
Revolutionary Road on the 26th. The Revolutionary Road is the movie for
those who have waited all this time to see Leonardo Di Caprio and Kate
Winslet together again on screen.</p><p>Another cute movie for Christmas
is the animated The Tale Of Desperaux. The release date is December 19th,
and the movie is about a mouse that falls in love with a Princess. Jim
Carrey's Yes Man is also due to be released on December 19th.</p><p>Other
interesting cinema releases due prior to Christmas are Twilight,
Australia, Quantum of Solace, Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa, Bolt, The Day
The Earth Stood Still and The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button.</p><p>All
cinema releases this Christmas sound very intriguing, and some of them
even have the potential to become Oscar nominations. The best thing about
all these movies is that there is a great mix of several genres and there
are films from every category. There is a wide choice for many age groups
and tastes and preferences.</p><p>Find <a target="_new"
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