Trip Coordinator Letter 2009 by katiealibrandi


									TO:            All U.S. Areas attending the Malibu Club – Summer 2009

FROM:          Nicole Ickert, Administrative Manager

UPDATED:       November 2008

We are excited about serving with you in the Summer of 2009. This letter contains very important
information and updates. Please take careful note of everything in this document as we would like to help
with your trip planning. There are several new items to pay close attention to.

Air Travel:

Passports are mandatory for all air travel.

Land/Sea Travel: *New as of June 1, 2009*

We are being told that beginning June 1, 2009, Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative (WHTI) will be
implementing the final stages of the cross border requirements. All Adults 19 or over will be required to
have a valid Passport or WHTI approved document (Nexus, Enhanced Driver’s Licence, etc).

DHS will institute special provisions that allow school or other organized groups of children ages 18
and under who are U.S. or Canadian citizens to enter the U.S. with proof of citizenship alone. Proof
of citizenship is also required for Canadian Immigration. A driver’s license alone is not sufficient. It
does not prove citizenship. An un-notarized photocopy of the birth certificate is acceptable.

Anyone without proper documentation will be turned away.

This will mean that all Leaders will require the above documentation for the 2009 Camping Season.

Be sure to factor in the possibility of a long delay at the border crossing. To avoid further delay at the
border, the Trip Coordinator/Leader should be the only person dealing with the authorities. This
individual should refer to him/herself as a Chaperone, never a Camp Counselor or Counselor. If the
term ‘Counselor’ is used, the authorities may not allow him/her to cross the border.

If you are bringing a camper who is not a US citizen, please contact this office ahead of time.
Special Visas or documentation may be required.

For more information please visit the US Immigration website at .

Current Requirements:

Travel in Groups:
We will be working to secure BC Ferries Reservations for all of you. You will need a reservation
number from us to use one of the reserved spaces. This process cannot begin until after R2 in April.
I will be emailing you to get your best estimate as to your bus needs for the summer. This is what we will
base our request to BC Ferries on. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.

If you will be traveling in a private vehicle, we suggest that you make a reservation for the 7:20 am ferry
on their website, . Do not delay in doing this as there are a limited number of

To access your reservation, you will need to be at the terminal 30-60 minutes prior to departure. If you
arrive less than 30 mins prior to departure time BC Ferries will not honor your reservation. You will only
get on if there is space available. Confirm sailing times shortly before your trip as they may change
unexpectedly throughout the summer. BC Ferries (250)-386-3431 (Toll free at 1-888-223-3779 from
Washington State and Canada only) or visit their website.

Late Policy – Once you leave the ferry in Langdale, and head to Egmont there is no time to stop along
the way. You must proceed directly to the Malibu Landing from the Ferry arriving at the Egmont Malibu
Landing by 09:45 am. If your group misses the BC Ferry or the Malibu Princess your area may be
responsible for any additional transportation costs incurred on your behalf.

Malibu Princess Sailing Times – Tentative for 2009 the Malibu Princess will depart the Egmont Malibu
Landing at 10:30 am on Day 1 and depart Malibu Club on Day 7 at 2 pm. Arriving back at Egmont at
5pm. Please be advised that there is the possibility that the Princess schedule will be changed for some
weeks due to BC Ferries Reservations for Buses.

Electronic Equipment - Important – NEW Lockers should be in place for Summer 2009. Please still
be prepared to collect electronics. Malibu assumes no responsibility for lost or stolen items.

I will be in contact with you with any changes or updates.

For general camping information please refer to the Camping Handbook found on the Staff Resource
Page, check out our website at, or contact our office.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact either myself or Stacy Ramsey at the Egmont Office.
We are here to serve you. We look forward to meeting with you this summer.



Nicole Ickert
Administrative Manager
Phone: 604-883-2582
Fax: 604-883-2082

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