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									IPhone - The Newest From Apple

<p>Most people, especially techies, will know what an iPhone is. Yes, I'm
talking about the multi-touch and sleek device that has had fan boys
drooling and the other phone brands green with envy. The allure of this
sexy device has hooked hundreds of fans to lining up outside their
nearest Apple Store on the eve of June 29, 2007.</p><p>And they have
several solid reasons to warrant their passion for the iPhone. The most
striking aspect is the revolutionary interface. It sports a multi-touch
screen that allows more than one finger to do the work. The screen is
'smarter', so to speak, in anticipating your moves and interpreting your
actions. 'Pinch' a picture to make it smaller or slide your finger across
the screen to drag a file.</p><p>Also, being a product of Apple, it plays
music and has every function an iPod has, plus extras. These extras are
many and just to name a few; the iPhone has Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
capabilities, an Apple Safari web browser, a virtual keyboard and a GPS
receiver. And being a phone as well, it has every function you would
expect of a camera phone. Not forgetting to mention, the lustrous and
eye-catching design. The screen occupies the whole side of the device,
with its back made of black and metal plastic.</p><p>Being a portable
media player as well as phone, you can watch mobile movies on the go. But
like any other iPod, users have grieved over the problematic process of
transferring movies into the iPhone. This caused users to forgo watching
any movie clips on the iPhone. However, it many not be so much of a
problem if you know the correct way.</p><p>1) First, you have to download
any file converter that can convert any file type into the mpg4 format.
This is the only type of mobile movie that you can watch on the
device.<br>2) Next, you open the movie clip you want to convert to
through the converter interface. If it's from a DVD, a number of files
will appear. Choose the one with the largest size.<br>3) Start converting
by pressing the appropriate button on the converter.<br>4) Then, run
iTunes. You may download the latest version from the Apple website.<br>5)
Connect your iPhone and an icon should appear on the bottom left
corner.<br>6) Click on the 'Movies' tab and choose the movie clip you
want to transfer.<br>7) Start transferring and wait for a few minutes,
depending on your file size.</p><p>An interesting note; this converter
can also be used to watch PSP movies, since PSP movies have the mpg4
format. If you're a PSP nut, instead of an iPod one, this converter can
also serve all your PSP movie watching needs.</p><p>The iPhone is fast
becoming a popular gadget among today's youth and young at heart. With
the release of a second-generation iPhone, its vogue and charm will
eventually disappear. In the meantime, have fun watching mobile movies on
it!</p><p>To download <a target="_new"
href="">iPhone Movies</a> and other free
movies, please visit <a target="_new"

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