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									                   New Zealand College of Appearance Medicine
                   2008 Conference
                   27 – 30 August 2008

                   Millennium Hotel, Queenstown, New Zealand

                   Registration Brochure

                   Register online at
                          It is my privilege as President     New Zealand’s only Fellowship training programme and we
                          of NZCAM to welcome you to          encourage new practitioners to join NZCAM for “quality”
                          Queenstown to our most exciting     training which is “standards” based. Now that appearance
                          annual scientific meeting that      medicine has been accepted as a “special interest group”
                          we have presented. My thanks        of general practice by RNZCGP, it is possible for all
                          go to the rest of the organising    general practitioners to practice appearance medicine
                          committee, Teresa Cattin and        techniques provided they have the appropriate “training
                          Hans Raetz for their valuable       and expertise”. The NZCAM training pathway will allow
                          input.                              you to satisfy those requirements.

We have an extraordinary line up of international speakers    As well as practitioners from New Zealand we extend a
who have a proven track record of innovative techniques       warm welcome to our Australian colleagues who have in
backed by solid scientific data which will enable you to      the past been “blown away” by the stunning scenery and
enhance your practices. We are aware that there is an         skiing on offer in Queenstown. We also warmly welcome
increasing interest among new practitioners, both doctors     our more distant international colleagues from the USA,
and nurses, such that we have themed the conference           UK and Sweden.
“Back to Basics”. There will be ample opportunity for new
                                                              A big thank you also goes to industry who have been
practitioners to see “hands on” workshops by some of the
                                                              loyal supporters of the NZCAM conferences. The ability
worlds’ best practitioners. Such workshops will cover the
                                                              to practise high quality appearance medicine would not
basics before entering the more advanced areas for more
                                                              be possible without the professional and ethical input
seasoned practitioners.
                                                              of industry. We particularly thank our Platinum sponsor,
Because we have so much new content this year there           Allergan, who have generously supported the meeting and
will inevitably be some overlap between didactic lectures     our Gold sponsors, NZMS and Q-MED, who are regular
and workshops running at the same time so you will need       and faithful attendees. It is good to see an expanding
to plan your timetable to take advantage of all that is on    base of industry support in the exhibition hall bringing you
offer.                                                        the latest technology and ideas from around the world.

We will also be running the first NZCAM nurses                Finally a big thanks to Conference Innovators who have
programme, a laser safety course and of course a great        enabled a smooth and seamless process to allow the
social programme to allow the networking component of         conference to happen.
the conference which is such an important part of collegial
                                                              I hope to meet you all in Queenstown.
relationships and sharing of knowledge.
                                                              Kind regards
We are all fortunate to be working in such an exciting
                                                              John Barrett
field of medicine which is advancing rapidly. For new
                                                              NZCAM President
practitioners coming to see if “appearance medicine”
is something that is right for them I know you will be
impressed with what is on offer. NZCAM of course runs                                                                        0 
      About NZCAM
      The New Zealand College of Appearance Medicine
      (NZCAM) is the official College representing Appearance
      Medicine Physicians.

      NZCAM is the formal training and auditing body for
      Appearance Medicine physicians.

      Through the development of best “standards” of practice,
      NZCAM has developed a rigorous training programme
      for aspiring Appearance Medicine physicians as well as an
      audit programme for the continuing medical education of
      Associates (trainees), Members and Fellows of NZCAM.

Conference Destination - Queenstown

New Zealand’s most amazing recreational paradise is
nestled on the shores of Lake Wakatipu with the superb
backdrop of The Remarkables mountain range. A town
for all seasons, Queenstown is all things to all people. Ski,
fly, jump, ride or simply relax...the choice of activities is

After dark, Queenstown’s reputation as an adventure
capital lives on, with an overwhelming choice of restaurants,
cafes, bars and retail shops that open ‘til late seven days
a week. For more information on activities, wine, bars,
restaurants, tourism services in Queenstown please visit

                                                                The venue for this year’s Conference, including the
                                                                plenary sessions, exhibition and social programme will be
                                                                the Galaxy Ballrooms located on the second floor of the
                                                                Millennium Hotel, Queenstown. Side programmes and
                                                                Nurse’s programme will be held across the road at the
                                                                Copthorne Hotel.

            Wednesday 27 August
          8.30am – 5.00pm NZCAM Training Day
          	            	  Available	for	existing	NZCAM	Trainees	only
          1.00pm          MCQ Exam
          5.00pm          NZCAM AGM
          7.00pm – 8.30pm Welcome Reception amongst the Industry Exhibition

              Thursday 28 August

          BOTOX and Fillers

          7.00am            Registration desk open.                    11.20am    Muscle Atrophy considerations with
                            Pre-session tea and coffee served.                   BOTOX
                                                                       	         	Michael	Kane
          8.00am             Welcome and Introductions
                                                                       11.40am    Lip Aesthetics
          8.10am             The Philosophy of Beauty
                                                                       	         	Ava	Shamban
          	                 	Ava	Shamban
                                                                       12.00pm   Treatment Approaches across the Ages:
          8.30am             The Philosophy and Ethics of BOTOX
                                                                                 35, 50 and 65
          	                 	Greg	Goodman
                                                                                 Panel Discussion with Ava Shamban,
          8.50am             Panfacial BOTOX
                                                                                 Michael Kane, Greg Goodman and
          	                 	Michael	Kane
                                                                                 Anders Strand
          9.10am             Dysport
                                                                       12.30pm   Lunch amongst the Industry Exhibition
          	                 	Tony	Prochazka
                                                                       1.30pm     Restylane Lipp – How to Create the Best
          9.30am            Questions and Answers with Ava Shamban,
                            Greg Goodman, Tony Prochazka and
                                                                       	         	Anders	Strand
                            Michael Kane
      P                                                                1.50pm    Fortelis and Esthelis
          9.45am             Panfacial BOTOX Workshop
                                                                                 Joseph	Hkeik	
          	                 	Michael	Kane
                                                                       2.10pm     Sculptra – Then and Now
          10.30am           Morning tea amongst the Industry
                                                                       	         	Anne	Evans
                                                                       2.30pm    Temporary vs Permanent Fillers
          11.00am            Hyaluronic Acid – The Science behind HA
                                                                                 Chair: Greg	Goodman
          	                 	Anders	Strand	        	                             Panel Discussion with Ava Shamban,
                                                                                 Michael Kane, Anders Strand,
                                                                                 Glenn Murray, John Flynn and Anne Evans
              P   =Practical	Demonstration
    3.00pm         Afternoon tea amongst the Industry            Accreditation of
                                                                 Professional Development Points
    3.30pm          Targeted Radiesse Mid-Face – When Less
                                                                 NZCAM 2008 Conference has been endorsed by the Royal
                   is More
                                                                 New Zealand College of General Practitioners (RNZCGP)
    	              	John	Flynn
                                                                 and has been approved for up to 19 hours for General
    3.50pm          Panfacial Rejuvenation                       Practice Education Programme Stage 2 (formerly AVE) and
    	              	Anders	Strand	and	Glenn	Murray	              Maintenance of Professional Standards (MOPS) purposes.
    4.10pm          Treatment of Facial Palsy with BOTOX
    	              	Ava	Shamban	and	Michael	Kane                 In association with the programme, an industry exhibition
                                                                 will be held for delegates to view during catering breaks.
    4.30pm         Juvederm Panfacial Application Workshop

                   Ava Shamban, Michael Kane and Greg

    Evening        Free evening to enjoy Queenstown at

              This programme is correct at the time of printing. Please check the website for programme updates –


         Friday 29 August

     Liposuction and Lasers

     7.00am          Registration desk open.                     11.20am   Full Thickness Skin Loss after using
                     Pre-session tea and coffee served                     Phosphatidyl Choline Injection to Treat
     8.00am          Smart Lipo/Cool Lipo
                                                                 	         	Doug	Grose
     	               John	Flynn
                                                                 11.40am   Active Scar Management
     8.15am           Photodynamic Therapy with LED
                                                                 	         	John	Flynn
     	               	Glen	Calderhead
                                                                 12.00pm    Long Term Nodules in Two Patients after
     8.30am          Treatment of Acne Scarring
                                                                           use of Polylactic Acid Filler
     	               	Greg	Goodman
                                                                 	         	Doug	Grose
     8.45am           True Fractional Resurfacing with Fraxel
                                                                 12.15pm   Questions and Answers with Michael Kane,
                     Lasers – An Evidence Based Approach
                                                                           John Flynn and Doug Grose
     	               	Vic	Narurkar
                                                                 12.30pm   Lunch amongst the Industry Exhibition
     9.00am          LED for Acne
     	               	Glen	Calderhead                            1.30pm     Advances in Liposuction
                                                                 	         	Glenn	Murray
     9.15am          Fractional Ablative Skin Treatment with
                     Matrix Rf                                   1.45pm    Asian Patients – Special Considerations
     	               Piergiovanni	Marzinotto                     	         	Tony	Prochazka

     9.30am           New Technologies                           2.00pm    Cosmetic Dermatology – What’s Hot,
     	               	Vic	Narurkar                                         What’s Not and What’s Next?
                                                                 	         	Vic	Narurkar
     9.45am          Portrait Plasma Rejuvenation
     	               	Anne	Evans                                 2.15pm     Facial Anatomy – SMAS and other
     10.00am         Patient Photo 55 years old: What Options?
                                                                 	         	John	Flynn
                     Panel Discussion with Greg Goodman,
                                                                 2.30pm    Mid Face Rejuvenation with Juvederm
                     Glen Calderhead and Vic Narurkar
                                                                           Ava	Shamban
     10.30am         Morning tea amongst the Industry
                                                                 2.45pm    Afternoon tea amongst the Industry
     11.00am          BOTOX for Correction of Surgical
                                                                 3.15pm     Radiesse – Hands
                                                                 	         	John	Flynn
     	               	Michael	Kane

                                                  Workshops and Auxiliary Programmes

                                                  No workshops on Thursday 28 August

                                                  Friday 29 August
                                                  8.00am – 9.00am      Sculptra
                                                                       Anne Evans
3.30pm    Facial Contouring with Fat Transfer     9.00am – 10.00am     Advanced BOTOX
	         	Rob	Beulink                            	                    Michael Kane
                                                  9.00am – 10.00am     Radiesse High Impact
3.45pm     Breast Augmentation with Amazingel –
                                                                       John Flynn
          a Cautionary Tale
                                                  10.00am – 3.00pm     Laser Safety Course and LSO Exam
	         	Tony	Prochazka
                                                  11.00am - 12.00pm    Mesolis
4.00pm     Facial and Leg Vein Laser Treatment                         Tracey Lambert
	         	Stefania	Roberts                       11.30am – 12.00pm Penthrox
                                                                    Tony Prochazka
4.15pm     Wound Healing Revolution with LED
                                                  1.30pm – 2.30pm      Skin Hydration Demonstration of Different
	         	Glen	Calderhead
                                                                       Techniques and Indications
4.30pm     Periorbital Rejuvenation                                    Anders Strand and Joanna Romanowska
	         	Glenn	Murray                           1.30pm – 2.30pm      Fortelis and Esthelis – Facial Modelling
                                                                       Joseph Hkeik
4.45pm     Titan Skin Tightening
                                                  3.15pm – 3.45pm      Cutera IPL and Lasers
	         	Tony	Prochazka
                                                                       Tony Prochazka
Evening   Conference Dinner                       3.15pm – 4.15pm      Mid Face Rejuvenation
                                                                       Ava Shamban
                                                  4.15pm – 5.15pm      Lip Enhancement, Latest Techniques to
                                                                       Maximise Patient Satifaction
                                                                       Anders Strand
                                                  Saturday 30 August
                                                  8.00am – 9.00am      Hyperhidrosis
                                                  9.00am – 10.00am     Mid Face Rejuvenation
                                                                       Glenn Murray
                                                  9.00am – 10.00am     The Impact and Future of Non-Laser Light
                                                                       Glen Calderhead
                                                  11.00am – 12.00pm Active FX
                                                                    Ken MacDonald
                                                  11.00am – 12.00pm Fraxel Restore Treatment with Omnilux
                                                                    Vic Nanurkar
                                                  11.30am – 12.30pm Sclerotherapy
                                                                    Mark Denekamp
                                                  1.15pm – 2.15pm      Portrait Plasma Rejuvenation
                                                                       Anne Evans                             0

      Saturday 30 August

      New Devices and Products                                 1.45pm    Panfacial Rejuvenation
                                                               	        	Glenn	Murray
      7.30am      Registration desk open.
                  Pre-session tea and coffee served.           2.00pm    Microsclerotherapy: Patient Selection with
                                                                        TM and other Adverse Reactions
      8.30am       Scupltra – When and Where to Use It
                                                               	        	Stefania	Roberts
      	           	Anne	Evans
                                                                        Abstracts / Academic Session / Adverse
      8.45am       Restylane Vital – New Generation in Skin
      	           	Anders	Strand                               2.15pm    Lip Necrosis with Dermal Fillers and What
                                                                        to do About it
      9.00am      Esthelis – HA Masquerading as Collagen?
                                                               	        	Catherine	Stone
      	           Joseph	Hkeik
                                                               2.30pm    The Basics
      9.20am       Juvederm – Ultra or Ultra Plus?
                                                               	        	Soheila	Safari
      	           	Ava	Shamban
                                                               2.45pm   Anti-aging and the Cosmetic Physician
      9.40am       Fortilis / Mesolis – New Monophasic HA’s
      	           	Joseph	Hkeik                                         By	understanding	the	ageing	process	and	
                                                                        optimising	it	adds	another	dimension	in	
      10.00am     “Horses for Courses” What to Use, When
                                                                        the	outcomes	of	cosmetic	treatments	by	
                  and Where?
                                                                        promoting	health	and	longevity.
                  Panel Discussion with Anders Strand,         	        	Kamal	Karl
                  Anne Evans, Ava Shamban and
                                                               3.00pm   Conference finishes
                  Joseph Hkeik

      10.30am     Morning tea amongst the Industry

      11.00am     Fillers Workshops

                  Ava Shamban, Greg Goodman,
                  John Flynn and Anders Strand

      12.30pm     Lunch amongst the Industry Exhibition

      1.15pm       Active FX Skin Resurfacing
      	           	Ken	MacDonald

      1.30pm       Local Anaesthetic Techniques for the Face
      	           	Kate	Morlet	–	Brown

    Changing Faces – The Role of the Nurse within Appearance Medicine
    Saturday 30 August
The one day of lectures and practical demonstrations will cover a range of topics with the aim of educating Nurses who
work within Cosmetic and Appearance Medicine Clinics to encourage best standards of practice and a move towards
evidence based nursing.

8.00am        Improving Patient Satisfaction                   12.00pm     Lunch amongst the Industry Exhibition
	             Sheila	Nobel
                                                               1.00pm      Keeping Safe in Practice – Role of the
8.30am        Laser Physics                                                Registered Nurse
	             	Phil	Noble                                      	           College	of	Nurses	Aotearoa	NZ	speaker

9.00am        The Role of Anti-Oxidants in Skin Care and       1.30pm       BOTULINIUM Treatments / Juvederm
              Sun Protection                                                Theory and practical demonstration – one
	             Speaker	to	be	advised		                                      patient
                                                               	           	Stefania	Roberts
9.30am        Facial Anatomy – Knowing the Danger
              Zones                                            2.30pm      Afternoon tea
	             Stefania	Roberts	
                                                               3.00pm      5 Top Tips for Good Clinical Photography
10.00am       Morning tea                                      	           Milne	Simpson

10.30am       A New Hydration Therapy to Revitalize            3.30pm       The Science behind the NASHA
              Skin                                                         Technology. Theory and practical
	             	Clinical	results	and	practical	demonstration	               demonstration – one patient
              –	one	patient	two	techniques                     	           	Anders	Strand
	             	Joanna	Romanowska			
                                                               4.00pm      Photo Dynamic Therapy
11.15am        Radiesse and Dysport - A Combined               	           Suzy	Aitken
                                                               4.30pm      Sculptra - Where and Why?
	             	Tony	Prochazka
                                                               	           Anne	Evans
11.45am       Laser Therapy and how it fits within the
                                                               5.00pm       Esthelis - A Basic Approach	   	           	
              Skin Enhancement Regime with a Focus on
                                                                           	Tracey	Lambert
	             Olga	Henning

     Keynote Speakers

     John Flynn             Dr John Flynn graduated from the University of Queensland Medical School in 1976. After initial
                            training in Surgery he commenced a practice in Skin Cancer and Cosmetic Surgery on the Gold
                            Coast in Australia. He obtained a Dermatology qualification in UK and is also Board Certified by
                            the American Board of Laser Surgery.

                            Dr Flynn is a Foundation Fellow of the Australasian College of Cosmetic Surgery and is currently
                            the CEO of the College and a Former President. Specializing in Facial Cosmetic Surgery and
                            non invasive facial rejuvenation techniques, Dr Flynn is regularly invited to present at academic
                            meetings in Australia and internationally and conducts training courses in cosmetic surgery and
                            laser and cosmetic medicine.
     Kindly	sponsored	by	
                            He developed the SafFe Lift, a technique of minimally invasive facial rejuvenation which is popularly
                            used in Australia, South East Asia and USA and works with the development of barbed threads.
                            He is a pioneer and a leader in the development of thread techniques and their combination
                            with other adjunctive procedures. Dr Flynn presents training courses in facial contouring using
                            injectable fillers and is a contributing author to texts on cosmetic surgery.

                            Dr Flynn has established the Australasian Journal of Cosmetic Surgery which is circulated
                            throughout Australia and Asia and is the Managing Editor.

                            Dr Flynn consults for pharmaceutical companies on product and has assisted in development
                            programmes. He has conducted surveys of adverse events in cosmetic surgery and medicine
                            to ascertain proper treatment strategies. The results of this work are now featured in product
                            information and risk management profiles internationally.

                            Dr Flynn’s practice also encompasses Breast Augmentation, Breast Lifts, Abdominoplasty and

Greg Goodman           Dr Greg Goodman has been a dermatologist for over 20 years, graduating medicine from Monash
                       University 1978 and becoming a fellow of the Australasian College of Dermatology in 1984. He
                       completed a micrographic skin cancer fellowship in 1993 and a graduate diploma in Clinical
                       Epidemiology in 2003. Dr Goodman is a recognised expert in the field of dermatology and
                       skin care, with special interests in the areas of skin cancer, lasers, cosmetic dermatology and the
                       treatment of acne and acne scarring. He holds the position of Chief of Surgery at the Skin & Cancer
                       Foundation of Victoria and is senior lecturer in the department of Community Medicine at Monash
                       University. He is a preceptor for the American Society of Dermatologic Surgery.

                       Dr Goodman is on a number of international editorial boards and advisory committees, he has
Kindly	sponsored	by	   published numerous peer reviewed journal articles, chapters in text books and continues his
                       research in many facets of dermatology. He has been a guest speaker for many specialists’ colleges
                       in fields as diverse as ophthalmology, otolaryngology and plastic surgery. He has been a keynote
                       speaker at many international conferences including those held in New Zealand, USA and Italy.

                       He has always had a keen interests in skin care and skin therapeutics having written on Botulinum
                       toxin, lasers, acne and acne scarring.

Michael Kane           Dr Michael Kane is a noted plastic surgeon who has lectured internationally at the forefront of
                       non-surgical facial rejuvenation. Dr Kane graduated from the Jefferson Medical College five year
                       Program in Cooperative Medical Education, attaining both his undergraduate degree and medical
                       degree in only five years. He was a member of the Hobart Hare Honor Society in medical school.
                       Dr Kane then completed a general surgery residency at New York Medical College. This residency
                       was based at Lincoln Hospital which was at the epicenter of the urban violence which plagued the
                       South Bronx in the eighties. While this violence was tragic for the residents of that area, it afforded
                       Dr Kane a tremendous amount of surgical experience that he would not have received anywhere
                       else. Dr Kane’s plastic surgical training consisted of a residency at Wright State University and
Kindly	sponsored	by	
                       the fellowship at Manhattan Eye, Ear & Throat Hospital. During this fellowship, Dr Kane studied
                       under several of the nation’s pre-eminent cosmetic plastic surgeons and also operated on his own
                       patients. It was during this fellowship in 1991 that Dr Kane developed a strong interest in non-
                       surgical facial rejuvenation by injecting Botox throughout the face.

                       Dr Kane’s work has been published in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, The Aesthetic Surgery
                       Journal and Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. He is also the author of The Botox Book. He has other varied
                       interests. He is an avid surfer and has studied film at NYU and Graphic Design and Advertising
                       at Parsons School of Design. He is a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, The
                       American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, The International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery
                       and the American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery.

     Glenn Murray	          Dr Glenn Murray is Q-MED Medical Director who is a UWA Bachelor of Surgery and Medicine
                            graduate. He is also a Fellow and Councillor for the Australian College of Cosmetic Surgery
                            and Past President of the Cosmetic Physician’s Society of Australasia.

                            Other achievements include being a past AMA representative and one of the leading users of IPL,
                            laser, wrinkle relaxers and wrinkle fillers in Australia. Dr Murray has also featured on national
                            television for some of these procedures . He has a special interest in painless procedures and
                            Liposuction, having been trained by one of the grandfathers of Liposuction, Dr Fournier. Dr Murray
                            has spoken extensively throughout Australia and Asia on advanced RESTYLANE techniques and is
                            a certified RESTYLANE SubQ trainer.
     Kindly	sponsored	by	

     Vic Narurkar           Founder of the Bay Area Laser Institute completed an internship and residency in dermatology at
                            Stanford where he was selected to be a chief resident. He then completed a two year fellowship
                            in MOHS surgery, Laser and cosmetic dermatologic surgery with Philip Bailin, the pioneer of laser
                            applications for skin, at the Cleveland Clinic. As a fellow, Dr Narurkar was involved in developing
                            pulsed dye and alexandrite lasers for birthmark and tattoo removal. Upon completion of his
                            fellowship, he was appointed Dermatology Director and Assistant Professor at UC Davis Laser
                            Centre, where he was the original investigator for laser hair reduction with alexandrite and diode
                            lasers, laser wrinkle reduction with pulsed carbon dioxide and nonablative lasers and pulsed NdYAG
                            and pulsed dye lasers for birthmarks.
     Kindly	sponsored	by	
                            Dr Narurkar returned to the Bay Area and established the Bay Area Laser Institute and was
                            invited to join the practice of leading San Francisco dermatologist, Dr Kathy Fields. This is the
                            most comprehensive private practice laser centre in the Bay Area where he continues to conduct
                            clinical trials and has pioneered the use for lasers for the treatment of acne, acne scars, and photo
                            rejuvenation for wrinkles, age spots and spider veins. The centre is also a National Botox® Cosmetic
                            training centre, one of a few hundred in the world where physicians are instructed in the cosmetic
                            use of Botox.

                            Dr Narurkar lectures internationally and nationally and is the author of over forty publications
                            and several book chapters. He is on the Editorial Board of several journals including Cosmetic
                            Dermatology and is actively involved in several probono groups such as Project New Start, a Bay
                            Area program for tattoo removal with lasers for high risk youth.

Ava Shamban            Ava Shamban, M.D., Board Certified Dermatologist and owner of the Laser Institute for Dermatology
                       and European Skin Care in Santa Monica, California, has built a thriving medical practice along
                       with a successful medical day spa.

                       She was a featured dermatologist on ABC television’s “Extreme Makeover”. First and foremost
                       however, Dr Shamban considers herself a skin scientist, a participant in dermatological research,
                       technology and product development for skin rejuvenation and the treatment of acne. She has
                       extensive experience in the use of the latest laser and intense pulsed light procedures as well as
                       administering filler and Botox injections.

Kindly	sponsored	by	   Dr Shamban is also an Assistant Clinical Professor of Dermatology at UCLA. Located next to
                       St John’s Hospital in Santa Monica, Dr Shamban’s practice includes its own in-house medical day
                       spa – Ava’s at the Laser Institute – and the Acne Treatment Centre. Here, she and her highly-
                       trained staff offer her patients customised skin care along with the most sophisticated advances in
                       dermatology today.

Anders Strand          Dr Anders Strand is currently a senior consultant at the Department of Medical Science, Dermatology
                       and Venereology, University Hospital in Uppsala, Sweden. After graduating and training as a
                       dermatologist he has been at the University since 1985 with some intermissions.

                       His main interest is and has been esthetic medicine as well as HSV, HPV and HIV.

                       In 2004 he was offered, and accepted, the position at Q-MED AB as medical director for the
                       Business Unit Esthetics. During the years 2004 to 2005 he was working with the development and
                       marketing of RESTYLANE SubQ along with the other RESTYLANE products such as RESTYLANE
                       Lipp and RESTYLANE Vital.
Kindly	sponsored	by	
                       Since 2005 he has shared his time between the University doing research as well as clinical work
                       and as a medical advisor to Q-MED AB. He has been giving lectures and workshops worldwide
                       concerning the optimal usage of RESTYLANE products.

        A	full	list	of	Invited	Speakers	can	be	viewed	on	the	conference	website
     Laser Safety Course and LSO Exam
     Date:         Friday 29 August
     Time:         10.00am – 3.00pm

                   Who Should Attend?
                   Anyone wishing to operate Class 4 lasers used in medicine and surgery. The course is approved for the
                   purposes of obtaining an Australian licence to use Class 3B or 4 lasers.

     Assessment:   A multiple choice quiz is conducted at the conclusion of the course.
     Content:      In accordance with the training requirements of Australian / New Zealand Standard AS / NZS 4173:2004.
     Cost:         $150 +GST for delegates registered for the NZCAM Conference
                   $300 +GST for delegates not attending the NZCAM Conference

     The topics covered include:

     Operational Characteristics of Lasers                        Principles and Procedures for Safe Laser Use
     • Generation of the laser beam and propagation of            • Standards, Australian regulations
       light                                                      • Laser classification and hazard analysis
     • Characteristics of lasers and laser beam                   • Audit of laser facilities
     • Properties of different types of lasers                    • Laser controls in health care facilities
     • Optical pathways                                           • Medical surveillance of personnel
     • Delivery systems and applicators                           • Investigation and management of laser accidents /
     • Laser controls, eg: power / pulse / time settings,             incidents
       emergency control and delivery systems                     • Eye protection and protective eyewear
                                                                  • Laser controlled areas – designation, warning signs,
     Laser Hazards                                                    entry controls, control of access to the laser
     • Laser tissue interactions                                  • Depending on the lasers used and available, a practical
     • Particular hazards of delivery systems                         component may be added
     • Ocular and skin hazards
     • Patient-specific hazards
     • Reflected beam hazards
     • Laser plume hazards

                       Associate Professor Lee Collins

                       Lee is Director of Medical Physics and Radiation / Laser Safety Officer at Westmead Hospital, Sydney.
                       He chairs the Standards Association of Australia Committee responsible for Australia and New Zealand
                       laser safety standards.

                       He also teaches medical laser safety widely, represents Australia on the International Electrotechnical
                     Committee and consults for the International Atomic Energy Agency.

     Social Programme
     Welcome Reception                                             Conference Dinner
                                                                   Indulge in a night of elegance and taste….
     Join us on Wednesday evening to catch up with friends
     and colleagues and sample some local flavours amongst         Mt Soho Winery is nestled in the secluded valley of rugged
     the Industry Exhibition.                                      Central Otago. Not only will you have the opportunity to be
                                                                   hosted in this private exclusive venue (which is not open to
     Date:     Wednesday 27 August
                                                                   the public), you can indulge yourself in a four course meal,
     Time:     6.00pm - 8.30pm                                     matched with fine Central Otago wines, and followed by
     Venue:    Industry Exhibition, Millennium Hotel               dancing the night away.
     Cost:     One ticket is included in each full registration.   Date:      Friday 29 August
     Even though this is an inclusive function, for catering       Time:      6.30pm, coaches to depart from the
     purposes, please indicate on the registration form if you                Millennium Hotel
     wish to attend.                                               Venue:     Mt Soho Winery
     Additional tickets may be purchased for $45 + GST per         Dress:     Casual / Elegant….dress up if you like!
     person.                                                       Cost:      Tickets are $125 + GST per person including
     Kindly	sponsored	by                                                      four course meal, beverage and entertainment.
                                                                              Tickets can be purchased on the registration

                                                                   Please	note	there	are	limited	numbers	for	the	Conference	

                                                                   Kindly	sponsored	by

Sightseeing and Recreational Activities
Queenstown, known as the Adventure Capital of New Zealand, a reputation earned through the actions of a number of
locally residing thrill seekers who have developed several unbelievable, adrenalin stirring, sanity-reducing adventures in
a wildly exciting environment.

Bungy jump, skydive, climb mountains, ski, raft, kayak, fish, horse ride, cycle, walk, take a scenic flight, sail, river surf, jet
boat, hang-glide, snowmobile, snowboard, dance, go canyoning, heliski, parapente.

Queenstown has, over the years, quietly expanded into all sorts of attractions including new wineries, art galleries, arts
trails and challenging golf courses.

Ski Equipment Fit-out
For those of you looking at taking to the world renowned           rentals via the website or visit their
Queenstown ski slopes, Browns Ski Hire offers a one                shop in Queenstown. Shop hours are from 7.30am to 9pm
stop shop for ski rental and information. Browns have              every day.
fully qualified ski technicians and ski instructors who can
provide information on ski areas, lift passes and mountain         Browns Queenstown Rental and Workshop:
transport. At Browns they aim to pass on the benefit of            4 Brecon St, Queenstown
their local knowledge and expertise                                Phone: + 64 3 442 4005
Browns offer a Free Delivery and Pick Up service to major          Email:
hotels in the Queenstown area. You can order your ski              Web:                                         
         Millennium Hotel
                                  Premium Room                            Garden Court Suites and
                                  $195.55+GST ($220)                      Apartments
                                                                          Situated within the sun belt of
                                    Beautifully appointed rooms have
                                                                          Queenstown’s dress circle and
                                    been redesigned to add extra
                                                                          just four minutes stroll to the town
                                    levels of comfort and several
                                                                          centre and across the road from
                                    new enhancements to delight
                                                                          the Millennium Hotel, Garden
                                    guests, whilst retaining a timeless
                                                                          Court Suites and Apartments are set in a relaxing garden
         elegance. High speed broadband internet access is
                                                                          environment for you to enjoy.
         available in all guest rooms, as well as wireless internet
         services in all public areas and fully equipped fitness centre   Studio $153.77+GST ($173)
         with spa and saunas . Courtesy shuttle in and out of town        Studios are large, private and fully equipped, including
         centre is also available for all staying guests.                 kitchenette, lounge and dining seating. These Suites offer
                                                                          guests very comfortable rooms with excellent facilities
         Copthorne Hotel                                                  including LCD television, DVD and CD players.
                                   Standard Room                          One Bedroom Apartment $208.88+GST ($235)
                                   $177.77+GST ($200)                     The combination of luxurious interiors, quality design and
                                   Lakeview Room                          all the comforts you could wish for. Kitchen, spa bath,
                                   $195.55+GST ($220)                     washing machine and dryer, DVD and CD player make this
                                                                          the ideal home away from home.
                              Copthorne Hotel is conveniently
                              located across the road from                Two Bedroom Apartment $251.55+GST ($283)
                              the Millennium Hotel, and is                All the features of our One Bedroom Apartments with the
         the venue for the Nurses Programme and concurrent                exception of laundry facilities. Two Bedrooms upstairs with
         sessions.                                                        small bathroom and downstairs, a cosy lounge and kitchen
                                                                          and full bathroom facilities. A fantastic home away from

                                                                          All accommodation rates are per room, per night.

How to book accommodation
Rooms will be allocated on a first-in basis until Monday 28 July 2008, as long as there are rooms available. Bookings can be made either as
part of the online registration process or via the registration form.

Accommodation booking must be guaranteed with a credit card. The credit care will be used as a guarantee only and no charges will be
debited prior to check-out. On check-out (except any cancellation fees that may apply), your accommodation costs may be settled with
cash, EFTPOS or credit card.                                                                                                       

If you cancel your accommodation after Monday 28 July 2008, a cancellation charge may be levied by the hotel.
     Registration Fees                                              Close of Early Bird registration    Friday 18 July

                                                                               Early Bird                   Standard
                                                                               Prior to 18 July             From 19 July
     NZCAM / CPSA / ACCS Member                                                $850 + GST                   $950 + GST
     NZCAM / CPSA / ACCS Member Day Registration                               $550 + GST                   $550 + GST
     Non Member                                                                $1,250 + GST                 $1,400 + GST
     Non Member Day Registration                                               $650 + GST                   $750 + GST
     Registered Nurses - 3 days (including Saturday Nurses Programme)          $600 + GST                   $600 + GST
     Changing Faces – Registered Nurses Programme – Saturday only              $400 + GST                   $400 + GST

     Full registration fee includes:                            Registered Nurses full registration fee includes:

     •   Attendance to all Conference and workshop sessions     •     Attendance to all Conference and workshop sessions
     •   Entry to view the Industry exhibition                  •     Attendance to Nurses Programme - Saturday
     •   Satchel and contents                                   •     Entry to view the Industry exhibition
     •   Print material                                         •     Satchel and contents
     •   Morning and afternoon teas                             •     Print material
     •   Lunch                                                  •     Morning and afternoon teas
     •   Welcome Reception ticket                               •     Lunch
                                                                •     Welcome Reception ticket
     Day registration fee includes:
                                                                Changing Faces – Registered Nurses Programme fee
     •   Attendance to one day Conference and workshop
     •   Entry to view the Industry exhibition on that day      •     Attendance to Nurses Programme – Saturday only
     •   Satchel and contents                                   •     Entry to view the Industry exhibition on Saturday
     •   Print material                                         •     Satchel and contents
     •   Morning and afternoon tea                              •     Print material
     •   Lunch                                                  •     Morning and afternoon tea
                                                                •     Lunch

How to Register                                          Cancellations
          Visit the website             Should you need to cancel your registration, you may
          conference2008, click on the Registration      reassign your registration to another person. Please notify
          page and follow the link to the online         the Conference Secretariat in writing. If you are unable to
          registration form. Print a copy for your       arrange a replacement, a full refund less an administration
          records. Payment for registration can be       charge of $100 will be made providing notification is
          made by credit card (secure site) or an        received by Monday 28 July. After this date, refunds will
          invoice can be requested.                      be at the discretion of NZCAM. If, for reasons beyond
                                                         the control of NZCAM, the Conference is cancelled,
          Once you have completed the registration
                                                         the registration fee will be refunded after deduction of
          process, a summary of your registration will
                                                         expenses already incurred.
          be e-mailed automatically and a tax invoice
          will be e-mailed within seven days. You may
          access and amend your details until one
          month prior to the conference.
                                                           Please note: There are limitations around the venue’s
                                                           capacity. Registrations will be allocated on a “first-in”
          Mail the registration form together with
                                                           basis. All registrations must be accompanied by full
          your cheque or credit card payment to:
                                                           payment. If full payment is not received by Friday 18
          NZCAM        Conference,    Conference           July, your Early Bird registration fee will automatically
          Innovators, PO Box 13 494, Christchurch          change to the standard fee.
          8141, New Zealand.

          A summary of your registration and a tax
          invoice will be sent to you within seven

          Fax the completed registration form
          (both sides) together with your credit card
          payment to: +64 3 379 0460.

          A summary of your registration and a tax
          invoice will be sent to you within seven

     General Information                                             Organising Committee
                                                                     Dr John Barrett       NZCAM President
     At the Conference
     Your Conference pack will be available for collection from      Dr Teresa Cattin      NZCAM Censor
     the Registration Desk, located in the Millennium Hotel,
                                                                     Dr Hans Raetz         NZCAM Training Representative
     outside the Galaxy Rooms. The desk will be open at the
     following times:
                                                                     Conference Secretariat
     Wednesday 27 August          2.00pm – 7.00pm
                                                                     If you have any queries about the Conference arrangements,
     Thursday 28 August           7.30am – 6.00pm
                                                                     please contact:
     Friday 29 August             8.00am – 5.00pm
                                                                     Arna Wahl Davies
     Saturday 30 August           8.00am – 5.00pm
                                                                     Conference Manager
                                                                     Conference Innovators Auckland Ltd
     Special Requirements                                            PO Box 11 954
     Please give details of any dietary requirements or disability   Auckland
     assistance required on your registration form.                  Tel:      +64 9 525 2464
                                                                     Fax:      +64 9 525 2465
     Air Travel                                                      Email:
     Queenstown International Airport
                                                                     If you have any queries regarding your own registration,
     The approach to Queenstown International Airport is one of
                                                                     please contact:
     the most dramatic in the world — surrounded on both sides
                                                                     Korrina Whitworth
     by spectacular, rugged mountains. Queenstown Airport,
                                                                     Tel:       +64 3 379 0390
     located close to town in the lakeside suburb of Frankton, is
                                                                     Fax:       +64 3 379 0460
     currently being redeveloped. For more information about
     the airport visit

     We advise that you book air travel early to avoid
     disappointment, as there are limited direct flights to

                                                                                        Please complete this form, make a copy for your records and forward
                                                                                        with payment to:

    Registration Form                                                                   NZCAM Conference, C/o Conference Innovators
                                                                                        PO Box 13 494, Christchurch 8141
    To register on-line:                                 Fax: +64 3 379 0460
    One form per delegate                                                               Please note the increase in delegate registration fees after
    Tax Invoice: GST Number: 97 465 312                                                 Friday 18 July 2008.

    Delegate Information

    Surname                                                                          First Name (for name badge)                                 Title

    Company / Organisation

    Postal Address                                                                   City/Town

    Country                                                                                                                   Post Code

    Telephone (        )                                                             Facsimile    (        )

    Mobile                                                                           Email

    Special requirements e.g. dietary, disabilities etc.

    A Registration Fees                                                                      B Social Functions
    Please note: Early Bird Registration must be accompanied by FULL PAYMENT                 Wednesday 27 August –Welcome Reception
                                          Early Bird       Standard
                                                                                               Yes, I wish to attend
                                          Prior to 18 July From 19 July
                                                                                               Complimentary	for	full	Conference	Registration               No Charge
      NZCAM / CPSA / ACCS Member $850+GST                  $950+GST       $
                                                                                               No, I do not wish to attend
                                          ($956.25)        ($1,068.75)
                                                                                               I would like to purchase additional tickets.
      NZCAM / CPSA / ACCS Member -
                                                                                               No. of additional tickets       @ $45+GST ($50.63)
      Day Registration                    $550+GST         $650+GST       $
                                                                                                 per ticket, per person                                     $
                                          ($618.75)        ($731.25)
                                                                                             Friday 29 August – Conference Dinner
      Non Member                          $1,250+GST       $1400+GST $
                                          ($1,406.25)      ($1,575.00)                         No. of tickets          @ $125+GST ($140.63)
                                                                                                 per ticket, per person                                     $
      Non Member – Day Registration $650+GST               $750+GST       $
                                          ($731.25)        ($843.75)                           Social Functions Sub Total (GST inclusive) - B               $

      Registered Nurses – 3 days          $600+GST         $600+GST       $
                                          ($675.00)        ($675.00)                         C Laser Safety Course and LSO Exam
      Registered Nurses – Saturday only$400+GST            $400+GST       $                    Yes, I wish to attend the Laser Safety Course and LSO Exam
                                          ($450.00)        ($450.00)                              Delegates registered for the Conference
      Sponsors                                                           No Charge                @ $150+GST ($168.75)                                      $
      (as part of the complimentary registration)                                                 Delegates only attending the Laser Safety Course
    * I will be attending the Conference on                                                       @ $300+GST ($337.50)                                      $
         Thursday      Friday    Saturday                                                      Laser Safety Course and LSO Exam (GST inclusive) - C         $
      Registration Fees Sub Total (GST inclusive) - A                     $
      Please use GST inclusive amounts
Accommodation                                                                 How to Register

Please note your credit card details must be supplied to secure your                        Mail this completed form together with your cheque or credit
accommodation booking (see right). No charges will be debited prior                         card payment to:
to check out (except late cancellation fees which may be applicable).                       Conference Innovators Ltd, PO Box 13-494, Christchurch 8141
Accommodation can be settled with cash, EFTPOS or credit card on
                                                                                            Visit the website, click
                                                                                            on ‘Registration’ and follow the link to the secure online
Please indicate your preference; rooms will be allocated on first-in basis.                 registration form.

  Millennium Hotel                   $195.55+GST       ($220)                               Fax this completed form (both sides) together with your credit
                                                                                            card payment to: Conference Innovators +64 3 379 0460
  Copthorne Hotel
     Standard Room                   $177.77+GST       ($200)
     Lakeview Room                   $195.55+GST       ($220)                 Credit Card Authorisation for Accommodation and Registration
                                                                              Accommodation bookings much be guaranteed with a credit card. Please tick
  Garden Court Suites and Apartments
                                                                              if you wish your Registration Fee to be deducted from this card.
     Studio Room                     $153.77+GST       ($173)
     One Bedroom Apartment           $208.88+GST       ($235)                   Yes, deduct my credit card for my Registration Fee.
     Two Bedroom Apartment           $251.55+GST       ($283)
                                                                              Please circle the card to be charged:
Accommodation Costs are per room, per night
                                                                              MasterCard               AMEX                   Visa
Date of arrival:                     Excepted check-in time:
                                                                              Card number
Date of departure:

Room type required:       Single       Twin       Double
                                                                              Expiry Date
Special requirements:     Non-smoking room        Smoking room
                                                                              Cardholder’s Name
                                                                              Cardholder’s Signature
If you are sharing the room, please give the other person’s name (s):


Payment Summary
Method of Payment:
                                                                                The information supplied on this registration form will be shared and
  Credit card: See below                                                        used by NZCAM. The Privacy Act 1993 requires that, before your name
                                                                                and address details can be published in the list of delegates either
  Cheque: Cheques in NZ$ payable to NZCAM 2008 Conference
                                                                                for distribution to fellow delegates or any other party, you must give
  Direct credit: 06 0821 0527993 00, National Bank, Riccarton                   your consent. Unless you advise Conference Innovators, your name,
  Swift Code: ANZBNZ22                                                          organisation and email address will be included on the list of conference
                                                                                participants distributed to delegates and sponsors.
Please use delegate’s last name and initial as a reference.

    A Registration Fees                                       $

    B Social Functions                                        $

    C Laser Safety Course and LSO Exam                        $

          Sub Total (Inclusive of Goods and Service Tax)	 $

          Total                                               $
The Organising Committee wish to extend our gratitude to the following organisations for their support:

Platinum Sponsor

Gold Sponsors

Silver Sponsors

Welcome Reception Sponsor

Conference Dinner Sponsor


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