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									Lesbian Movies Vs Movies For Lesbians

<p>As a lesbian woman it is increasingly frustrating to find a lesbian
movie that is a movie featuring the lesbian lifestyle or one which
features lesbians as it's main theme.</p><p>It's a Friday evening and you
are planning a quiet night in with your partner. A good dinner and a
movie reflecting your lifestyle is not too high an aspiration or at least
it should not be.</p><p>But a visit to your local video rental or a quick
search on the internet for lesbian movies unfortunately turns up a whole
different type of movie. Not Movies for lesbians or movies about movies
but adult material. Not exactly the plan</p><p>So why has the term
lesbian movie become almost synonymous with the adult movie industry?
Surely a lesbian movie is a movie about lesbian women and our lifestyle
just like an Indian movie is about Indians and their lifestyle.</p><p>The
problem actually may be partially contributed to by the gaping lack of
good movies for lesbians in circulation. If you are lucky enough to visit
a site that does list real lesbian movies i.e movies about the lesbian
lifestyle, otherwise called 'lesbian interest' movies; you will find a
short list of the same movies repeated over and over again.</p><p>This is
not a reflection of how good these movies are, in fact the majority of
the ones I have seen are low budget fare. No it is because that is all
that is available in that market</p><p>It makes you wonder. If the 10%
statistic is true and that means 10% of all women are lesbian; why is our
lifestyle not more visible in the movie industry? Are there no lesbian
movie makers or writers. Of course not. We are all too aware of the
presence of lesbians in the performing arts.</p><p>Is there a lack of
interest in these movies among the lesbian community. Again, I think not.
The amount of discussions in the lesbian forums whenever a lesbian movie
is released is just stupendous.</p><p>Or even when a character in a tv
show has a minor lesbian encounter that is obliquely alluded to. The
forums are buzzing, the blogs updated and lesbians everywhere rush to the
tv show in a hope for more. And like a dangled carrot, the lesbian story
is killed and there is a return to waiting for the next lesbian subplot
in any show or film. No there definitely is a great market for lesbian
interest movies.</p><p>So while we wait and hope to watch, I suppose it's
back to that lesbian flick that actually never mentions the term lesbian,
'but it is a lesbian movie, really!' for the 20th time. Or is it the 21st
time?</p><p>Dylan Rocks is webmaster of <a target="_new"
Movies</A>, I mean Lesbian Interest Movies, Reviewed.</p>

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