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                                        “Mass Media.”

Part I.
Find a two-word headline for each of the nine news items.
WRECK FIRE          KIDNAP QUIZ                       MURDER CHARGE     SAILORS
              1                                4                                7

Twenty people were injured       A huge earthquake, measuring    Police questioned a third man
evacuating a charged jet         seven on the Richer scale,      about the alleged kidnap of
which caught fire landing at     shook the India-Tibet border    baker Michael Varone in
Dublin.                          early this morning.             Peterborough last week.

              2                                5                                8

Nineteen crewmen died and        Surgeons failed to save the     Navy divers blew up part of
only one was rescued when a      unborn baby of a Shropshire     the sunken World War II
Maltese-registered cargo ship    woman who died after a car      cargo ship Breda off Oban,
sank off Barcelona.              crash near Nantwich,            Strathclyde, to stop divers
                                 Cheshire.                       removing dangerous
              3                                                  ammunition.
Five supermarket workers                                                        9
were killed and two wounded      The German entry in the first
in a robbery in the US city of   transatlantic balloon race,     Four pop musicians were
St Louis.                        weighed down by ice and         remanded in custody at
                                 heavy rain, made an             Willesden magistrates court,
                                 emergency landing in rough      London, charged with the
                                 seas about 740 miles off        murder of Clement Henry at
                                 Newfoundland. Its two pilots    his Wembley home last
                                 were picked up unharmed by      Monday.
                                 a tanker.

Part II. Phonetics, Grammar and Vocabulary

Task 1
Transcribe the following words:
             1. through                          6. recipe
             2. wand                             7. salmon
             3. Christmas                        8. plough
             4. cupboard                         9. telephonist
             5. pseudonym                        10. zoological
Task 2
Fill in the gaps with the correct forms of the verbs derived from the words in brackets.
        How do we decide which stories __________ (to choose1) ? There are a number of values
which will determine whether a story __________(to make2) the news, and the headlines in
particular, including size, surprise, human interest, humour, tragedy, personality, importance,
discovery, impact on people, geopolitical importance, relevance to our listeners, which
_________ (to mean3) things which tell us about ourselves or the world we live in.

Several factors drive the BBC World Service news agenda. At the heart of our broadcasting, is
an awareness that BBC journalists ________(to provide4) an important service: information, to
our audiences around the world.

We also _________ (to drive5) by other factors. Of course, we watch other broadcasters. We
have a detailed system of diaries which tell our producers what is happening around the world,
from sports events to elections. We _________(to monitor6) a range of newsagencies and our
own specialists watch and ____(to tap7) the world's media. In the World Service Newsroom in
London we rely on a large network of correspondents around the world who ______(to report8)
by telephone satellite, and the Internet.

 One of the fantastic things about_________ (to be9) a BBC journalist is the access we have to
information. A huge network of correspondents is involved into ________(to gather10).

Task 3
Choose one word (A, D, C, D) that best keeps the meaning of the original sentence.
1. The Montforts have decided to take a cruise, so they went to the travel agency for some
       A) questions         B) booklets             C) price lists         D) pamphlets

2. In that organization, they place emphasis on mutual aid and cooperation.
        A) reward              B) humorous         C) stress                       D) pressure

3. The victors defined their terms to the conquered.
       A) dictated             B) wrote                     C) insinuated          D) forced

4. Victoria Holt and William Shakespeare are prolific writers.
       A) productive         B) famous             C) esteemed              D) celebrated

5. This editorial places greater emphasis on the feature of this issue.
        A) leader              B) agony column               C) columnist          D) continuity

6. That matter was totally irrelevant to the discussion at hand.
       A) suitable             B) alien                      C) uninvited          D)

7. The current edition of that magazine discusses the ancient civilizations of Latin America.
        A) latest                    B) first                       C) running            D)

8. The company asked for additional information.
       A) certain          B) emphatic           C) further                 D) enchanting

9.The principal objective of the department is to identify market opportunities.
       A) targeting           B) aim                 C) plan                       D) unbiased

10. The company has already made several concessions on pay.
         A) discounts        B) precautions              C) admissions              D) statutes
Task 4
Find the word in each line which is different.
1. pamphlet             issue                      booklet                   brochure
2. obituary             flyer                      editorial                 classified ads
3. delete               download                   install                   downdate
4. sub-editor           columnist                  browse                    bookseller
5. bar                  essential                  vital                     key
6. axe                  clash                      remove                    cut
7. libel                contempt of court          fraud                     security
8. scoop                exclusive                  deadline                  sensation
9. statute              authority                  charter                   decree
10. ordeal              leave                      quit                      resign

Task 5.
Fill in the blanks with an appropriate word from the topical vocabulary making any necessary

restriction  publicity        legitimate     emphasis      copyright
subscription   baffle           objective         poll

1. The newscaster informed the public that this disorder was a rare skin problem that has
…………… doctors for years.
2. Her behaviour during the filming attracted a lot of free …………………… .
3. It was made clear that the country faces ……………. on the use of water for irrigating crops.
4. The Scots proclaimed James Stuart as the …………….. heir of the British throne.
5. Today the Ukraine’s president has greeted a large number of …………… visitors.
6. “The principal ……. of the department is to identify market opportunities”, - the journalist
7. According to a ……… conducted last week 75% of the public support the Prime Minister.
8. The new publication “On money” is availed only by ……. .
9. If you own a ………. on something, it is your intellectual property, and other people must pay
you to broadcast, publish, or perform it.
10. The main …… should be put on quality rather than quantity.

Task 6.
Define the functions of the infinitive in the following sentences
   1. It is the story to hit the headlines.
   2. The story is important enough to find its way into a stop press column.
   3. He decided to attract readers’ attention by including a sound bite in the article.

Define the complexes with the infinitive in the following sentences
   4. Everybody wanted the speaker to come down to brass tacks.
   5. He is sure to feel contempt for you.
   6. It is important for pensioners to get special concessions on buses and trains.

Rewrite these sentences using complexes with the infinitive
   7. He issued a statement at the press conference. I heard him.
   8. The journalist reported that the copy was ready for a deadline.
   9. I didn’t mean that the news would hit the headlines.
   10. Nobody expected that the story would receive lot of coverage.
Part III. Translation.
Translate the sentences into English.
1. Середній час перегляду телевізійних передач в Британії складає 24 години на тиждень,
тому британців можна вважати не тільки нацією, яка складає велике читацьке коло, але і
нацією, яка вважає, що телебачення є інформаційним, корисним, розважальним; в
програмах підіймається багато важливих питань, які цікавлять, як дітей, так і дорослих.
2. Одним із завдань журналіста є отримання новин; існує багато засобів, за допомогою
яких журналіст отримує інформацію: це проведення прес-конференцій, контроль за
діяльністю міжнародних агенцій новин, використання корисних джерел, викриття таємних
3. Багато людей вважає, що журналісти мають забагато свободи, оскільки вони не мають
обмежень щодо публікацій; тому іноді вони вдаються до обмови та наклепу, друкують
оманливу інформацію, втручаються в особисте життя людей, організують облоги зірок
щоб отримати сенсаційні та ексклюзивні матеріали.

Part IV. Writing.
How do movies on television influence people’s behaviour? Use reasons and specific examples
to explain your answer. Use 200 words to present your opinion.


Part I. Reading.
Read the text and mark the statements following it as True or False.

Get ahead in business with Shakespeare
        Do you want to know how to avoid being stabbed in the back by your colleagues at
work? Learn from Julius Caesar. Is your wife pushing you too hard to get promoted in the
company? Remind her what happened to Lady Macbeth.
        A business management college has turned to Shakespeare for lessons in how to survive
in business. Cranfield University School of Management has joined up with the Globe Theatre in
London to offer courses on what Shakespeare can teach today’s business executive. The idea is
the inspiration of Richard Oliver, the son of Laurence Oliver, who was probably the most famous
Shakespearean actor of all time. “The people who run today’s multinational corporations face the
same dilemmas and responsibilities as the kings and dukes of 1600,” he said. And added that the
potential for the management training is endless.
        On the two-day management training course at the Globe, business executives not only
study the moral questions raised in the plays but also learn basic techniques of acting regarded as
an essential skill in today’s business world.

   1.   The idea of the course was inspired by Laurence Oliver.
   2.   The management training course lasts for 2 weeks.
   3.   Basic techniques of acting and role-play are regarded as useless in today’s business word.
   4.   Richard Oliver was the most famous Shakespearean actor of all time.
   5.   The kings and dukes of 1600 faced the same dilemmas as the people who run today’s
        multinational corporations.

Part II. Phonetics, Grammar, Vocabulary.
Task 1
Lay stress-tone marks and draw tonogrammes to the following sentences according to the
types of scales given in brackets.

        1. I cannot afford to turn to bit parts! (The Scandent Scale)
       2.   I think the play is fantastic! (The Sliding Scale)
       3.   What do you usually do in the evening? (The Stepping Scale)
       4.   Is it two o’clock already? (The Scandent Scale)
       5.   My heart is in the coffin there with Caesar…(The Level Scale)
Task 2
Complete the sentences with words in the box.
     scene art box-office orchestra aisle   balconies              performance interval
   foyer    footlights cloak-room curtain   audience                dressing-room opera-

1. You buy your tickets at the ________.
2. Above the ground floor there are several curved _____ with even steeper slopes of seats.
3. Seats in the first rows of the stalls are called ______ stalls.
4. During the ______ you may go to the refreshment room.
5. We leave our coats and wraps in the _______.
6. The concluding _______ is superbly done.
7. Many people walk down the ______ looking for their seats.
8. An interacted system of _____ illuminates the stage.
9. In the ________ the actors usually make up.
10. The attendant proposes us _________ on hire.
11. The _____________is a great success.
12. It is a real piece of _______ and its creation calls for talent and inspiration.
13. The _________is dropped or lowered between the scenes or acts of a play.
14. Several doors separate _________from the seating area.
15. Each person in a large _____________ can see the actors on the stage.

Task 3
Choose the right answer
1. I phoned the theatre to check the ___________ times.
     a) production          b) performance      c) rehearsal           d) repetition

2. I ___________ 4 seats in the upper circle.
     a) booked            b) registered          c) ordered            d) hired

3. Jane had an ice-cream in the 15-minute ___________.
     a) break             b) interruption      c) pause                d) interval

4. Lots of other people prefer going to a matinee ___________.
    a) acting              b) play                c) performance       d) spectacle

5. There are seats ___________ for the 8 o’clock showing.
    a) available          b) appropriate        c) attainable          d) handy

6. There are many ___________ on the stage.
    a) players          b) performers            c) actors             d) characters

7. My friend and I stood in a long ___________ to get tickets.
    a) queue               b) procession        c) tail                d) file

8. I didn’t know that the box office is open ___________.
     a) a day              b) daily               c) daytime           d) in day

9. How were his productions ___________?
    a) appreciated         b) esteemed            c) valued             d) reckoned

10. What roles did his repertoire ___________?
    a) contain             b) consist          c) had                   d) include

11. The performance got a standing ___________.
    a) applause          b) welcome          c) ovation                 d) clap

Task 4

Match the words on the left with their definitions on the right

1. Matinee /n                     a. The part of a theatre where people can sit above
                                     the ground level
2. Circle /n/                     b. Ticket office
3. Production /n/                 c. The highest upper floor in a theatre
4. Comedian /n/                   d. One of the upper parts of the theatre, in which
                                     the seats are arranged in parts of a circle around
                                     the building
5. Trapdoor /n/                   e. A room behind the stage where an actor can get
                                     ready for his performance
6. Up-and-coming /adj/            f. Not as good as people say
7. Box-office /n/                 g. Sunken area in front of the stage where an
                                     orchestra may play
8. Gallery /n/                    h. A small door, covering an opening in the floor
                                     on a stage
9. The first night /n/            i. The final practice of a play, using all the clothes
                                     and scenery that will be used for the actual
10. Dressing-room /n/             j. Someone whose job is to tell jokes and make
                                     people laugh
11. Overrated /adj/               k. A performance of a play or film in the morning
                                     or afternoon
12. Balcony /n/                   l. The evening when the first public performance
                                     of a show, play, etc is given
13. Orchestra pit /n/             m. A play, film, broadcast etc that is produced for
                                     the public, or the process of producing it
14. Dress rehearsal /n/           n. Likely to become successful of popular

Task 5
Complete the sentences with prepositions.
1. The professor was distracted _____ working on the report ____the English Renaissance.
2. The remarks of the critics ________ her yesterday’s matinee were complimentary.
3. She disapproved ________ the way John treated her.
4. Beatrice turned around to conceal ________ the audience her crying face.
5. Tom accused Jane _______ being _______ intimate terms with her ex-boy friend.
6.In face of opposition ______ the establishment he has created his masterpiece.
8. They insisted ________ booking tickets immediately.
9. Everybody looked forward ________ Elton John’s coming to Kyiv.
10. This performance is said to be ________great educational value.
11. A week before the first night all tickets were sold ______.
Task 6
Define the functions of the Gerund.
   1. After playing Joseph in a nativity play at the age of five I still remember the three lines I
   2. The public got accustomed to seeing the two names on the same bill.
   3. Julia had never had a chance of playing Rosalind.

Put the verbs in brackets into the correct infinitive form or the –ing form.
   4. Jane remembers ____________ (play) a leading part in an Oscar Wilde comedy of
   5. We must remember ____________ (renew) the contract.
   6. We regret ____________ (miss) the first night of Shakespeare classic play.
   7. I regret ____________ (say) that the performance has been cancelled.

Rewrite the sentences using Gerunds.
   8. He was proud that he had followed in his parents’ footsteps.
   9. The producer insisted that the performance should be held in day light.
   10. When the actor heard screams and whistles from the stalls, he came into the spotlight.

Part III. Translation.
Translate into English
1. З обох боків сцени знаходяться лаштунки. Завіса відділяє сцену від глядацького залу,
вона опускається між актами п’єси. Коли завіса опущена, робітники сцени можуть змінити
декорації або підготувати їх до наступної частини вистави.
2. Глядачі намагалися заздалегідь замовити квитки на прем’єру нової опери в оперному
театрі, яка пройшла з великим успіхом. Головні ролі виконували молоді талановиті
актори. Склад виконавців був чудовий, але особливо глядачам сподобалася акторка, яка
виконувала головну роль. Опера отримала схвальні відгуки критиків
3. Данченко ніколи не піддавався впливу недовговічних тенденцій та напрямків. Він
надавав перевагу класичним авторам, а не сучасним. Усупереч опозиції з боку влади, він
доклав величезних зусиль, щоб зробити театр більш європейським. Він підняв художній
рівень і відмовився замовчувати філософські теми, такі як значення людського буття.
4. Вчора ми дивилися нову виставу в театрі оперети. Наші місця були в десятому ряду
партеру, і нам добре було видно сцену. Під час вистави ми мало не вмерли зі сміху,
оскільки інтрига була добре продумана, а склад акторів – вдало підібраним.

Part ІV. Writing.
Do you like theatre? Write a composition of 150 words to present your opinion .

                         "Medicine and Health. Sports".

Part I. Reading.
A. Read the text and mark the statements under the text as True (T) or False (F).
        A new world of apparent perpetual youth in which we will age without a wrinkle, is now
possible with injections of a toxin related to botulism. Botox injections paralyse the muscles of
the face which we use every day to laugh, smile, frown and cry. The treatment means the end of
crow’s feet and wrinkles, but these benefits will almost certainly be at the cost of much facial
expression. The first injections last for three or four months, but the more often they are carried
out, the more the muscles atrophy.
         Botox is a prescription medicine, licensed for a variety of conditions including spasticity
in cerebral palsy patients. However, any doctor who gives the injections for the purely lifestyle
complaints of lines and wrinkles will have to do so on his or her own responsibility. If anything
goes wrong, the manufacturer is not to blame.
         There have been 85 suspected adverse reactions reported to the committee on the safety
of medicines, but only two were related to cosmetic use. One doctor reported a patient’s eyelid
drooping after treatment, and another told of a facial rash and swelling.
         For its entire links with botulism, the fatal form of food poisoning, doctors who use
Botox for cosmetic treatment say it is safe, as long as it is in the right hands.
          A disgruntled shopper expressed graver medical concern: “I’m a nurse and I’ve seen it
go wrong for some who have Botox for medical reasons for such things as facial twitches. The
injection can over-paralyse part of a face and even though it only lasts for three months, it can
still go wrong. I’m not entirely sure I would risk it, ” she said.
         “While I was living in Los Angeles three years ago, I feel for the idea of a free-line face
and decided to have Botox treatment. I ended up looking like a stroke victim with a drooping eye
muscle that took weeks to go away. And that’s just what I could see. Who knows what the long-
term effect of Botox, a form of botulinun toxin, has on our internal organs or blood,” one of the
patients remarked.
         “Surely through educating people about what is really good for their bodies, we can stop
them allowing companies to exploit their insecurities. I believe passionately that there is nothing
more sexy than confidence. Not a perfect body, not a smooth face; more a inner sense of loving
and valuing yourself, which comes from looking after your body healthily.”

   1. Many people consider Botox to have too many side effects.
   2. It’s the Patient’s own responsibility to apply Botox treatment if he/she wants to get rid of
   3. Doctors declare that generally Botox is safe if the professional applies the treatment.
   4. One of the patients wonders what the long-term side effects might be on human body and
      how the treatment might affect the organs and the blood.
   5. The last person to speak guesses that pharmaceutical firms are more interested in their
      income than quality

Part II. Phonetics, Vocabulary and Grammar

Task 1.
Give five characteristics of the High Fall.

Task 2
Choose the most suitable word or phrase in bold type in each sentence.
1. Such unhygienic practices spread/diffuse/expand disease
2. I feel over and twisted/turned/slipped my ankle.
3. She’s got a sore/raw/rough throat and won’t be able to sing.
4. The immune system enables the body to fight off/prevent/oppose illness.
5. He is in treatment for cocaine affection/seduction/addiction.
6. He stopped the medication because of outside/other/side effects.
7. There have been no smallpox history/epidemics/spread for many years.
8. My sister has a congenital/contagious/acute heart disease which means that she suffers from
it since her birth.
9. The doctor stated his examination by looking through the patient’s detailed case
10. The doctor gave me this receipt/prescription/recipe for some painkillers.

Task 3
Insert the words from the box into each gap. Change the original word if necessary.
prevention         hostility            benefit            arthritis             prick
   intestine              fever             damage                liver         surgery

   1. An aid programme has brought lasting __________ to be region.
   2. Don’t you realize the __________ these chemicals are doing to our health?
   3. Take some aspirin – it’ll help the __________ to go down.
   4. The health care reform programme was greeted with__________ by conservatives.
   5. __________ causes a lot of pain in the joints of your body.
   6. __________ is a large organ in your body which cleans your blood.
   7. __________ is a long tube that takes food from your stomach out of your body.
   8. A place where doctor or dentist gives treatment is __________.
   9. A sample of blood was drawn from a __________ in the skin.
   10. Accident __________ is one of the main aims of the campaign.

Task 4. Find the word in each line which is different
1. a) well-being             b) health                       c) happiness           d) awareness
2. a) vulnerable             b) susceptible          c) skeptical           d) sensitive
3. a) careless       b) wary                         c) vigilant            d) watchful
4. a) stroke                 b) heart failure                c) infarction          d) heart attack
5. a) worn out       b) undervalued                  c) exhausted           d) extremely tired
6. a) faintest               b) vigorous                     c) brisk               d) lively
7. a) dizziness      b) giddiness            c) spinning head        d) hypochondriac
8. a) binge drinking b) temperance           c) alcohol abuse        d) alcohol addiction
9. a) constipation           b) lump                         c) swell               d) bruise
10. a) plaster       b) sling                        c) cramp               d) bandage

Task 5
Insert the necessary prepositions (or no prepositions) into each gap
   1. If the pain continues, consult … your doctor.
   2. Don’t go off to the Tropics putting yourself … risk.
   3. Nowadays everyone should be alert … the dangers of pollution.
   4. In a severe winter, wild animals can die … lack of food.
   5. 400 people a year die … this rare disease … average.
   6. Alcohol should only ever be taken … moderation.
   7. If a dentist examines a patient’s teeth … regular intervals they may prevent disease
        before it becomes serious.
   8. The evidence is relevant … the case, that’s why the judge will certainly take it …

Task 6
Match words and their definitions
  1. Homeopathy /n/              a. an area on your body that is swollen, red, and painful
                                    because of an infection or injury
  2. Puncture /n/                b. an advantage you get from a situation
  3. Anguish /n/                 c. unfriendly or threatening behaviour or feelings towards
  4. Inflammation /n/            d. a feeling of great physical or emotional pain
  5. Rheumatism /n/              e. a form of bacteria that spreads disease among people or
  6. Phlegm /n/                  f. an illness affecting your joints or muscles so that they
                                    swell and become stiff and painful
   7.   Self-indulgence /n/        g. a way of treating illness by giving small amounts of
                                      natural substances that in large amounts would cause the
   8.   Benefit /n/                h. a thick yellow or green substance that you get in your
                                      nose and throat, especially when you have a cold
   9.   Germ /n/                   i. the practice of allowing yourself to have or do something
                                      special that you like very much, often something you
                                      should not have or do
   10. Hostility /n/               j. a small hole made with a sharp point, for example in a
                                      person's skin during an operation

Task 7
Define the functions of the Participle
   1. Generally speaking, acupuncture is often used as a preventative medicine.
   2. She was completely worn-out and felt depressed.
   3. Old people living in residential homes who have a cocktail hour each day actually live

Define the Participial Constructions
   4. Martina Hingis, the famous tennis player, had a wrist injury cured through acupuncture.
   5. The disease being infectious and catching, half the class was down with it.
   6. He could see the dentist taking a pair of forceps, gripping the tooth, giving a twist, then a
       pull and the tooth was out.

Rewrite the sentences using Participles
   7. After the dentist had deadened the pain he took the wisdom tooth out.
   8. The patient lay in bed and trembled all over.
   9. The students could see how the professor was removing the appendix.
   10. As blood pressure was reduced to a safe level Mr. Brown could take a brisk ten-minute
       walk every day.

Part III. Translation.
Translate the following sentences into English:
1. Якщо ви захворіли, слід піти в лікарню, де вас оглянуть, зроблять аналізи, вимірять
    кров’яний тиск, поміряють температуру, порахують ваш пульс і призначать курс
    лікування. Якщо ви будете виконувати всі рекомендації, ви швидко видужаєте.
2. Лікарі надають великого значення психологічному здоров’ю. Деякі розлади, які
    пов’язані з низькою самооцінкою, нестачею світла взимку, споживанням продуктів з
    низьким вмістом жирів, вживанням кави призводить до багатьох захворювань. Люди
    страждають на стреси та дратівливість, у них можуть бути прояви ворожості.
3. Запобіганню хвороб приділяється багато уваги. Здоровий спосіб життя, збалансоване
    харчування, короткі жваві прогулянки, інтенсивне фізичне навантаження, потурання
    своїм маленьким бажанням - все це запобігає хворобам.

   Part IV. Writing.
   ‘A brisk walk every day is a big step to good health’. What are some other steps to good
   health? What can you personally do right now to ensure good health in future? Use
   specific reasons and details to support your opinion. Participial Complexes will be
   appreciated. Use 150 words to present your opinion.

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