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									Movies - Lessons of WALL-E For All Screenwriters

<p>Yesterday I watched WALL-E -- as slick and astonishing an animation as
they come! How will PIXAR top this one off, from a technical point of
view, I don't know. (Are we still going to need any movie actors 100
years from today?)</p><p>But when I looked at it as a screenwriter, boy,
there's really nothing new under the sun. It's all repackaging, re-
purposing of old ideas and rearranging the furniture -- which is not to
say that any such combination of old ideas will automatically be
interesting. But if you're a writer suffocating with "writer's block" you
might want to do what the creators of WALL-E did.</p><p><strong>Find a
metaphor.</strong> For WALL-E it's "The Little Engine That Could." Even
the trash piles in this dystopian story look like the mountains that the
Little Engine had to climb every day. And, yes, WALL-E literally is an
"engine".</p><p>Then comes the best "repackaging" idea of the whole movie
-- its core concept of making sure a tiny little green sapling survives
against all odds to allow vegetation to re-grow on earth is taken
straight out of a very funny movie named "Idiocracy (2006). "I highly
recommend it if you'd enjoy a very whacky, creative but scary look into
the future.</p><p>And what shall we do with those scenes between the
Captain of the spaceship AXIOM and the red-eyed central computer? Can you
say "HAL..." and have you seen "2001: A Space Odyssey"?</p><p>So when the
greatest in Hollywood are lifting off liberally from each other to come
up with blockbusters why shouldn't you do the same for some fresh story
inspiration?</p><p>Quickest way to do that is to mash up film titles and
see what you come up with.</p><p>How about... JAWS meets ALIENS? Swimmers
are attacked by slimy aliens from outer space?</p><p>[Any SPACE TRAVEL
movie you know] meets [replace with any THROW MOMA FROM THE TRAIN
comedy]? A big-bad-loud-mouth-mom follows son-the-astronaut to outer
space? It's kind a STOP OR MY MOM WILL SHOOT (1992) in outer
space?</p><p>There's no end to cross-fertilizing ideas and concepts. The
creators of WALL-E did it. Why shouldn't you?</p><p>Dream but keep moving
the furniture around.</p><p>If you love movies and would like to write
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