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									Dr Fred's Movie Review - Felon (Val Kilmer, Stephen Droff)

<p>Wow...I was blown away by this movie. I'm usually not one for prison
movies but Felon was excellent. Great acting by all characters and the
atmosphere created was close enough to real prison that I'll go ahead and
be a good citizen. I saw that Val Kilmer (John Smith) was starring in
this movie, and being fan of his I was looking for him for the first 3rd
of the movie. He looks completely different in this film than he ever has
in any film before. I recognized him quicker as the voice of God in "The
Prince of Egypt" than I did looking straight at him here! This movie
breaks down elements of loyalty, family, trust, love, and the depths a
person will go to to survive and make it out.</p><p>Val Kilmer plays the
role of a psychotic killer that everyone has heard of and fears. He was
charged with the murder of 17 people and sentenced to life in prison
without parole. At first glance you think of him as a badass that just
went on a killing spree, but when he tells his story of why he did it and
how he thought that his own life sentence has to light of a
sentence...you feel sorry for the guy.</p><p>Stephen Dorff plays the role
of a hard working American that is doing everything he can to provide a
better life for his family. One night, his house is broken into and he
does what any man should do, grabs a bat and chases the burglar down. He
accidentally kills the burglar and is sentenced to 3 years in prison.
That was bad but in prison, things go from bad to worse as Lt. Jackson,
played by Harold Perrineau Jr. (Lost, Romeo & Juliet) goes off the deep
end with a God complex in the prison he controls.</p><p>This movie was an
incredible expression of human determination and love. I was very
impressed with the performances and would recommend it to anyone who
likes movies with meaning and heart. No, there aren't explosions, but
there is a good share of violence just in case you need that in a prison
movie. But either way, I highly recommend this movie.</p><p>Stout | <a

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