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									Clark Gable's Long Lasting Hollywood Legacy

<p>Clark Gable was THE male lead actor in Hollywood for quite some time.
He was one of these actors who were an entire personality with the eyes
of the adoring public on him at all times. Celebrities like this do not
exist anymore and likely never will again. From advertisements in all
sorts of stores to many, many movies his face and physique were displayed
prominently in public throughout the 30's, 40's and even
1950's.</p><p>Clark Gable came from humble beginnings and therefore never
quite had the same attitude about his fame as many other Hollywood actors
and actresses did. He lost his mother at a very young age and lived at or
close to poverty during much of his youth. He took jobs as a laborer in
his adolescence and eventually found that he liked acting and decided,
with some persuasion from friends that he would take it up as a career.
He received help during the beginning of his career and was thankful to
those around him.</p><p>Throughout the next several decades Gable was the
definitive actor and Hollywood icon. He damanded more attention than
anyone on the screen at the time, drawing record crowds to theatres and
having his likeness posted in places where most actors would have never
dreamed. Once he became a successful actor in Hollywood he joined the war
effort. He felt compelled to help the Allies claim victory after losing
his wife, Carole Lombard to an aircraft accident she was involved in
during a tour to sell U.S. war bonds. During this time he became a
filmmaker for the Army Air Corps helping to make training movies for the
position of gunner. When he returned after the war stories of his service
as a gunner in combat territory only helped fuel the fire that was his
fame.</p><p>Langdon has written a fan site about Clark Gable complete
with movie clips and rare information. <a target="_new"
href="">click here to visit</a>!</p>

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