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									Learn Affiliate Marketing

<p>As for everything in life--there is a fast road and a slow road to
learn affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is not a get-rich-scheme.
It takes hard work, and there is a learning curve.</p><p>So, be willing
to be patient, work hard, research, dig and learn. Because there is
plenty of work to do before you will be up and running--from setting up
blogs, MySpace or AboutMe pages, or a web site. You may decide to start
your own ezine and sign up with an autoresponder to streamline the emails
you send out.</p><p>Then there are the affiliate programs to investigate.
Some of the top names for good affiliate programs are Commision Junction,
Clickbank, Amazon and even PayPal. Look at the products they sell, from
manufactured products to digital information ebooks.</p><p>There are
marketing tricks to learn. Products don't sell themselves. You may want
to learn how to and get training in writing good sales copy to sell your
affiliate products.</p><p>So to learn affiliate marketing is not a fly-
by-night task. No, you will need to determine and decide you are going to
be successful, and follow through. Budgeting time and money is
important.</p><p>Only a very small percentage of sales will come on the
first try or first exposure. It is the follow up where ninety-eight
percent of sales are made. So look professional and set up a web site,
Blog, MySpace or About Me Page that is yours and yours alone. It is all
about image.</p><p>If you want to be in league with the internet
marketing masters, you need to find out what affiliate marketing secrets
they are using. This page will lead you to some of those secrets. And the
following is an important one.</p><p>Find a free ebook info product on
the web related to the product you are selling. On your web page or blog
offer this product for free. All the person need do is fill out the form
on your page with their email address. As soon as they enter their email
address to receive the free ebook and click, they will automatically be
routed to the sales page for the affiliate product you are promoting. The
process is made flawless and streamline by using a simple
autoresponder.</p><p>Remember your sales come later with follow-up. So
each week you send a follow-up email with helpful information related to
the product you are promoting, more free products as you are able, and
always a link to the affiliate product you are promoting. Sooner or later
if you keep building trust and giving away great value, people will go to
the site and buy the related great product. This is how you make cash
online and learn affiliate marketing.</p><p>Shari Davis is an author with
a great interest in internet marketing and making money online. Find more
valuable internet money-making tips to help you be successful online at
<a target="_new" href="http://affiliate-marketing-secrets-">http://affiliate-marketing-secrets-</a></p>

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