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					Marketing an Online Business

<p>Marketing an online business needn't be a boring task. Do you know
what message you want to send about yourself, your product and your
business? If you do not then how can your potential customers know?
Broadly speaking therefore, <strong>marketing is all about getting your
message across</strong>. All businesses, however small, need to market
their product and should be focused on generating direct responses, on
building communications with your target group of customers rather than
worrying too much about image generation.</p><p>As described above, you
should have a clearly defined message - predominately about your product;
this bodes well for both online and offline businesses, as the underlying
principles are the same. The following should therefore be
considered:</p><p>1. <strong>Who is the message to?</strong> By this we
mean your target market. Who are your potential customers? You need this
information at your fingertips from a very early stage of planning your
business and hence a key concept.</p><p>2. <strong>What is your
message?</strong> The two main components of your message are the long-
term reputation you want to build for your product or online business.
Secondly, the specific message you want to get across now. This could
simply be a description of your online business.</p><p>3. <strong>How to
send the message</strong>? There are numerous methods of trying to get
across your message to your target audience; the trick is to select the
most cost-effective way of reaching your group. Marketing an online
business is not a whole lot different from the marketing of an offline
business. The core principles are the same, but the methodologies differ
slightly. For example, instead of writing an advert in a newspaper you
might put one up on a classified ads site or put up an online press
release.</p><p>Marketing and <strong>advertising </strong>are synonymous
and go hand in hand. Advertising tackles the problem of 'How to send the
message'. Advertising can create attention, inform, remind, prompt sales
and improve the image of your product. But the return from advertising is
uncertain. Do not, therefore, rely on one form of advertising to achieve
your objectives; if you can afford it use a mixture. The beauty of online
marketing is that it is relatively easy to track the performance of your
advertising, e.g. use a unique URL for each advertising method and track
individual hits.</p><p>The above is some general information on marketing
an online business but I would now like to give my top 3 tips specific to
online businesses:</p><ul> <li>Think LONG and HARD about your target
market. Find out where they congregate online (forums?).</li><li>Draw up
a MARKETING PLAN according to your target market and budget. This doesn't
have to be anything elaborate; a simple piece of paper with the right
information would suffice. If you have little experience, or are having
troubles, then don't be afraid to ask someone</li><li>TEST and TRACK your
marketing efforts and update your marketing plan as you go along. There
is nothing wrong with changing the plan!</li></ul><p>Abdi Mohammed is an
online entrepreneur who has discovered the wonderful opportunities the
Internet offers. A university graduate living in the UK, Abdi, has been
involved in a number of online and offline businesses. After much hard
work and testing, Abdi now only involves himself with businesses that are
automated and have a proven system. His expertise cover Economics,
Business and Wealth Creation. <a target="_new"
href="">Proven Online Business</a></p>

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