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									Multilevel Marketing (MLM) Vs Direct Sales Compensation Plans

<p>There are different types of businesses that you can start up on a
shoestring on the internet. Unlike brick and mortar businesses that cost
tens of thousands of dollars to start, internet businesses cost very
little. In addition to being less costly, they usually have some sort of
support that will help you succeed in marketing your
products.</p><p>While you can start your own internet business, such as
selling products on eBay, you should realize that you will not have any
support by way of marketing your products and probably will not make the
money that those who have decided to go into tried and true marketing
plans will make. The two different types of internet businesses that are
making all of the money online are multilevel marketing plans and direct
sales compensation plans. Both require you to sell products and also
recruit others to sell them for you. Although they may seem similar, both
plans are entirely different when it comes to
compensation.</p><p><b>Multilevel Marketing Plans</b></p><p>Multilevel
marketing plans take a while to build up. You have to create down line of
people who recruit others who also recruit others. It may take a while to
get to the top of the heap. But when you do, you will be able to make
quite a bit of money with no effort at all. You will get a portion of the
commissions of every single person on your down line.</p><p>If you are
looking to make money in a long term business and are willing to work
hard to get there, you may be interested in a multilevel marketing
internet business such as that which is offered by Ameriplan or Xocai.
With companies such as Ameriplan or Xocai, you sell products or services
that people really want to buy and also get others to do the same. As
your down line builds, so does your commission.</p><p><b>Direct Sales
Compensation Plans</b></p><p>Direct sales compensation plans offer you
sizable commissions right away. You sell a product and get a decent
commission upon selling. While you still recruit others, there are
usually only two or three levels with direct sale compensation plans.
This means that when someone you recruit is actively recruiting others,
they break off from your team. There are pros and cons of this in that it
gives your team members an incentive to sell and build the
product.</p><p>Many people who are interested in an internet marketing
business like the idea of a direct sales compensation plan because they
do not have to wait for commissions and can have instant cash flow right
away. Many direct sales companies offer commissions of $300 to $3,500 per
sale. Those who want to start earning right away will often choose a
direct sales compensation plan over a multi level marketing plan.
Examples of such direct sales home based internet business include
companies such as Cruise to Cash or IBuzzPro.</p><p>Whichever type of
internet marketing plan you choose, you should understand that most plans
offer legitimate products that are desired by other people and also save
them money. Internet marketing is a multi billion dollar business and
many feel is the wave of the future for those who wish to be
entrepreneurs.</p><p>Learn more about direct sales and MLM <a
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Copilot</a></p><p>Randal Williams aka 500KMentor is a Expert Internet
Marketer and Direct Sales industry leader with business that spans 13+
countries who has been marketing online successfully for over 7 years
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