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					Affiliate Marketing Overload Or Stay Focused For Results

<p>Affiliate Marketing Overloading is my own term. It describes my many
wasted unfocused hours of struggling to understand how to break into the
Affiliate Markets.</p><p>Oh Yes I knew how to build a website and I knew
how to get a product but I could not keep myself on track. I would
constantly open emails offering quicker, easier , less costly, more
efficient program offers and then I would fall for buying some. I counted
at least 6 products designed to give me better keywords better links
better this and better that. Each time there was a cost and it began to
mount up. It wasn't that the products were faulty but it was like giving
Shakespeare to a child in first grade - so much of it was just beyond me
and Because I had spent the money I put in days and days in trying to get
these products working for me.</p><p>I had committed the cardinal sin of
losing focus. What does it mean to stay focused? Well for me it meant
staying with a few methods of operating until I understood them and got
them working. It meant being so thorough with a few things that I could
easily recall how it came together and then make them work for
me.</p><p>Like so many of you when I am unfocused I start surfing
anything that strikes my inerest on the web and there is just so much
interesting and fascinating material that can come up at the touch of the
mouse. mY greatest blunder in the world of the unfocused was to take on
all the new info about social marketing and this was before I could
understand Aweber the most well know autoresponder. I got so far ahead of
myself that my head was spinning. I could list so many products and
programs that are defined as social marketing from Squidoo to Twitter and
they are all good but I was like a man on a sports field trying to catch
20 balls at the one time and dropping all of them.</p><p>Eventually I
wised up and began to go back to a few things that I knew could work. I
knew about the funnel concept where traffic is created by all these
various methods and like a funnel it channels it into your web site but I
had not worked through any of them at depth. So I chose to go down one
pathway. it was the pathway of Article Marketing. I began to write
articles and get them published. I began to understand the power of
article marketing and it wasnt long before I had traffic and good traffic
coming to my website.</p><p>The process of being a good article marketer
is not hard however if its a difficult area for you - that is you find it
difficult to creatively write then you can employ others to do it for you
through many publishing managers Elance being just one. Whatever the case
if you choose to be an article creator then work at it till you
understand it and can use it easily and everyday.</p><p>Once I had the
article system under my belt and felt comfortable and was productive I
then moved on to the PPC. Pay Per Click. I worked at this and began to
understand its power however it was highly dependent Regaron keyword rich
and also you could lose money very quickly if you are not careful. I did
lose money here in the process of learning and through the pain of money
loss I wised up to setting limits and doing some tracking and a few other
things. The point I make here is that I had mastered the article
workfield and now I was mastering the PPC field of affiliate marketing. I
had kept my focus and resisted all sorts of other wonderful offers that
keep coming daily.</p><p>Since those times I have mastered video, audio
and use some of the social marketing sites but not all by any means.
There are so many avenues today to draw traffic to your site in affiliate
marketing and unless you have a team working for you I feel that its
unnecessary to be in everything that is offered.</p><p>So in conclusion
just stick with one or at the most two marketing "funnels' that will
bring traffic. Work on them till you know them backwards and then and
only then look at other avenues. The truth is that there are many people
who are successful in affiliate marketing who use only two or three
avenues of marketing and leave the rest. Good luck in your affiliate
marketing and stay focused</p><p>ds Leonard Greenhall</p><p>Leonard
Greenhall has developed an internet business the hard way. But the
process meant that all stones were uncovered on the way. He has spent
years working out just how things do work and now gives classes in
internet marketing and is an advisor to others starting out. Have a look
at his blog. <a target="_new"

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