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									Marketing Tactics For Different Countries

<p>Do you want to find the best marketing tactics to develop your
international markets?</p><p>Before jumping into international marketing,
you first did to be aware of why there are different marketing
tactics.</p><p>It is easy to think that:</p><p><ul> <li>Everyone shares
your definitions of marketing terms everywhere else</li> <li> Marketing
tactics that work well in your environment will work and definitely not
harm your company in another environment</li> <li>A good marketing
practice that works well in your environment can halt all business
possibilities in another country </li> </ul></p><p>These assumptions can
be wrong. When you start off with an error in the foundation of your
international marketing strategy, you will not get optimum
results.</p><p>Let's look at some assumptions that lead to
confusion...</p><p><strong>Different Definitions</strong></p><p>People
from other countries do not always have the same definition of marketing
terms.</p><p><ul> <li>Even if you think your have the right translation,
this marketing term might mean something different in two different
countries.</li> <li>There might be other cultural influences that affect
the scope or meaning of your marketing term. You might need to rethink
your marketing strategy. </li> </ul></p><p>Some of the terms where I
notice differences in definitions are:</p><p><ul> <li>Brand
marketing</li> <li>Cross-cultural marketing</li> <li>Global
marketing</li> <li>Interactive marketing</li> <li>Intercultural
marketing</li> <li>International marketing</li> <li>Multicultural
marketing </li> </ul></p><p>These differences can be small. But when you
are establishing your marketing strategy, it helps to acknowledge these
differences. This enables you to find the best international marketing
tactics for your business.</p><p>When coordinating with different
cultures you always need to clarify definitions.</p><p><strong>Marketing
Sophistication</strong></p><p>Another source of confusion I see is the
difference in sophistication of marketing tactics used in different
countries.</p><p>It is much easier to start at the very bottom of the
basics.</p><p>No matter what marketing tactics you set up do not forget
adapt the basics to your new foreign market:</p><p><ul> <li>Your
offer</li> <li>The positioning of your offer</li> <li>The positioning of
your company </li> </ul></p><p>When you get these right you will usually
know how to choose the best marketing tactics to open your international
markets.</p><p><strong>Different Marketing
Environments</strong></p><p>Different countries have different marketing
environments.</p><p>One marketing tactic may work well in one country and
may not work in other cultures.</p><p>It is easy for marketing
professionals to make assumptions. But they also quickly learn to verify
assumptions before approaching new international
markets.</p><p><strong>Awareness Leads To The Right
Questions</strong></p><p>Yes, some assumptions can lead to
confusion.</p><p>Most marketing professionals notice when a wrong
assumption is made and start asking questions to correct it almost
immediately.</p><p>We also need time to notice problems. And, in
practice, we do not always have this time.</p><p>Awareness is the
key.</p><p>Simply being aware of the danger of wrong assumptions usually
gets you to spend an extra minute or two to question the right tactic to
use. Questions help cross cultural barriers.</p><p>Knowing when to ask
the right questions at the right time is one of the first international
skills you acquire through experience.</p><p>Are you committed to
speeding up your international sales cycles?</p><p>Learn how to combine
cross-cultural marketing tools and international sales strategies for
faster sales.</p><p>Join us on the <a target="_new"
sales-road-map/">International Sales Road Map</a>.</p><p>Would you like
to develop your international business?<br> Are you a beginner at
international sales and marketing?<br> Read the Beginners Guide <a
target="_new" href="
international-marketing-plan/">Discover Your International
Business</a>.</p><p>Cindy King is a Cross-Cultural eMarketer &
International Sales Specialist, aligning businesses with different
cultures. She has over 25 years field experience in international
business development and helps mid-sized business owners create
international business development strategies that shorten time to

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