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									Affiliate Marketing - 3 Tips For Beginners With No Budget

<p>As you already know Internet marketing is indeed an open source of
money making opportunities to global entrepreneurs, and affiliate
marketing is one of those opportunities. The problem is that many of the
information that you find on the web teach you that the only
entrepreneurs that are generating an income from clickbank (digital
product and services marketplace) affiliate programs or other performance
base marketing programs are the ones with a big business budget, they
want you to believe that to start in an Internet business promoting other
merchants products you need things like:</p><p>- A well design and
develop website or wordpress blog.</p><p>- An expensive autoresponder
system to build a list of leads.</p><p>- A good web hosting service for
your site.</p><p>- And much more...</p><p>The true is that you will need
all these marketing elements and more to grow your business and take it
to the next level, but if you are an Internet marketing beginner with
zero money to invest, and just a few hours per week to put into your new
affiliate venture, should you just way and let everything pass you
by?</p><p>Off course not!</p><p>With the help of new web 2.0 or social
media tools you can have the same chance to be successful. So, just start
a blog with, or a lens at and your in your way to
start your own affiliate marketing business. Now, most merchants will
tell you to put their banners or links on your website, or just link
directly to your affiliate link and you will be making money in no time.
Well, my dear Internet entrepreneur, it doesn't work like that, you will
be wasting time and money generating traffic to your site or blog and
your conversions will be low or none, this happen most of the
time...</p><p>Here is how to fix this affiliate marketing
problem:</p><p><strong>1.-</strong> Avoid choosing merchants that are
promoting their affiliate program on their landing page, exclusively if
his link is located on the top of the page this is a way to steal traffic
and commissions from you. There are strategic ways to go around this, if
the merchant provides a quality product, but for now just stay away from
this sites.</p><p><strong>2.-</strong> Don't use any of the merchants
marketing materials if they have they are branded with the company's URL,
simply because your visitors have the choice to copy the URL and write it
directly on the browser making them bypass your affiliate
link.</p><p><strong>3.-</strong> If you have no money to invest in an
autoresponder to start building your list, try to promote merchants that
use squeeze pages or lead capture pages to promote their products. Just
make sure you read their terms and know that you will get credit for any
purchase generated by your leads.</p><p>For a complete list of <a
target="_new" href="
marketing-tips.html">affiliate marketing tips</a> just visit: The
Internet Marketing For Beginners Blog at <a target="_new"
></p><p>Luis Galarza is the author of The Free Internet Marketing For
Beginners blog where you have access to daily up to date tips and advice
for new and advanced entrepreneurs on how to use strategic internet
marketing techniques to make money online.</p>

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