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					Targeted Article Marketing - The Latest 4 Steps That Will Help to
Jumpstart Your Article Marketing

<p>You've made a good choice; articles are one of the best and most cost
effective of all the online marketing tools. And if you're really serious
about employing article marketing to promote and grow your online
business, then this article will help you.</p><p>Here are the latest 4
steps to help to jumpstart you article marketing:</p><p>1. The first
thing to learn is keyword research. Keywords are how you go about
choosing the best, most appropriate topic matter for each of your
articles. Tools such as Google Adwords are free, but if you can afford
it, try and pay for software such as Word Tracker. These tools will give
you a thorough breakdown of specific search terms, demand for them,
etc.</p><p>2. Become familiar with the terms of service (TOS) of all the
publishing sites and article directories. These are you friends when
you're article marketing. You'll need to be familiar with their criteria
such as number of words per article, keyword density, and link placements
for instance.</p><p>3. Engage your readers; after all, they are for whom
you're writing. Get the best understanding of your readers so that you
can appropriately target their preferences, needs, and demands. As you're
addressing people who have busy lives and short attention spans, your
articles should be no longer than 300 - 500 words, and easily
understandable. Scannable content is vital, and should answer the
pressing questions of potential clients.</p><p>4. SEO (search engine
optimization) is important to you, and you need to be able to understand
it. You should make the algorithms of the big search engines your domain
and steer the elements of your writing to fit their requirements.
Strategically placed, popular keywords throughout you article, its title,
summary and resource box. Search engines will also look for synonyms, so
learn the LSI technique and use it so that the spiders will be able to
more easily find, and index, your articles.</p><p>Do you want to learn
more about list building to create massive income online?</p><p>Download
my free guide to listbuilding here: <a target="_new"
Building Formula</a></p>

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