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					Article Marketing With Video - Online Marketing's the Next Big Thing

<p>Ever since the arrival of YouTube and the rise of video sharing sites,
video has become a central part of our everyday online experience. Given
our faster internet connections, there's no escaping video every time we
go online. And this won't change any time soon. In fact, video is now
changing the way article marketing is done and this article will explain
how.</p><p>The history of article marketing goes way back to the dawn of
the Internet in the early 90s while video can only really go back to the
last 5 or so years. However today, video is gradually taking over the job
and function of article marketing and it's important that we understand
how and why so that we can benefit from this new
development.</p><p>Firstly, we must understand the role of article
marketing. Article marketing was invented (or came about) as a way to
provide people with useful information in just a few short paragraphs.
However, it also had the objective of generating traffic to websites and
moving up the search engine ranking. Video can do exactly the same thing,
yet it can appear to be more authentic (meaning greater conversions) and
can do it in a more effective and quicker fashion.</p><p>Now that we know
why video is gradually taking over article marketing, we must learn how
it is done so we can do it ourselves. Firstly, you get a copy of any
article you have written and record yourself while reading it aloud (only
audio). Secondly, come up with bullet points to summarize your recorded
version. Lastly, use a program such as Microsoft Powerpoint to make your
slides with the bullet points and play the audio recording accordingly
throughout. There you have it, that's how an article is transformed into
a video. On the other hand, you can also video record yourself doing
this, but it's ultimately up to you.</p><p>You are probably now convinced
that article marketing is changing due to the emergence of video online.
Video article marketing is certainly the next big thing in online
marketing and it's time we all embraced this change.</p><p>Martin Sejas
is a guest columnist of <a target="_new"
href="">http://www.MyVideoMarketin</a>, a website dedicated to giving people recommendations
and resources on <a target="_new"
href="">video article
marketing</a> to teach people the essentials about video marketing

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