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Thesis Title                                                               Student              Supervisor           Completed

2002 Cohort
Spousal Perspectives On Factors Influencing Recruitment And Retention Of   Erin Mayo            Dr. Maria Matthews   2004 Sep
Rural Family Physicians
Women And Breastfeeding: What Is The Experience Of The Grandmother?        Amy Lewis            Dr. Gail Storr       2005 May
Responding To A Health Information Crisis: Factors Affecting The           Brie Morey           D. David Persaud     2004 Sep
Recruitment And Retention Of Nova Scotian Health Records / Health
Information Management Professionals
What Is The Need For And Possible Impact Of An Organized Cervical Cancer   Christine LeBlanc-   Dr. Ed Biden
Screening Program In The Province Of New Brunswick?                        Bennett
Health Care Worker Absenteeism                                             Julia Rolfe          Dr. Rick Audas
Conduct Disorder In Canadian Adolescents                                   Rowena Tervo         Dr. Doug Wilms       2005 Jan

2003 Cohort
To Explore The Use Of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) To Describe     Stephanie Lea        Dr. Jennifer Payne
The Provision Of Breast Cancer Screening Services By The Nova Scotia
Breast Screening Program (NSBSP) To Women Aged 50-69 Years
Factors Associated With Mobility Of Physicians:                            Bradley Osmond       Dr. Rick Audas       2006 Sep
A Focus On International Medical Graduates And Rural Areas
Values And Drug Coverage Decisions                                         Kathleen Shipp       Dr. Nuala Kenny &    2007 July
                                                                                                Dr. Neil MacKinnon
Financial Compensation Initiatives For Caregivers:                         Lisa Tay             Dr. Janice Keefe     2005 Dec
Changes Over Time And The Drivers Of Change In Four Countries
An Examination Of Three Types Of Health Care Resource Allocation           Roger Chafe          Dr. Doreen Neville   2008 Jan
Decisions (Mri, Endovascular Coiling, Powered Upper Limb Prosthetics)      (PhD candidate)      & Dr. Tom Rathwell
Why Are Fewer Medical Students Choosing Family Medicine As A Career        Melissa Sullivan     Dr. Rick Audas &     2006 Oct
Choice?                                                                                         Dr. James Rourke
The Mental Health Of Immigrants And Minorities In Canada:                  Mengxuan Xu          Dr. James Ted        2006 May
Social And Economic Effects                                                                     McDonald

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Thesis Title                                                                 Student               Supervisor         Completed
Parents’ Perspectives on the Lives of their Teenagers with Disabilities: A   Beverly Gerg          Dr. Vianne Timmons 2006 Jan
Focus on Inclusion

2004 Cohort
Exploring The Meaning Of Hysterectomy For Women Of African Descent           Louise Adongo         Dr. Christine
Not Yet Determined.                                                          Lewis Bedford
Assessing NS Attitudes And Perceptions Of Pandemic Preparedness              Caroline-Anne         Dr. David Zitner
                                                                             Coulombe              Dr. Renee Lyons
Medication Reconciliation Discrepancies For Older Patients In Two            Gregory Ellard        Dr. Thomas
Prince Edward Island Hospitals                                                                     Rathwell
Integration Of Telehealth And The Electronic Health Record                   Janice Cooper         Dr. Doreen Neville
What Model Of Occupational Health And Safety Should Be Adopted In            Eunice Onodenalore    Dr. Stephen
Atlantic Canada?                                                                                   Bornstein
Governmental Decision-Makers’ Views, Perceptions, And Concerns               Etienne Orr-Ewing     Dr. Daryl Pullman     2006 July
Regarding Privacy And Confidentiality Issues Surrounding Personal
Information, Personal Health Information, And Electronic Health Records In
Newfoundland And Labrador
Understanding Women's Reasons For Having Or Declining Maternal Serum         Amanda Park           Dr. Maria Mathews     2006 Dec
Atlantic Canadian Daily Newspaper Coverage of Wait Times for Medical         Jennifer Thornhill    Dr. Diana Gustafson   2007 May
Parenting Infants In A Violent Environment                                   Kelly Bentley White   Dr. Judy Wuest
                                                                             (PhD candidate)
Acquiring Assistive Technology For Vision And Hearing Impairments:           Mary Hill             Dr. Ed Biden          2007 June
The Experience Of End Users As Consumers In Canada                           (Part-time)
The Process Of Knowledge Exchange And Uptake To Inform Decision-             Gail Richardson       Dr. Ed Biden          2007 May
Making: How Do Organizational Values Impact Managers In A Regional
Health Authority?
Supporting Mother-Infant Relationships Affected By Intimate Partner          Julia Campbell        Dr. Kim Critchley     2007 Apr
Violence: A Pilot Project
Assessing The Needs Of People Living With Cancer On Prince Edward            Shannon Classen       Dr. Kim Critchley     2007 Apr
Island: A Psychosocial Perspective

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Thesis Title                                                                 Student           Supervisor            Completed
Does Gender Moderate The Theory Of Planned Behaviour In Smoke-Free           Heather Diamond   Donna Murnaghan
Behaviour In Junior High Students?                                                             Chris Blanchard

2005 Cohort
Assistive Technology In Canada:                                              Amanda Crupi      Dr. Ed Biden          2007 June
Exploring Relationships Between Industry And Academia
Evaluating Frailty In The Prehospital Setting And Emergency Department       Judah Goldstein   Dr. Kenneth
                                                                             (PhD candidate)   Rockwood
The Impact Of Targeted Wait Time Reduction Strategies In Nova Scotia         Lacey Phillips    Dr. Thomas            2007 Dec
                                                                             Judy Lowe
                                                                             (PhD candidate)
Aids Policy In International And Domestic Policy                             Andrea Barnes     Dr. Diana Gustafson
Out-Of-Pocket Cost Of Cancer For Cancer Patients                             Emma Housser      Dr. Maria Mathews
Not Yet Determined.                                                          Bronwyn Davies
Assessing Baby-Friendly Practices In New Brunswick                           Carolin Galvin    Dr. Gail Storr
A Student And Parent Perspective Of Healthy Eating Policies In Prince        Allison Holland   Dr. Mary McKenna      2008 Feb
Edward Island
The Intersection Between Crime And Drug Dependence: Validating The           Dan Kunic         Dr. Henrik Stryhn
Severity Of Dependence Scale (SDS) As A Measure Of Drug Dependence In A
Sample Of Federally Incarcerated, Male Offenders
                                                                             Megan Mullally    Dr. Jennifer Taylor

2006 Cohort
Not Yet Determined.                                                          Dorothy Barnard
Womens' Medical Decision-Making: The Case Of Hysterectomy For A Benign       Erin Fredericks   Dr. Christine
Condition                                                                                      Saulnier
Predicting Life Expectancy: Physician's Experiences With The Compassionate   Kimberly Bonia    Dr. Diana Gustafson
Care Benefit In Atlantic Canada
Assessing the Impact of an Exposure-Based Intervention on Elementary         Kara Roberts      Dr. Barbara           2010 May
Students’ Liking, Willingness to Try and Tasting of Three New Fruits                           Roebothan
Effect Of Same-Day Scheduling On Wait Times At A University Student          Amy Watling       Dr. Marilyn Hodgins
Health Centre                                                                                  Dr. Ed Biden
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Thesis Title                                                                   Student              Supervisor            Completed
Indigenous Research Ethics: Interpreting The Tri Council Policy Statement In   Julie Bull           Dr. Fern Brunger
Community-Based Research                                                                            Dr. Malcolm Murray
Methadone Maintenance Treatment Program For Federal Offenders                  Shanna Farrell       Dr. Kim Critchley
                                                                                                    Dr. Henrik Stryhn
Eating Between The Lines: Examining Use Of Technology As A Literacy            Alaina Roach O'Keefe Dr. Ray Doiron
Tool, And The Role Of Family In A Healthy Eating Literacy Program For                               Dr. Jennifer Taylor
Preschool Children And Their Families

2007 Cohort
An Exploration of HIV Testing Policy and Services Through A Social Justice     Amanda Hancock       Dr. Diana Gustafson   2010 May
Assistive Technology Provision: An Assessment of Services and                  Valerie Penton       Dr. Diana Gustafson   2010 May
Supports in NL
Familial and Hereditary Colorectal Cancer Screening in Newfoundland and        Jill MacEachern      Dr. Daryl Pullman     2009
Labrador: Specialists’ Knowledge, Attitude and Practice Patterns                                    and Dr. Maria
(“Completed” date is the date of thesis completion not graduation.)

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