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									Marketing Massage Therapy - Should You Give Out Samples?

<p>If you are marketing massage therapy, you may believe there is no
connection to the type of marketing done for traditional business. In
reality, nothing could be further from the truth. All marketing is
designed to communicate value to potential customers and to overcome any
barriers that may stand between you and them. Massage therapy provides
many benefits, so the first part is easy. At the same time, there are
some pretty big barriers to massage therapy marketing as well.</p><p>Your
first step in marketing massage therapy is to communicate to prospective
clients the value your services provide. You might find this hard to
believe, but your potential future clients do not focus on your skills
are qualifications to begin with. Their main concern is to find out how
your service will benefit them. It's the old "what's in it for me"
syndrome. That doesn't mean you can market yourself without referring to
skills and qualifications. But chances are, by the time people start
asking about your background and affiliations, they've already decided to
use your services. They are just looking for confirmation that they have
chosen wisely.</p><p>All private practice businesses have a lot in
common. But anyone marketing massage therapy faces a unique challenge.
For a long time, massage has been linked with sex and prostitution. The
phrase "going to a massage parlor" often leads to knowing winks and sly
grins. Massage therapy and therapeutic touch are gaining wider acceptance
and are used by many people. But the old connections remain. Keep this in
mind when you're creating your marketing message.</p><p>Another obstacle
is that massage therapy is not always respected as true therapy. It is
sometimes dismissed as quack science or fakery. This perception is more
difficult to overcome and in many cases will require actual experience by
potential clients.</p><p>One way to build credibility when marketing
massage therapy is to provide potential clients a way to sample some of
the benefits that massage therapy has to offer. If you could provide them
with a CD or DVD, for example, they may be willing to see what it's all
about. You can continue to build your relationship with these potential
clients. Soon, they may begin to tell others what they've learned and
you've just gained a volunteer on your marketing team. Successfully
marketing massage therapy may take a little time. But when it works,
you'll clients with much greater loyalty.</p><p>Alexandre Valois is a
successful lifestyle coach and the owner of, helping spa
owners, massage therapists, hypnotherapists and other self-help
professionals build a thriving business and boost their profits up to 50%
using their own and unique product line. To discover how Alexandre can
help you grow your business, visit <a target="_new"

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