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									Network Marketing - Marketing Secrets

<p>There are a few key marketing principles to know and take to heart
that most entrepreneurs miss when they first begin. I will list the top 3
myths in my opinion, and what you should be doing about them.</p><p>1.)
<strong>You can't build a network marketing business online </strong>-
Many old-school MLMers and Network Marketers, who may even be very
successful themselves, insist that you can't build a network using the
internet. They say that it is a "belly to belly" business only. That is
bunk! Yes, it is true that you can't bulk mail a million people and
expect to instantly have a huge downline, but no entrepreneur with
integrity would do that anyway!</p><p>In today's world of social networks
like Facebook and Twitter, and personally produced online videos, you
certainly CAN connect in a meaningful way online, in a way that builds
trust and rapport enough to do business. People meet online and
<strong>get married </strong>for god's sake! Of course, using the good
old fashioned telephone is going to play a necessary role as well. With
the internet, video, and phone, you can absolutely connect with people
deep enough to build a business relationship with.</p><p>2.)
<strong>Market Yourself, NOT Your Network Marketing or Direct Sales
Company</strong> - However, just because you can build a business online,
doesn't mean there isn't also a WRONG way to do it! Most people start out
wanting to advertise their company and how great it is. This is the wrong
approach. People will be sold on you as a person and business partner
first, and THEN on your business. You need to advertise solutions to
their problems, and brand yourself as a leader who can help them. Once
trust is established and a relationship is built, THEN you can offer your
business as a solution to their problem.</p><p>3.) <strong>Use Attraction
Marketing to Market Indirectly </strong>- You really don't need to shove
your business down someone's throat to be successful. In fact, in most
cases that will simply drive a potential partner away. It is like a guy
trying to get a girlfriend by running around asking "Will you date me?
Will you date me?" Yeah, with that approach it is a "numbers" game, and
eventually someone will say yes. But, is that really the person he should
be with?</p><p>Instead of playing the numbers aggressively, educate
yourself to learn some new skills, give helpful information out for free
using various methods online, and people will be attracted to
you.</p><p>There are numerous other marketing tactics to master as well,
but if you take these 3 principles to heart and really "get" it and apply
it to your efforts, you will jump passed most of everyone else. Then, you
will be in a position to serve others most effectively, and reap the
rewards that come with that as an after-effect.</p><p>I'm Mike Rutkowski,
and I'm a personal mentor for <a target="_new"
href="">LifePath Unlimited</a>. LifePath
is a GPT business in the exploding personal development industry, picking
up right where The Secret left off by actually providing a pathway to
financial independence. Unique to the direct sales industry, we also
provide a residual income component. This provides professionals with a
true exit strategy that allows them to leave the rat race in the fastest
way possible. Finally, our product line is based on personal
transformation, so you grow personally and help others do the same, while
creating financial independence.</p>

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