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					Closing an Internet Sale - Advice For Newbies

<p>People in general have a resistance to being sold a product or
service. Such a resistance is called a homeostatic response. A shift in
homeostasis (a desire for a person's position to stay the same) must take
place before any sale can be made.</p><p>A shift in homeostasis within
the prospective buyer toward a new product or service means that the
prospect is no longer happy with the old and now wants something
new.</p><p>This shift in the prospect's thought process is where the sale
of your product begins.</p><p>Of course, this shift in homeostasis does
not mean that the prospect will be open to only YOUR product or benefit.
However, such a homeostatic shift has brought the prospective into the
market place looking for something in your market area.</p><p>Internet
marketing has a distinct advantage over many sales areas. When a
prospective buyer comes to the internet looking for a benefit or service,
the homeostasis response has already been changed and the prospect is in
some form of buying mode.</p><p>All that needs to be done at this point
is to convince the prospective buyer that your product has THE market
advantage. That YOU are the right person from which she/he should
buy.</p><p>What is left to do for the sale at this point requires skill
and presentation. Your prospective buyer is looking for benefits. She/he
wants a product or service that will produce benefits that satisfies a
need.</p><p>At this point you must form a relationship in which the buyer
trusts you. Further, this trust must relate to the product or service you
are offering. Show the buyer now, that you are a worthy person, and that
your product is a worthy product that, will be delivered, and the sale is
virtually completed.</p><p>Remember that the sale is not about YOU, it's
about what you can do for the buyer. Do not sell yourself. Sell what you
can do for the buyer. What benefits you can bring to the product or
service that is required.</p><p>In conclusion, the Internet market place
is an ideal platform to present a product or service. A buying response
is already started in the prospect.</p><p>To sell your product, show your
market advantage for your product, and then sell your product's benefits.
What you can do for the buyer that no-one else is able to do.</p><p>Dr.
Maher has spent the 5 years working with programs in Internet marketing.
His center of interest is in developing techniques and skills necessary
to make an online business successful. See further information at: <a
target="_new" href="http://Internet-Marketing-">http://Internet-Marketing-</a></p>

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