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					RV Internet - How to Take Your Home Internet With You

<p>Internet service is<em> much more simple</em> than most RVers think.
Why? Most people think you need to have a service at your house, and then
you need to figure out how to connect on the road. Do I need a $4,000
Satellite system? Do I have to look for Campground Wi-Fi? How can I rig-
up my cell phone to get internet on my laptop? <strong>
</strong></p><p>How about ONE simple way to access the internet
everywhere? At Home & on the Road?</p><p>All you need is a Mobile
Broadband Card from Sprint or Verizon, and a Mobile Router. These routers
are similar to the router many have at home, except they are specially
made to work with a Sprint or Verizon air card inserted into them. This
can be the only internet most RVers will ever need.</p><p>Step one is to
verify your coverage in your home location. As long as you get <a
target="_new" rel="nofollow"
href="">Broadband Coverage</a>
in your home area, you can cancel your DSL or Cable service at home, and
get similar speeds from the Mobile Router with an Unlimited $59.99
monthly plan.</p><p>The set up is easy. After purchasing a Mobile
Broadband card and a Mobile Router, simply take the activated card and
insert it into the Mobile Router. It should send out a Wi-Fi signal that
any wireless enabled computer can use. Any passwords for security can be
set up as well at this time. In addition to wireless, you can also
connect the router with an Ethernet Cable to any computer. And now you
have a high-speed home wireless network.</p><p>The best part is that this
system is <em>totally portable</em>. Simply unplug the Mobile Router from
your home, and plug it into the RV. Now, you have a complete wireless
internet system that works almost anywhere in the USA, even at 70 MPH.
Instead of looking for a Wi-Fi hot spot, you will <em>be</em> the hot
spot!</p><p>What if you don't have Broadband Coverage at your home? If
you need to keep your regular Cable or DSL service for some reason you
can still benefit from this set up, with minimal cost. Sprint allows you
to pay only $5.95 a month to turn off your service without breaking the 2
year contract for up to 6 months in a row. This is a perfect way for the
part time RVer to have mobile access while on the road at an affordable
price.</p><p>Many RVers who are discovering just how easy being connected
can be, with one simple connection anywhere in the USA.</p><p>Steve
Sasman is the owner of <a target="_new"
m</a> This site is full of all the latest Mobile Internet information and
even offers $50 off Sprint prices. More Mobile Internet also carries
Mobile Routers, Antennas, Amplifiers and other accessories to make the
technology work even better. See his RV page at: <a target="_new"

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