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Baby Massage Benefits


An article on the benefits of baby massage

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									You can find an array of positive reasons why you might want to massage a baby. Not only does
massaging a baby improve the overall relationship between the newborn and person doing the
massage, but it also provides physical benefits as it can be used to treat and prevent illness.

All this plus much more may be provided merely by massaging the infant for as little as five minutes.
And as we all know, its the quality of time we spend doing something, not the quantity of time,
that's the important factor. And in terms of baby massage, it is never more evident, as massaging a
child ıs really a special time, as it’s a special moment where undivided attention is given to the
youngster in an expression of love and pleasure.

You see, babies need touch, and really miss touch, particularly when there very young. The truth is it
in other cultures, whereby the baby will typically be secured to the mothers chest or back
constantly. Mothers doing this will often be highly attuned to their babies, because of this bonding
approach, which breeds intuition and compassion. This all starts with a basic touch.

Unfortunately, with the hectic life-style some of us now live, particularly in the western world, lots of
the opportunities to bond with our child aren't so apparent. Nowadays a range of drugs are used
during child birth so as to reduce the sensation of labour, and that connection. The bond is also lost
with a few mothers, as a result of them preferring not to let the young child suck on their teat, and
instead preferring to feed the little one with baby formula.

It’s important to think about each of the ways where these opportunities to bond with the infant are
lost, and to try and claw them back as best we are able to, and among the best ways of doing that is
an infant massage for as few as 5 minutes a day.

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