If you can t catch it you can t pass it on Breast lifts by benbenzhou

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If you can t catch it you can t pass it on Breast lifts

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									The NewSLetteR for LeicesTer ciTy communiTy heaLTh service sTaff                issue 4 i november 2009

                                                      Swine flu
                           If you can’t catch it, you can’t pass it on
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                                         MD’s Comment              SystmOne Ready for Lift Off

       In s ide ...                      Swine Flu Vaccinations    £97k Boost for Breast Feeding

                                         HR Notice Board           Adult and Children’s Services
This month

      The NewSLetteR for LeicesTer ciTy communiTy heaLTh service sTaff                issue 4 i november 2009

                                                            Swine flu
                                 If you can’t catch it, you can’t pass it on
                                                                                                  page 3

                                                                                                                                                           Paul Miller’s
                                               MD’s Comment

                                               Swine Flu Vaccinations
                                                                         SystmOne Ready for Lift Off

                                                                         £97k Boost for Breast Feeding
                                                                                                                     Welcome to the autumn issue of our Lcchs.
                                               HR Notice Board           Adult and Children’s Services

                                                                                                                     Future Form
                                                                                                                     as we discussed in staff briefings, the PcT board decided at the end of august to keep Lcchs as part
   Cover Story                                                                                                       of the PcT for the foreseeable future. This will be reviewed in summer 2010.
   Swine Flue Update                                                                                            3    There were two reasons for this. The first was the realisation that the formation of a social enterprise
   Fact or Fiction?                                                                                             3    is currently not financially viable, and the second is the forthcoming general election. Looking at the
                                                                                                                     health section on the Tory Party website, it is clear that both main parties are committed to separating
                                                                                                                     out the commissioning and provision of health services. The speed and the options for this may change
   NHS in the News Nationwide                                                                                        but probably not the policy.
   The NHS Constitution                                                                                         4
                                                                                                                     We are still looking at all the options but it will probably now be april 2011 before anything happens.
   Rights and Responsibilities                                                                                  5
                                                                                                                     Children’s Services
                                                                                                                     in october, we held a number of briefings to explain how nhs Leicestershire county and rutland
   equality and Diversity
                                                                                                                     wished to integrate some of the specialist children’s services that we currently provide into their own
   Celebrating Equality and Diversity                                                                           5
                                                                                                                     management structure.
   HR Round-Up                                                                                                       after discussions, the commissioning teams in nhs Leicester city and nhs Leicestershire county
   LCCHS Welcomes our Apprentices                                                                               6    and rutland have agreed an alternative approach. This will involve changes in style and quality
                                                                                                                     standards, and a closer alignment with local authority services. This will be delivered through
   NHS Staff Survey                                                                                             7
                                                                                                                     implementing new service specifications with effect from 1st april 2010. The effectiveness
   Are you up to date?                                                                                          7
                                                                                                                     of the changes will be assessed in autumn 2010.

   Adult and Children’s Services                                                                                     an outline plan for delivery of changes has been agreed and will be implemented by the end
   Physios slash waiting lists                                                                                  8    of the financial year.
   Rapid Intervention Team                                                                                      8    Finance
   Takeover Day at CCHS                                                                                         9    We are entering a more competitive world for healthcare and the PcT now has four services
   Back to the Future                                                                                           10
                                                                                                                     out for tender. These are for:
                                                                                                                     • five GP practices (three of which we currently manage and two new ones)
   events                                                                                                            • Diabetes care
   Meeting our Community                                                                                        12
                                                                                                                     • Dermatology
   SystmOne ready for Lift Off                                                                                  12
                                                                                                                     • youth health
                                                                                                                     We will be tendering for all four and have already passed the pre-qualifying questionnaire.
                                                                                                                     We should hear the results in December.
                                                                                                                     i’m always keen to hear from our staff, so if you have any queries or comments, please email
                                                                                                                     me at paul.miller@leicestercity.nhs.uk
   Contact                                                                                                           i would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your hard work over the past year.
   If you’ve got something to say or would                                                                           enjoy the forthcoming festivities and have a great 2010.
   like to make a contribution to the next
   issue please contact:

   Alyson evans
   tel: 0116 225 2526                                                                                                Paul Miller
   email: alyson.evans@leicestercity.nhs.uk                                                                          Managing Director, Leicester City Community Health Service
                                                                                                                     November 2009

2 i Our LCC HS i November 2009
                                                                                                                                                     Cover Story

Swine flu
after a fairly quiet summer, the number of swine
flu cases rose during september and october. by             swine flu vaccination
the beginning of november, weekly GP consultations
for influenza-like illness were at the rate of 34 per       Fact or Fiction?
100,000 across Leicestershire and rutland, with the
                                                            some people have raised doubts and concerns
highest rates in Leicester city. nationally, the picture
                                                            about the swine flu vaccine and the vaccination
is mixed, with some areas seeing consultations
                                                            programme. here are a few of the myths …
topping 1999/2000 levels, which was the worst
                                                            and the facts!
flu winter for 15 years.                                                                                               There are traces of thiomersal, a preservative
    Two vaccines for the a(h1n1) or swine flu virus,        MYtH swine flu is a mild illness,                          containing mercury, in the GsK vaccine
produced by Glaxo smith Kline and baxter, have
been licensed. These are now being administered
                                                            so i don't really need the vaccine                         (‘Pandemrix’). Thiomersal is used in other vaccines
                                                            yes, swine flu is generally mild for healthy people, but   and has been given a clean bill of health by the
to priority groups, including frontline nhs staff.                                                                     World health organisation and the many research
everyone who has regular clinical contact with              for pregnant women and those with health problems
                                                            it can be much more serious. so vaccination isn’t          teams who have looked into its use. Pandemrix has
patients, and those who are directly involved in                                                                       been approved as safe for use in pregnant women.
patient care, will be invited to have the vaccine.          just about keeping you safe and well – it’s about
                                                            protecting your patients and your colleagues, who
    if you are contacted to have the jab, please go.
                                                            may be more susceptible to the virus. it’s also worth
                                                                                                                       MYtH The vaccines have been rushed
it’s the only way to ensure that you, your colleagues
                                                            remembering that in a number of cases swine flu can        out and haven't been properly tested –
and your patients are protected. if you can't catch it,
you can't pass it on.                                       kill otherwise healthy people. Don’t underestimate the     you simply don't know it's safe.
    Please look out for all the latest information          virus, get yourself protected!                             The vaccine had to pass stringent tests before
and advice on the vaccination programme                                                                                being granted a licence by the european
                                                            MYtH i've already had swine flu so i                       medicines agency. on top of this, extensive trials
on noticeboards and on the intranet -
http://nww.leicestershire.nhs.uk/larnet/                    don't need the vaccine                                     involving thousands of people have been done on
homepage.asp                                                many people think they’ve had swine flu when               very similar h5n1 flu vaccines. This means we are
                                                            they haven’t. unless lab testing confirmed that you        very confident that the new vaccine is low risk.
Why do you need the vaccine?                                definitely had swine flu, you should still have the
                                                            vaccination. When it comes to protecting you and           MYtH The vaccine causes Guillain
The vaccine will be optional but we are strongly
recommending that all frontline staff take it up
                                                            your patients, it’s better to be safe than sorry.          barré syndrome
for the following three reasons:                                                                                       There’s absolutely no reason to suggest the swine
                                                            MYtH The vaccine will give me the flu                      flu vaccine is linked with Guillain barré syndrome
1 Swine flu can lead to serious complications in people     The vaccines contain inactivated flu viruses so they       (Gbs). The swine flu vaccine used in the united
  with underlying health conditions, so it is important     can’t give you flu. There is a small chance, you           states in the 1970s did carry a small risk of
  we do everything we can to stop vulnerable patients       may get a mild fever and a few aches and pains             Gbs, but this was different to the vaccines used
  from catching the virus. Vaccinating front line health    immediately after the jab, but any side effects are        today. checks on similar seasonal flu vaccines
  professionals is the first line of defence for patients   usually very mild and will pass within 48 hours. most      have revealed no association with the disease.
  as it reduces the chance of staff transmitting the        people suffer nothing worse than a slightly sore arm.      however, a link has been shown between having
  virus in the course of their duties.                                                                                 a flu-like illness and developing Gbs.
                                                            MYtH i don't treat anyone who has
2 Vaccination can help us protect frontline health
                                                            swine flu, so i don't need the vaccine                     MYtH i don't need the swine
  professionals from unnecessary risk. Health
  professionals are more likely to be exposed
                                                            health professionals are more likely to be exposed         flu vaccine if i've already had
                                                            to the virus. if you catch it and pass it on to your
  to swine flu than the rest of the population                                                                         the seasonal flu one
                                                            patients, then they may become seriously ill. so
  and, while swine flu is generally mild, even healthy                                                                 no, you should have both vaccines because swine
                                                            don’t take the risk – for yourself and your patients’
  people can become seriously ill from it or even die.                                                                 flu is a completely different virus to the normal
                                                            sake, it’s best to get the jab.
3 Vaccinating staff is the single most effective way
                                                                                                                       seasonal flu. it is safe to have both vaccinations at
  we can prevent disruption to the NHS due to staff         MYtH you're infectious after having                        the same time.
  absence. This could be a very tough winter for the        the jab, so you can't treat patients                       MYtH i never catch normal flu,
  NHS as swine flu combines with the normal winter
                                                            during that period                                         so i can't see me getting swine flu
  pressures we experience. Vaccination is crucial for
                                                            The vaccine won’t make you infectious to anyone,           many of us have built up resistance to seasonal flu
  keeping absence rates down and allowing the NHS
                                                            so it is safe to carry on with your normal duties.         but swine flu is a new virus, meaning that those of
  to continue delivering the best possible care for
                                                                                                                       you who are lucky enough to avoid normal flu may
  patients in the months ahead.                             MYtH The vaccine contains mercury                          find you get sick from swine flu.
                                                            so it's dangerous for pregnant women

                                                                                                                                        Our LCC HS i November 2009 i 3
NHS in the News and Nationwide

research conducted by alcohol concern
                                                the NHS
has revealed a trebling in alcohol related
deaths since the late 1980s. it projects that
almost 100,000 people will die over the
next ten years.
  The research shows a clear correlation
between the increase in alcohol consumption
per head and the number of additional
deaths that would occur. findings suggest
that an increase of one litre in per head
                                                What does it mean for you?
consumption would be associated with
approximately 928 extra alcohol-related                           The NHS Constitution                   you need to understand what the nhs constitution
deaths in the uK every year.                                                                             means to you as a member of staff. but it is equally
                                                                  is currently under                     important that you are able to answer any questions
GP scorecard                                                      discussion in the House                that patients might have about their rights,
                                                                  of Commons as part of                  responsibilities and the pledges that the nhs
launched                                        the Health Bill. Once this Bill is passed,
                                                                                                         constitution commits Lcchs to delivering.
a new service has been launched on the nhs                                                                  Please take the time to read the nhs
choices website which will allow the public     all NHS bodies and private and third-                    constitution. you can download full details and
to comment on GP practices. similar to          sector providers supplying NHS services                  guidance at www.dh.gov.uk/nhsconstitution
‘comparethemarket.com’, consumers can
                                                in England will be required by law to                    KeY FACtS
compare, review and rate services, making
it easier to choose a GP practice which best    take account of the Constitution in their                    The nhs constitution overarches everything
suits individual needs. The service also        decisions and actions.                                       we do – it is not a new, separate initiative,
creates an opportunity for GP practices to                                                                   but a way of bringing together existing targets,
                                                the NHS Constitution establishes the principles              policies and strategies.
be made aware of any issues so they can
                                                and values of the NHS in england.
act to improve their services.                                                                               The constitution has been developed for
                                                It sets out:                                                 and by nhs patients and staff, after extensive

Change4life                                        The rights to which patients, public and staff
                                                   are entitled
                                                                                                             consultations and discussions with thousands
                                                                                                             of people.

Sponsors Simpsons                                  The pledges which the nhs is committed
                                                   to achieve
                                                                                                             all nhs organisations and providers supplying
                                                                                                             nhs services in england will be legally required
five and 10 second idents showing the                                                                        to take account of the nhs constitution.
                                                   The responsibilities which the public, patients
c4Life family pigging out on the famous                                                                      When the health bill is passed, the profile
                                                   and staff owe to one another to ensure that the
simpsons sofa are now being shown before                                                                     of the nhs constitution will be significantly
                                                   nhs operates fairly and effectively.
each airing of the channel 4 cartoon. a                                                                      increased and have far-reaching implications.
                                                The nhs constitution will only make a difference
number of different stories unfold in which                                                                  all nhs staff will need to be familiar with
                                                if staff are committed to it and embrace it in their
they have all their fatty snacks replaced                                                                    its content.
                                                work. over the coming months and years,
with healthy ones.
                                                everyone needs to play their part in raising                 for the nhs constitution to succeed in its aims,
   Latest figures show that one in four
                                                awareness of the nhs constitution and its value,             it needs to become part of everyday life in the
britons is now obese, although childhood
                                                and weaving it into the way the nhs works.                   nhs for patients, the public and staff. how are
obesity may be levelling off.
                                                                                                             you helping to make this happen?
Public Health Minister Gillian Merron said:

                                                 BRITAIN’S HEALTHCARE SYSTEM
The Simpsons provide a popular
                                                 RANKED 14TH IN EUROPE
and engaging way to get the                                                                               a spokesperson said: “There is a lot of credible
                                                 The Euro Health Consumer Index has
message to real-life families                                                                          and up-to-date evidence available showing just
                                                 published its fourth annual league                    what great strides have been taken, on the back
about simple ways of improving
                                                 table ranking Britain 14th out of 33                  of record investment, in improving nhs services
their diet and activity for a
                                                 countries in Europe.                                  across the country. The nhs is treating more
healthier lifestyle.                               but its conclusions have been refuted by the        people and saving more lives than at any time
                                                 Department of health which claims the report is       in its history with waiting times at their lowest
                                                 based on flawed methodology and old data.             levels since records began.”

4 i Our LCC HS i November 2009
                                                                                                                    NHS in the News and Nationwide

The nhs consTiTuTion seTs ouT The foLLoWinG riGhTs anD resPonsibiLiTies for sTaff anD PaTienTs:

     STAFF RIGHTS                              PATIENT RIGHTS                                 STAFF                                             PATIENT
                                                                                         RESPONSIBILITIES                                   RESPONSIBILITIES
 The rights set out what staff               The rights set out what patients            In return, staff have a duty to:                   In return, patients have a duty to:
 can expect from their employer              can expect from the NHS
                                                                                            accept professional                                 Take personal responsibility
 including:                                  including:
                                                                                            accountability and maintain                         for maintaining their health
    a good working environment                  assessment of local need                    standards                                           Provide accurate information
    with flexible working                       and provision of appropriate
                                                                                            Protect the confidentiality                         about their health, condition
    opportunities                               services
                                                                                            of personal information                             and status
    a healthy workplace, free                   informed choice about the
                                                                                            be truthful in applying for                         Keep the appointments
    from harassment, bullying                   nhs care they receive
                                                                                            a job and in carrying out                           they make
    or violence                                 Treatment within the european               that job
    fair and equal treatment that               economic area or switzerland,
    is free from discrimination                 in certain circumstances,
                                                through their PcT

                                                                                                                                        Equality and Diversity

  Celebrating equality & diversity
  Two LCCHS projects were highlighted at a special NHS East
  Midlands event in October which aimed to raise awareness and
  celebrate the success of the local Pacesetters Programme.
  our staff mediators and the Dis-solution scheme for unemployed disabled people were
  featured as examples of projects promoting equality and diversity. other local projects
  included DvDs on maternity services and infant mortality for hard to reach bangladeshi
  communities, put together by nhs Leicester city and university hospitals of Leicester nhs
  Trust, and the nhs Leicester city Gypsy & Travellers ambassador project.
     Pacesetters is a national nhs initiative to test out innovative ways of working that address
  inequalities and discrimination in health and health services. it is a partnership programme,
  requiring strong engagement with local communities, patients, service users, carers and staff.
                                                                                                          The Dis-solution team receive the HPMA award – left to right Reena Mistry,
  Dis-solution Highly Commended                                                                           HR Advisor¸ Kshama Srivastava, Head of HR, Arti Mistry, Pacesetters Project
                                                                                                          Officer and Leon Charikar, Pacesetters Programme Manager.
  as reported in the last issue of our Lcchs, the Dis-solution scheme was also highly
  commended in this year’s national excellence in human resource management awards,                     Dame barbara hakin, chief executive for nhs east
  organised by the healthcare People management association (hPma).                                     midlands, said:
     Dis-solution offers work placement opportunities and support for unemployed disabled
  individuals as a stepping stone to employment. five placements have already been
                                                                                                                  The work being undertaken through
  completed, with one candidate securing a permanent job and a second entering full-time
  education. all the candidates agreed that the programme had helped to build their                               Pacesetters highlights the significant
  confidence and boost their employment prospects.                                                                benefits tackling health inequalities can
     The placements also provided an excellent learning opportunity for Lcchs managers                            have in the NHS. It involves patients
  and staff to help support disabled people in the workplace.                                                     in the delivery of services and creates
     The next phase of the scheme is just starting with a further five placements. if you are
                                                                                                                  workplaces free of discrimination
  interested in hosting a placement, please contact reena mistry or arti mistry.

                                                                                                                                            Our LCC HS i November 2009 i 5
HR Notice Board

Thirteen aspiring youngsters
joined the NHS in Leicester
at the end of September on
a 19 month placement to
help kick start their careers.
The group, aged between 16 and 20, will work in
administrative roles in a number of departments
including human resources and children’s services.
Dipna Pattni,19, of rushey mead, will be working
in Lcchs, helping to organise events. she says:
“i wanted an apprenticeship because i am much
better at practical learning rather than with books.”
   alec cullen, training and education manager for
Lcchs, says: “The current financial climate has
made it more difficult for many young people to
get a foot on the career ladder and we are giving
the apprentices the perfect opportunity to improve      on applying for nhs jobs with the aim that they     of anyone aged 16 + who may be interested in
their work prospects in the city.”                      will continue their careers in health.              an apprenticeship, please contact Kerrie heath
   During their placements with the nhs, the            Plans are already in place to take on another 68    on tel: 295 1113 or by email at
apprentices will be given support and advice            apprentices by the end of april 2010. if you know   kerrie.heath@leicestercity.nhs.uk.

                                                                                                                         busy bees
Are you thinking about                                                                                                   child care
retiring before autumn 2010?                                                                                           Vouchers
                                                                                                              now is a good time to consider switching
Then you might want to explore your pension options...                                                        to our online services and paying your carer
                                                                                                              with e-vouchers.
currently, there are two types of nhs Pension:
                                                                                                                 even if you don’t have internet access,
   if you joined the nhs Pension scheme                                                                       but have regular childcare costs, our
   before 1st april 2008 you contribute to the                                                                customer service team can arrange to pay
   1995 section.                                                                                              your carer electronically.
   if you joined after 1st april 2008 you contribute                                                             e-vouchers are the most accessible,
   to the 2008 section.                                                                                       flexible and environmentally sensitive
each scheme has different terms and conditions.                                                               product we offer and are our preferred
The nhs Pension agency is offering those who                                                                  method of paying carers.
currently contribute to the 1995 section the                                                                  e-Vouchers are:
opportunity to move to the 2008 section.                                                                      • e-asy to set up and use
if you are considering retiring before autumn
                                                                                                              • e-nvironmentally friendly
2010 but after 1st october 2009 and you want
more information about moving to the 2008                                                                     • more e-ffective
section, the nhs Pension choice Packs are                                                                     To make the switch from paper to
now available in hr.                                                                                          e-vouchers visit
Please contact eileen.dodd@leicestercity.nhs.uk                                                               www.busybeesvouchers.com or email
to request a pack.                                                                                            parents@busybeesvouchers.com

6 i Our LCC HS i November 2009
                                                                                                                                       HR Notice Board

the NHS staff survey –
it’s all about you!
The nhs staff survey gives you the opportunity to      Last year, the survey                                       extra mile and Long service awards have been
express your views about your job, colleagues and                                                                  held to congratulate and thank staff for their
                                                       highlighted that:
working environment. your feedback is completely                                                                   hard work and commitment
confidential so you don’t need to worry about             communication between management                         appraisals are being prioritised from the very
managers or colleagues seeing your answers                and staff needed to be more effective                    top. contact your line-manager if you haven’t
and the results are used to make important                harassment and bullying amongst teams                    had yours.
changes at Lcchs.                                         could be reduced                                      SO BRING ABOUT THE CHANGES yOU WOULD
   This year every member of staff is being asked                                                               LIkE TO SEE AT LCCHS By COMPLETING yOUR
                                                          staff didn’t feel the trust valued their work
to take part in the nhs staff survey. if you haven’t                                                            STAFF SURVEy NOW…
done so already, please complete and return your          41% of staff hadn’t received an appraisal
                                                                                                                 if you haven’t received your staff survey, please
questionnaire to capita health service Partners           or PDP
                                                                                                                contact shelly brindley, hr Project and
by 7th December 2009.                                                                                           communications officer.
                                                       Since then...
                                                          The smT ran a week of staff briefings to ensure
   Help bring about real                                  that all staff are aware of the future of Lcchs

    change for you and                                    The Pacesetters mediation project has been
                                                          launched to resolve disputes before they
      your colleagues                                     escalate into difficult working relationships

Are you up                                             THE QUALITY Of
                                                       WORKINg LIVES –
to date?                                               VALUINg OUR HEALTH
To date, 79 of you haven’t returned your               Lcchs recognises that organisational
                                                       effectiveness and performance cannot be achieved
Personal Information Validation forms!                 without safeguarding and promoting the health of
The completion of this form is mandatory               employees. We are strongly committed to making
as it will ensure that all of our records are          a positive difference to your health and wellbeing,
up to date and we can respond quickly and              but can only achieve this with your participation.
effectively in an emergency.                              as part of this commitment, we are currently
   Please make it a priority to complete and return    carrying out a health assessment audit. This aims
your form to: workforce Information, St Johns          to identify both the positive and negative
House, 30 east St, Leicester Le1 6NB at your           characteristics of work and the workplace that
earliest convenience.                                  influence the health of our staff, and the impact
If you have not received a form please contact         this has on service provision.
phil.gray@leicestercity.nhs.uk                             The project began in early october with a series
                                                       of staff focus groups to establish a realistic picture
                                                       of what working life is like for Lcchs employees.
                                                       The outcomes of these groups are now being used
                                                       to formulate a staff survey, which will ultimately
                                                                                                                 CHRISTMAS PAY!
                                                       allow us to produce recommendations and
                                                       implement changes to improve the quality                  LCCHS Christmas pay will be paid on
                                                       of all our working lives.
                                                                                                                 Monday, 21st December this year.
                                                          Thank you to everyone who attended and
                                                       contributed to the focus groups. When you receive         as a result the capita courier will collect all payroll
                                                       the survey, please complete it as openly and              forms on Thursday 26th november and Thursday
                                                       honestly as you can. further information will             3rd December 2009. from then on the courier will
                                                       follow soon.                                              resume payroll collection on mondays.

                                                                                                                                 Our LCC HS i November 2009 i 7
Adult Services

Physios slash
waiting lists
In just six months, LCCHS’s adult
physiotherapy teams have succeeded in
slashing the waiting times for physio in
Leicester city, despite an increase in referrals.
When the adult Therapy teams transferred over
from the county PcT in april, there were more than
                                                         Just part of the LCCHS hard-working physio team: (l-r) Kapil Vashu, locum physio; Carole Ground, technical instructor; Gaurav Sharma, MSK
1,300 patients on the waiting list for msK               physio; Liz Jones, technical instructor; Mary Hopkins, admin; Veena Pancholi, bank physio and Rebecca MacDonald, community physio.
(musculo-skeletal) physiotherapy, with a waiting
time of around 18 weeks for clinic appointments.       clarendon mews and brookside court.                                       “They’ve also enabled us to introduce a Dna
now, there are just under 500 patients, waiting an         Dineke ten hove, service lead for physiotherapy,                   policy and get the number of missed appointments
average of 3-4 weeks.                                  says the move into Lcchs was significant because                       down from 11% to 9.7%.”
   The community physios have also reduced their       it helped them to streamline the service and                              having a central base in the merlyn vaz centre has
waiting lists from 300 down to 150 patients and cut    refocus more closely on the needs of the city.                         helped develop the team spirit. “all our admin staff
average waiting times from 18 to 10 weeks. This is         “We now have four dedicated admin staff,                           are now in one place and all the clinicians come in
the team that looks after the elderly or people with   which leaves the clinicians free to do clinical                        every week so there is more interaction,” she says.
long term conditions in their own homes, and           work,” she says. “and they keep the diaries full                          but primarily the achievement has been down
provides physio services for intermediate care,        so that we make better use of that time.                               to the hard work and efforts of the physio team.

Introducing the Rapid Intervention Team                                                                                                              A Poem

                                                                                                                                  Through plans and policies, ideas and needs,
                                                                                                                                  A service is needed, designed to succeed,
                                                                                                                                  A team emerges called the RIT
                                                                                                                                  In the grand scheme of things though,
                                                                                                                                  where will we fit?
                                                                                                                                  From early morning till late at night
                                                                                                                                  We wend our way dealing with plight
                                                                                                                                  Our referrals are received in this modern age,
                                                                                                                                  Transported by e mail to assessment page

                                        R a pi d                                                                                  We visit, assess, refer on as needed
                                                                                                                                  To therapy if mobility is impeded

                                   In te rv en ti on                                                                              Our tasks can vary as all jobs do,
                                                                                                                                  Insolvable problems we find are few.
                                        T ea m                                                                                    Differing conditions we will see,
                                                                                                                                  Undertaking assessments for CICB
                                                                                                                                  Off again to provide on going care
                                                                                                                                  Calling Red Cross to help raise a chair
                                                                                                                                  Providing support in the last days of life
The rapid intervention Team (riT) provides a fast         riT is a multi-disciplinary led service, providing                      Reassuring words to a sorrowful wife
and streamlined response to patient assessments        assessments for acute unscheduled patient care                             Our days are full and never the same
to ensure that patients get the right service in the   for up to 72 hours. The patient will then be passed
                                                                                                                                  The service is vital what ever its name.
right place at the right time.                         to the most appropriate service for their needs for
   The service is designed to prevent avoidable        ongoing care.                                                              Jane Bulman
hospital admissions and support appropriate early         The service is available to all patients aged                           Acting Manager, RIT & SPA
discharge from secondary care by providing rapid       18 and over registered with nhs Leicester city                             New Parks Health Centre
access to community services.                          General Practitioners.

8 i Our LCC HS i November 2009
                                                                                                                               Children's Services

e-Diana provides a more flexible                                                                              New Internet Based
approach for delivering courses                                                                               Booking for Safeguarding

                                                           introduction of the Leicestershire clinical
                                                                                                              From October 2009, all
Children’s Community Health Services                       assessment Tool (LcaT) - a research based tool     Safeguarding training booked
is launching E-Diana – flexible, five                      to assess clinical skills. This has involved all   through LCCHS will be online.
module e-learning package.                                 assessors undertaking specific training to
                                                                                                              The website will allow staff to register and
                                                           become competent in the use of the tool.
This meets the need for a more flexible delivery for                                                          access training materials, venue details,
                                                           current review of competency framework –
users, such as staff in education and social care,                                                            booking information, evaluation forms and
                                                           i.e. attend teaching session / work through
who find it difficult to be released for a full day’s                                                         a document repository (each delegate will
                                                           e-learning package followed by structured
training. Delivering training on-line improves                                                                have their own area which will hold
                                                           supervised sessions incorporating LcaT tool
accessibility for a wider range of individuals and                                                            ertificate of attendance).
frees up delivery time of in-house training, which      The website will be built and developed by uhL
                                                                                                              To register for 2010 training courses go to:
nurses can use to complete supervised sessions          education support unit, who have built a similar
with each trainee. The online courses can be taken      site for their internal use. it allows registered
either for awareness or to develop competencies.        users to log in, complete online training and         there are four easy steps to register:
   The e-learning will complement and not replace       assess their understanding. This project team         1 make sure you have your correct work
the current training provision. The development of      was chosen because of their understanding of our        email address to hand and your assignment
the package coincided with a complete review of         needs and their proven ability to create teaching       number (found on your payslip)
the current framework offered by the Diana              materials for complex clinical skills.                2 complete the registration form; you will then
                                                            The website created for Diana service will          receive your user name and Password to
Service, to include:
                                                        function in a similar way to e-uhL and can be           your nhs email inbox.
   review of current packages and structure             monitored and tracked by administration staff.
   to delivery                                                                                                3 Within the email will be a link for you to click
                                                        it will include images and videos relating to real
                                                                                                                and confirm your registration.
   review of competency and assessment                  life examples of the health needs explored.
   booklets                                                                                                   4 re-visit the website and click on the orange
                                                        to find out more about e-Diana, please contact
                                                                                                                tab to view and book your training online.
                                                                                                              once registered, you can access the training
                                                                                                              calendar and book one or more training

takeover Day at CCHS

                                                                                                              NeXt AVAILABLe COURSeS:
                                                                                                                12/01/2010            Level 3 initial
This November, a group of
children and young people were                                                                                  13/01/2010            Level 2

invited to ‘takeover’ Children’s                                                                                13/01/2010            Level 3 update
Community Health Service                                                                                        09/02/2010            Supervisors initial
(CCHS) for one day.                                                                                             26/02/2010            Supervisors update
   The group are part of 11 million, the
organisation led by the children’s commissioner
for england, Professor sir aynsley-Grenn. This
position was created by the children act 2004
to be the independent voice for all children and        the children shadowed and interacted with staff
young people throughout england.                        from various services to gain a better
   Last year’s Takeover Day was a huge success          understanding of what we do and experience a
and helped cchs recognise the importance of             working environment. They also attended meetings
including young people in the key decision-making       and training sessions, as well as watching
areas that affect them. such initiatives also           presentations on what we do in each service.
encourage organisations like ours to acknowledge           During the day, the young people used their
fresh ideas and perspectives from young people          creative talents to design and produce a cchs
within the local area, improving links between the      christmas card. The designs will be judged by
services users and the community.                       a panel of chec members, and the winning one          For all enquiries please email
   This year’s Takeover day took place on 6th           printed onto christmas cards to be sold to the        safeguardingonlinebooking@leicestercity.
november when six children ‘tookover’ the               public. all proceeds from the cards will go to        nhs.uk
services at cchs. over the course of the day,           the charities we manage here at cchs.

                                                                                                                            Our LCC HS i November 2009 i 9
Children's Services

Nursing strategy update;
our responsibility –
every person matters
following on from the successful launch event                        Patient involvement & experience
on 29th June 09 at the marriott hotel, Leicester,                    Patient safety
the nursing strategy Project Team has been
                                                                     clinical Pathways
working hard behind the scenes in implementing
the nursing strategy to create a workforce fit for                   staff Wellbeing
the future challenges.                                               innovation
   Development work is underway on the nursing                       Talent management
strategy – a simple, strong and effective take on
how community nursing will transform to meet
the changes in healthcare delivery.                               to build a responsive community healthcare
   Quality, Productivity, Leadership and                          service for our patients.
communication are the key principles which will                      staff who signed up to the work streams
be at the centre of everything, together with                     at the event will be notified on the next             everynursematters@leicestercity.nhs.uk
a focus on the seven key themes of:                               wave shortly.

                                                                        £97K BOOSt FOR
                                                                        A grant of £97,000 has been                        first time mothers. This money ensures that
                                                                                                                           we can continue to provide the highest
                                                                        awarded to help LCCHS and other
                                                                                                                           quality of care.
                                                                        local health services provide
                                                                        breastfeeding support for mothers
                                                                        in Leicester. It is estimated that this
                                                                        will achieve an increase of around
                                                                        7% in the amount of women
    Happy 25th Anniversary: CCHS staff join in the celebrations
                                                                        continuing to breastfeed at six to                   There are not only long-term
                                                                        eight weeks within the city.                         benefits for the child, but
   a celebration of 25 years
                                                                        The grant was secured through a joint bid            breastfeeding also has many
   of children and young                                                from Lcchs, nhs Leicester city, university
                                                                                                                             benefits for the mother.
   people’s nursing                                                     hospitals of Leicester nhs Trust and
                                                                                                                             It can strengthen bones,
                                                                        Leicester city council. it will be used to
   children’s community health services                                 provide specialist training for staff, who
                                                                                                                             lower the risk of developing
   nursing Teams joined in the rcn national                             provide breastfeeding support to mothers
   collaborative event celebrating 25 years                             throughout pregnancy and into the first few          ovarian and breast cancer
   of children and young people’s nursing.                              months of motherhood.
                                                                                                                             and is even proven to help
    as part of the celebrations, all cchs                               cath Pritchard, consultant in public health
   children nursing staff across Leicester,
                                                                                                                             mums get their pre-pregnancy
                                                                        for nhs Leicester city, said: “it’s fantastic
   Leicestershire & rutland were presented                              that health services in Leicester have been          figure back.
   with commemorative silver pens and cake                              awarded such a generous sum of money.
   at team meetings. Posters were also                                  breastfeeding support from healthcare
   displayed across all localities.                                     professionals is important, particularly for

10 i Our LCC HS i November 2009

Kerrie pedals in pink for
breast cancer research
                           Lcchs assistant Training &      wellbeing, and we used the Pedal in Pink event
                           education manager Kerrie        as short term goal.
                           heath has celebrated a              “my target time was four hours and to complete
                           miraculous recovery by          it in a dramatically shorter time is fantastic.
                           completing a charity            Knowing i was doing it for such a good cause
cycling marathon – and becoming a poster girl.             really helped power me on.”
   Kerrie suffered a near-fatal brain haemorrhage              Kerrie has also had a taste of fame while
last year and was told by doctors that she may             training. The charity recognised that she was a real
never walk again. but on sunday 25 october she             success story and, inspired by her history and her
cycled 26.2 miles in just 2hrs 20 for the breast           determination, made her a focus of their
cancer campaign’s Pedal it Pink event at                   promotional campaign.
nottingham’s national Water sports centre.                     initially, Kerrie set a fundraising target of £250,
   says Kerrie: “i had a subarachnoid brain                but now she’s hoping to double that. you can help
haemorrhage in June 2008 that left me in a wheelchair      by visiting www.justgiving.com/kerrieheath and
– but i was determined not to stay that way.”              donating what you can. The money raised will help
   after the haemorrhage, Kerrie had a personal            breast cancer campaign’s mission to beat breast
trainer to help her regain her strength. she               cancer by funding innovative world-class breast
explains: “he worked out a bespoke training                cancer research.
programme to develop my overall fitness and

Help Julie
Fight Breast
Our very own Calendar Girl, district nurse Julie Jelley,
has launched a fund-raising campaign to help local
women affected by breast cancer – and she’s even
enlisted the support of Gordon Brown.
Julie was diagnosed with the disease after
a routine mammogram in february and has
been undergoing a course of chemotherapy
and radiotherapy.
   she says: “i spent many hours waiting for
treatment, due to the large number of patients.
you feel extremely isolated, despite the fact you
know everyone around you is going through the              Gordon Brown signs Julie’s Crazy Bras calendar. Calendars signed at the reception by Gordon and Sarah Brown and celebrities like
same thing. so i decided to do something about it.”        Gerri Halliwell, Lorraine Chase and Cherie Booth are available for sale – contact Julie via www.crazybras.co.uk for details.
   under the name of crazy bras, Julie organised
a ‘calendar Girls’ style calendar featuring 12                Julie wrote to Gordon brown to ask him to                         their inspiration or their research or their
Leicestershire nurses, including herself, who              endorse the calendar. To her surprise and delight,                   fundraising or their general support for people
have all been affected by breast cancer.                   he invited her to join cancer charity                                done something to beat cancer. i think we are
   The money raised will go towards improving the          representatives, celebrity patrons and other people                  all here for a common purpose; that by working
chemotherapy suite at Leicester royal infirmary            affected by the disease at number 10 reception                       together we can be the generation that beats
and the breast unit at Glenfield hospital. it will also    to mark breast cancer awareness month.                               cancer.”
pay for treats to cheer up breast cancer sufferers,           speaking at the reception, Gordon brown said:                        you can buy Julie’s calendar and join the
such as spa treatments, makeover days and                  “everybody who is here has done something                            fight against breast cancer on her website:
vouchers to buy outfits.                                   amazing. everybody who is here has either by                         www.crazybras.co.uk

                                                                                                                                                     Our LCC HS i November 2009 i 11

LCCHS held two Open Evenings
this autumn, giving patients and
the public the chance to come
along and find out more about their
local community health services.
   The events included exhibitions of our adults
and children’s services and offered quick health
checks such as blood pressure and bmi. visitors
heard presentations on our progress and
achievements from Paul miller and chair Patricia
mansfield, and were told about actual experiences
of our services by patients.
   for the first time this year, we held open
evenings in different parts of Leicester so that
we could reach a wider cross-section of our
community. The first event was held at fullhurst
community college in braunstone and the second
at The highfields centre.
                                                                              A patient tells the audience about her experience at Clarendon Mews.

SystmOne                                                                                                                                  SystmOne Launches Wave
                                                                                                                                          One Training

ready for lift off                                                                                                                        The systmone Project Team has a mammoth task of
                                                                                                                                          deploying systmone across children’s community services.
                                                                                                                                          This will affect around 600 staff working in different
                                                                                                                                          locations. as this project is so large, it has been split
The SystmOne Project team had an absolute blast at the                                                                                    into four waves:

National Space Centre Launch for SystmOne and Child
Health Services on Monday 28th September.
We had around 300 delegates from across Leicester                            As part of wave 1, all Health
city and Leicestershire county & rutland child health                        Visiting, Specialist Health Visitors,
Teams who were invited to take part in a number of                           Looked after children and Children
activities and presentations throughout the day.                             Protection teams should now be
    We really hope that the event gave people an                             booked on to one of the following
insight into what systmone is all about and what                             training dates:
benefits the teams (and patients) will expect to find                        Gwendolen House
as we deploy systmone over the next year.
                                                                             nov 09 dates:
    We were really lucky to have speakers such as
                                                                             2nd, 4th, 9th, 11th, 16th,
ros moore, Director of nursing for nhs connecting
                                                                             18th, 23rd, 25th & 30th
for health, and andrew Kirwin, associate Director of
nPfiT, giving some fantastic presentations about the                         Dec 09 dates:
national and local perspectives of systmone.                                 2nd & 7th
    Looking at the feedback forms we have received,                          Charnwood Mill:
it seems most people really enjoyed the motivational                         nov 09 dates:
speaker and we hope the messages he delivered will                           3rd, 5th, 10th, 12th, 17th,
stay with people for a long time.                                            19th, 24th & 26th
if you are Wave 1 and not yet booked your training                           Dec 09 dates:
please call: 0116 225 3928 or email:                                         1st, 3rd & 8th
S1@Leicestercity.nhs.uk to book a place.
                                                                                                                                       SystmOne lifts off at the National Space Centre

     Leicester City Community Health Service (a part of NHS Leicester City), Bridge Park Plaza, Bridge Park Road, Thurmaston, Leicester, LE4 8PQ. Tel: 0116 225 2525. Fax: 0116 225 5449. Email: lcchsinfo@leicestercity.nhs.uk

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