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									The Love Guru DVD Scores More Than Enough Guffaws Than Stinkers to Be
Called a Winner

<p>We just lately purchased a copy of The Love Guru DVD and I have to
admit it's groovier than I anticipated it to be. The idea behind the film
is a Guru named Pitka is an American brought up outside of the United
States and returns to launch his personal self-help business. His initial
challenge is to settle the romantic troubles of a superstar hockey
player, which is also causing him similar troubles on the ice as
well.</p><p>The Love Guru DVD, stars the forever funny Mike Myers, who
also wrote the screenplay. It also stars the beautiful Jessica Alba and
every bit as macho Justin Timberlake and of course Ben Kingsley. While
making thirty two million at the box office is nothing to sniff at, for
Myers this represents a failure. As an actor he has reveled in grand
success and has watched his pictures just pop at the box office, but this
film had so much negative buzz from the very beginning, it's not hard to
consider why it disappointed in the ability to sell tickets.</p><p>Myers'
shtick may not be for everyone, but I know I laughed. Searching around,
however, I witnessed that my fellow motion-picture fans were enjoying
themselves as much as well attending an actual hockey game. But, Mike
Myers is so alive, good-natured and clearly having a great time being a
goofball that it's almost infeasible not to be won over.</p><p>All The
Same, below the camouflage there lurks the disembodied spirit of Austin
Powers, whose passion of double entendres and fart jokes remains present
and politically incorrect. Which is just where and why The Love Guru
fails. Most jokes are concentrated around either genitalia or that Austin
Powers-style of wink-nudge artificial sexuality, which doesn't work at
all with this character.</p><p>Although a bit uneven, The Love Guru
scores more than enough guffaws than stinkers, though parents should take
the PG-13 grading in earnest. It is though vintage Myers, with an
abnormal, broadly played character borrowed from Peter Sellers, silly
makeup, bad puns, innuendo, the occasional pause for song and dance and
Myers' continuing fixation with little people.</p><p>Elizabeth Traineroni
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