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                                           Schoo of Med c ne                               Senior Vice
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                                                                                          President &
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                                              Ju y 15, 2007, Vo u me 3, Is sue 4
                                              Jullly 15,, 2007,, Volllume 3,, IIssue 4
                                              Ju y 15 2007 Vo ume 3 ssue 4                  Medicine

 HSF General Endowment                UAB/SOM Curriculum for the 21st Century
   Fund Applications                      After 24 months of planning and an intensive seven months of implementation,            directed by Roger Berkow, Associate Dean for Undergraduate Medical Education,
 Applications due August 24 to        the UAB/SOM Curriculum for the 21 Century is ready for implementation. On July
   FOT 12 floor by 4:00 pm            25, 176 first year medical students will begin orientation to life as a medical student
                                      and on July 30 they will begin the Patient, Doctor and Society (PDS) module. Alice
Annual Extramural Awards              Goepfert has recruited large and small-group lecturers and presenters who have
     Over $350,000                    participated in training sessions to prepare them for a new way of student learning.
     1/1/07-6/30/07                   Laura Cotlin and Nat Robin are ready to follow PDS with Fundamentals 1, and then
                                      Peter Anderson and Ken Waites will present Fundamentals 2. Faculty development
                                      has been an important component of the process, and all presenters are being
Tim Townes - “Erythroid Krupple-
Like Factor Defined in TAP -
                                      trained in the use of audience-response technology, small group facilitation, and
Tagged Knockin Mice”                  methods to engage the students in active learning. The organ-based modules will
Medicine                              begin in January 2008. Basic module outlines have been developed and planning
Raymond Benza - “An Open-             committees are well underway developing the module content which will place the
Label, Multi-Center Study             core basic science information in a clinical context. By meeting frequently, module
Employing a Targeted 6-MWT            directors will more completely integrate information between modules and organ
Distance Threshold Approach to        systems in a demonstration of how physicians in practice must think about problems
Guide Bosentan-Based Therapy          which often do not easily fit into a single organ system.
and to Assess the Utility of MRI on       Themes of ethics and humanities in medicine, cultural diversity, women’s health
Cardiac Remodeling (COMPASS-          palliative care, geriatrics, evidence based medicine, and rural medicine are woven
                                      into each module and presented as one week “Special Topics” programs. Students
Joseph Bloomer - “Comparison of
                                      will continue to be exposed to patients from week 1 of medical school to develop
PEG-Intron 1.5 g/kg/wk Plus
REBETOL vs PEG-Intron                 communication skills, effective patient relationships, professional behavior, and
1.g/kg/wk Plus REBETOL vs             examination skills through the “Introduction to Clinical Medicine” program directed by
PEGASYS 180g/wk Plus                  Stanford Massie.
COPEGUS in Previously                     To develop student skills in analytical thinking and decision making, students will
Untreated Adult Subjects with         participate in the “Vocabulary of Clinical Research” during the fall semester followed
Chronic Hepatitis C Infected with     by introduction to a variety of “Focus Areas” for scholarly activity. This program,
Genotype 1”                           which is directed by Peter Smith, will culminate in each student designing a 12-week
Qiang Ding - “The Role of FAK-        scholarly activity, which is required for graduation.
Related-Non-Kinase (FRNK) in              Curricular change and innovation is not limited to the pre-clerkship curriculum.
Lung Fibrosis”
                                      Committees have been working to evaluate the structure of the core clerkships,
Michael B. Fallon - “Efficacy and
                                      acting internships and elective programs with the intention of producing more
Safety of Daily Infergen/Ribavirin
in Patients with Chronic Hepatitis    flexibility for the student and to introduce “residency preparation” and “return to basic
C Virus Genotype 1 Infection who      science/teaching” rotations. More information of these recommendations will be
were Partial Responders after         forthcoming over the next six months.
Peginterferon alfa/Ribavirin              To help understand how curricular change impacts student learning, an extensive
Therapy”                              program of assessment and evaluation is under development with the help of Tom
Raymond Ideker - “Mechanisms of       Houston. Evaluation of lectures, small group sessions, and modules will routinely be
Long Duration Fibrillation,           collected and reviewed with the aim of continuous quality improvement. Frequent
Defibrillation, and Refibrillation”   focus groups with students and faculty will help us identify strengths and weaknesses
Chander Raman - “CD5                  and allow changes when necessary.
Regulation of T-cell Pathogenesis                                                 st
                                          The UAB/SOM “Curriculum for the 21 Century” will be in evolution for the next
in EAE”
                                      several years. Much training and work still lies ahead. There is room for all faculty to
Michael S. Saag - “Alabama -
Clinical Trials Unit”
                                      be involved as small group preceptors, preceptors for “Introduction to Clinical
Theresa Strong - “Genetic
                                      Medicine”, Scholarly activity mentors, “Special Topics” developers, and clinical
Instability in Breast Cancer          preceptors. Contact the Curriculum Program Manager Johnita Dobbs, MA Ed
Development: Role of Sp17”            ( to indicate interest in any area.
David Warnock - “Multi-Center,
Open-Label Study of the Study
and Efficacy of Control of
Proteinuria with ACE Inhibitors       Search Update
and ARBS in Patients with Fabry
Disease who are Receiving
                                          As you all know, we have completed the search for director of the
Fabrazyme: The                        Comprehensive Cancer Center. Ed Partridge has graciously agreed to assume this
Fabrazyme+Arbs+ACE Inhibitores        leadership position. Many thanks to David Chaplin and the search committee for
Treatments (FAACET) Study”            their hard work and dedication in identifying candidates for the position.
Microbiology                              The Pathology Chair Search Committee expects to complete first round
David Chaplin - “Purchase and         candidate interviews by the end of July. Emergency Medicine chair candidate
Installation of a 700 MHz NMR         interviews are underway and the Radiology Chair Search Committee has referred
Spectrometer”                         the top candidates to my office to begin negotiations. A search to replace Robert
Mark Walter - “Structure Studies      Diasio as chair of the department of Pharmacology & Toxicology will soon begin
on Proteins that Modulate IL-10       after committee members are recruited. Bob left the university last year to serve as
Action”                               director of the Mayo Clinic Cancer Center.
Ronald Alvarez - “A Phase I,
Open-Label, Dose Escalation
Study of the Safety and                   Recipients of the Protective Life Clinical Initiatives (PLCI) funding were recently
Preliminary Efficacy of EGEN 001      announced. Nancy Tofil is principal investigator of the “High-Fidelity Pediatric
in Combination with Carboplatin       Simulation Center Development” project that will focus on allowing trainees to
and Docetaxel in Women with           become proficient at pediatric techniques and procedures without placing patients at
Recurrent, Platinum-Sensitive,        risk. These funds will allow for the development of a pediatric simulation laboratory
Eptithelial Ovarian Cancer”           that will be equipped with video monitoring systems and simulators that vary from
Jeffrey Stringer - “Centre for        newborns to adolescents to accurately simulate all pediatric patients. Fernando
Infectious Disease Research in        Ovalle is the principal investigator of the “Multidisciplinary Comprehensive Diabetes
Zambia HIV/AIDS Clinical Trials       Clinic”, which will be housed on the first floor of The Kirklin Clinic. This new clinic will
                                      partner closely with the Comprehensive Diabetes Center and will serve as the “front
Jeffrey Stringer - “Help Expand
Antiretroviral Therapy for Children
                                      door” for diabetes care at UAB. Clinic operations are expected to begin in the fall and
and Families (HEART)”                 will be organized around a team of physicians consisting of adult and pediatric
Pathology                             endocrinologists, ophthalmologists, orthopedic surgeons/podiatrists, diabetes
Victor Darley-Usmar -                 educators and social workers. The team will meet for five ½ day sessions per week
“Development of Mitochondrially       and expects to see approximately 3000 patients per year.
Targeted Antioxidants for Diabetic        Mark Mandabach is the recipient of the 2007 Calverley Fellowship from the
Therapy”                              American Society of Anesthesiologists for his project “The History of Anesthesia in
Ken B. Waites - “Molecular            Alabama.” Mark will spend time assessing the history of UAB’s department of
Epidemiology, Virulence, and          Anesthesiology in preparation for the department’s 60 anniversary next year.
Genomic Characterization of               Clintoria Richards-Williams is one of two recipients of the 2007 Minority
Ureaplasmas”                          Outreach Fellowship awarded by the American Physiological Society. Clintoria is a
Pharmacology                          doctoral candidate in the department of Physiology & Biophysics and the focus of her
Stephen Barnes - "Tissue &            research is investigating ATP and zinc modulation of insulin secretion in diabetes.
Biological Fluid Metabolic-
                                      During her fellowship she will spend time educating K-12 students with the hope of
Peptidomics by Ultra-High-
Performance"                          attracting minority students to the biomedical sciences.
Surgery                                    Three of our faculty members have been named to endowed chairs:
Irshad Chaudry - " Immunological      John Corbett has been appointed to the Nancy R. and Eugene C. Gwaltney Family
Aspects of Hemorrhage"                Endowed Chair in Juvenile Diabetes Research; William Jordan was appointed to the
David B. Joseph - "An Open-Label      Holt A. McDowell, Jr., MD, Endowed Chair in Vascular Surgery and Douglas Tilt was
Multicenter Study of Augmentation     Eleanor E. Kidd Endowed Chair in Primary Care Medicine.
Cystoplasty Using an Autologous           Congratulations to you all!
Neo-Bladder Construct in Subjects
with Spina Bifida"

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