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									Golf Putting Tips - Better Ball Position to Putt Better

<p>I believe that every golfer wants to know how to putt better...even
the pros, because being able to putt better means lower scores, and
ultimately, more fun on the course!</p><p>But putting better is easier
said than done! When was the last time that you can say that you played
18 holes without putting a single 3-putt? Probably can't say that, can
you?</p><p>But I have found a tip that can help you learn how to putt
better, with greater precision, as it has helped me for God knows how
long!</p><p>One reason why your putting may be inconsistent and
unreliable may have to do with your set-up and ball position prior to
putting.</p><p>Now which club do you think that you can putt better
with...a wedge or a putter? A putter, duh! Well that's because the putter
has the least loft of any club in your bag, most having around 4 degrees
of loft. Therefore, you should be trying to eliminate or lessen the loft
on your putts. And how can you do this and how will this will help you
putt better?</p><p>Try to place the ball towards the front of your stance
with your hands and grip not leaning behind the putter clubhead. This
will give you more consistent roll.</p><p>So what should you remember to
do next time that you are practicing your putting?</p><p><b>1)</b> Hands
and grip not behind the head of the putter.</p><p><b>2)</b> Smooth and
"nice-n-easy" stroke no matter the distance of the putt.</p><p><b>3)</b>
Hold the follow through of your putter.</p><p>Learning how to putt better
isn't that difficult now is it?</p><p>It seems that I have searched the
world trying to learn <a target="_new" href="
better">how to putt better</a>. There were so many drills, putters, and
"miracle" training aids promising me that if I bought their product then
I would never 3 putt again.</p><p>I could hit great drives and alright
approach shots, but I would butcher my scorecard on the putting green -
even making it off with a 3 putt being lucky. I just wanted to learn how
to putt better once and for all, because I knew that being able to <a
target="_new" href="">make more
putts</a> was the only way to lower my scores and handicap.</p>

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