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					Today's Golf Schools Bring In The Elements Of Instruction And Fitness

<p>What comes to mind when you think of golf lessons through a golf
school? Do you imagine hours of instruction on the range and putting
green? Maybe the school teaching professionals will review the
fundamentals and even include a playing lesson. While each of these
elements has an important role in improvement of your golf swing, do you
have any idea what might be missing? Today’s golf schools incorporate
much more than a teaching lesson and round of golf. Today’s schools
incorporate fitness as an integral part of the golf experience.</p><p>Why
has fitness become a part of golf instruction? Golf professionals
understand that fitness plays a critical role in word class golf. Fitness
has a long list of benefits that aid beginning through advanced golfers.
So it only makes sense to combine it with golf instruction for a more
satisfying learning experience.</p><p>As you consider your various
options for a golf school, be sure to check each one out thoroughly. The
more innovative golf schools will have a fitness center and golf fitness
specialist you can work with. Typically, a full physical assessment is
performed by a qualified fitness instructor. Through various physical
tests and assessments they can determine your strength, flexibility,
endurance levels and nutritional needs for golf. This information is then
shared with the instructor for the benefit of the golfer. Experienced
golf professionals can also link faults in your golf game to areas for
improvement in your fitness level. This helps to direct their instruction
and personalize it to your game.</p><p>Competitive golf today has deemed
fitness as a necessity. Golf schools have followed this lead and provide
students with the fitness and golf instruction tools necessary to improve
their game. Golf schools have become more robust and the benefits are
yours for the taking.</p><p>Susan Hill is a nationally recognized fitness
trainer, CHEK golf biomechanic and sports nutrition specialist. For more
information on golf specific nutrition, exercises or stretches, visit <a