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									101 Ways to Use a Rash Guard

<p><b>Rashguards</b> are gaining in popularity, becoming commonplace
pieces of apparel and equipment for a wide range of people. From mma
fighters, to surfers and swimmers, to the typical family on vacation in
the tropics, all are wearing rash guard shirts. A rash guard with
comfort, style, and protection helps both athletes and families look and
perform their best, whether their activities are recreational or extreme.
The paragraphs below talk about the many different uses for rash
guards.</p><p>Martial arts enthusiasts are one group of people who rely
on rash guards for skin protection. In this community, rashguards are
commonly referred to as <b>under armor shirts</b>. A bothersome rash can
easily develop when there is constant skin to skin contact, as there is
in grappling. This may pose as a major distraction hindering a fighter's
performance. Wearing a rash guard as <b>MMA Fight Gear</b> protects these
athletes and allows them to concentrate and perform at their maximum
skill level.</p><p>A wide range of water sports enthusiasts also rely on
rash guards as a vital piece of equipment. Serving the dual purposes of
rash prevention and UV sun protection, these shirts are an absolute
necessity. Surfers require rash guards as surf shirts to prevent under
arm rashes that form when paddling, as well as to keep their skin covered
from the sun. A rash guard will not wash off like sunscreen. In addition
to surfers, rashguard shirts are used by swimmers, waterskiiers,
windsurfers, bodyboarders, kitesurfers, divers, and the list goes
on.</p><p>Finally, families are ever increasingly making rash guards a
staple of their beach and vacation gear. With the sun becoming stronger
and more harmful to the skin each year, parents and their kids are
covering up their bodies for good reason. Rash guard <a target="_new"
rel="nofollow" href="">swim shirts</a> are a
great and economical way to keep a family covered up from the sun with a
UPF factor of 50+ and and SPF of 150+. These comfortable and stylish tops
are something families can depend on for sun protection.</p><p>As you can
see, there are definitely well more than 101 ways to use a rash guard.
With the increase in internet and online shopping recently, finding a
rash guard to purchase is now easier than ever before. Rash guard shirts
are available at many online stores such as and</p><p>Justin Laubscher is co-owner of <a
target="_new" href="">The Beach Depot</a>, and <a
target="_new" href="">My Cloth Diaper
Baby</a> an excellent ecommerce and sun protection resource website.</p>

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