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     Forum:        Dear HLA Pro Bono Legal Network Members,
Brown Bag Luncheon
      Series       Happy New Year!

    Judith Kurland               Please consider taking on a pro bono referral today.
Chief of Staff to Boston Mayor
   Thomas Menino; Former         Also, please see the schedule of our upcoming Brown Bag
 Regional Director of the U.S.   Lunches. We have some terrific guests joining us!
   Department of Health &
  Human Services discusses:
 Bait and Switch: Medicare       If you wish to accept or discuss a specific case you may reply
  Part D and Other Scams         to this email or call Matt Selig at 617-338-5241 x2986.

                                       * Cases Available for Referral *
                                 We have 2 cases available for referral today.

                                 E.M. -- E.M., a 7 year old Worcester girl, and her family owe
                                 $1,300 for 8 of E.M.'s visits to a therapist a year ago. E.M.'s
                                 family asserts the therapist's agency improperly assigned
   Wednesday, January 16         E.M. to a therpist that did not accept payment from E.M.'s
     12:00pm - 1:30pm            private health plan. E.M.'s family needs an attorney to
   30 Winter Street, Flr 9,
                                 resolve the billing dispute by gaining them insurance
          Boston                 coverage for E.M.'s past therapist visits or gaining a waiver
                                 of their debt.

      *Please RSVP to:
                         C.M. -- C.M., a 27 year old Athol man, has over $36,000 in or (617)
      338-5241 x2980     medical debt arising from treatment for injuries from an auto
                         accident. C.M.'s auto insurance benefits were
                         exhausted before he completed his extensive recovery.
________________________ C.M.'s health plan became effective the day after the
                         accident. The health plan denied coverage of his treatment as
  Upcoming Brown Bag             care for a pre-existing condition. C.M. needs an attorney
       Lunches                   to negotiate with his medical providers and eliminate his

                                                 * Special Thanks *
     Hon. Margot
      Associate Justice
                                 Thank you to Jim Jacobson of Holland & Knight, LLP for
                                 accepting the case of N.P. a non-profit agency
   Supreme Judicial Court
                                 providing health services for ex-offenders after leaving
                                 correctional facilities. N.P. needs an attorney to assist them
 Date, Location & Topic TBA      with reapplying to become eligible for Office of Medicaid
       February 2008             reimbursements.

                             Thank you to Attorney Rachel Ziegler for accpeting the
                             case of D.I. a 27 year old Boston graduate student needing
 Patricia McGovern breast reduction surgery. Her student health plan has denied
General Counsel and Senior coverage even though her doctor has determined the surgery
Vice President for Corporate is medically necessary. D.I. needs an attorney to represent
and Community Affairs, Beth her in her appeal with her student health plan.
  Israel Deaconess Medical
  Center and former Mass.
        State Senator

   Topic: To be announced        Legal Network Members,
     Thursday, March 20          Thank you very much for participating in HLA's Pro
                                 Bono Legal Network. We are grateful for the services you
        12:00 - 1:30
                                 provide to clients referred by HLA. Do not hesitate to
  30 Winter Street, Flr. 9th     contact me with any thoughts about HLA or the Legal
           Boston                Network.
  The Brown Bag Luncheon
                                 - Matt
 Series features distinguished
speakers discussing hot topics
  in health law and policy.

   These events are free of
  charge. Please extend this
 invitation to colleagues and
    associates. Mark your                                                             Matt Selig
   calendars for upcoming                              HLA Staff Attorney/Legal Network Manager
     Lawyers of the                           The HLA Legal Network Update is sent to attorneys on
        Month                                      the first and third Monday of each month.

                                              Please Contact Matt Selig with any questions at or
                                                                     617-338-5241 x2986.

     For the past year and a half, the
attorneys of Proskauer Rose LLP have                
       provided truly extraodinary
contributions to HLA's Pro Bono Legal
 Network. The firm's participation in
the Pro Bono Legal Network has been
   spearheaded by Senior Counsel
   Scott Harshbarger and Partner
      Mark Batten. In the past 18
     months, seven Proskauer Rose
  attorneys have represented seven
 low-income clients referred by HLA.
The cases have included some of our
most challening and complex cases in
 the past few years. Attorney Colin
      Sullivan represented B.K., a
  Norwood man with over $70,000 in
  uncovered medical bills from out of
   state providers after a motorcycle
      accident. Attorney Sullivan
   negotiated the full forgiveness of
B.K.'s medical debt. Attorney Greg
   Sieczkiewicz represented Health
            Care For All on an
amicus brief in federal court litigation
   involving the right of a non-profit
   medical research firm to publish a
    consumer price guide of medical
     equipment. The case ultimately
  settled. Attorneys John Pint and
    Camille Higonnet are currenlty
  representing O.C. and her daughter
   who are being denied eligibility for
   enrollment in a private health plan
          because O.C. will not
affirm a domestic partnership with her
    daughter's father. O.C. and her
         daughter are also being
  denied enrollment in a government
    subsidized plan because of their
potential eligibility for the private plan.
  Proskauer Rose attorneys Matt Jill,
  Kim Mottley and Martha Wilson-
  Byrne have also been active in the
 Legal Network. Scott Harshbarger
also was the featured speaker at HLA's
 well-attended November Brown Bag
        Lunch where he spoke on
  The Brave New World of Non-Profit
    Governance: Legal and Ethical

    Thank you to the attorneys of
     Proskauer Rose LLP for their
  outstanding work on behalf of low-
   income clients referred by HLA!


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