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									Dept of Plastic, Reconstructive & Aesthetic Surgery

 Head of Department
 A/Prof Colin Song, Senior Consultant

 Teaching Faculty
 Dr Tan Bien Keem
 Senior Consultant

 Dr Ong Yee Siang
 Associate Consultant
                                                                    CME Points
                                                                Application for CME points                Updates in
 Dr Ng Siew Weng
                                                                      is in progress.                   Plastic and
 Our Services                                                                                            Surgery
 Aesthetic Surgery           Congenital Abnormalities
 - Eyelid Surgery            - Cleft Lip & Palate                                                      Saturday, 19 September 09
 - Nasal Surgery               Correction                                                                  1.00pm to 3.45pm
 - Facelift                  - Craniofacial Deformities                                                  Postgraduate Medical Institute
                               Correction                                                                 Singapore General Hospital
 - Breast Enhancement
   (augmentation,                                                                                               Block 6 Level 1
   reduction, breast lift)                                  Please note:
                             - Orthognathic (Jaw) Surgery
 - Tummy Tuck                                               Complimentary car park is available
                             - Deformities                  for confirmed participants only, at Blk
 - Liposuction                                                                                                  Organised by:
                             - Facial Trauma Management     3 Basement 2, SGH.
 - Lasers, IPL,                                                                                                        Department of Plastic,
   Chemical Peels
                             Reconstruction                                                                            Reconstructive &
 Burns                                                                                                                 Aesthetic Surgery
                             - Skin Cancers
 - Acute Burn Care           - Head and Neck Cancer
 - Post Burn Care &
                             - Breast Cancer                     Organising Secretariat
                             - Lower Limb Trauma
 - Scar Management
                             - Trunk and Chest Wall
                             - Peripheral Nerves
                                                                                                                  Updates in
                           Updates in                      19 September 09                                        Plastic and
                           Plastic and                           (Saturday)                                       Reconstructive
                           Surgery                                                             REGISTRATION REPLY SLIP
                                                                                         This reply slip should reach us by 16 September 09. As
                                                                                        places are limited, we strongly encourage participants to

Welcome Address                          Time     Programme                                                   register early.
                                                                                                          Please sendMedicalto:
                                                                                                 SGH Postgraduate the slip Institute
                                                                                                     Singapore General Hospital
                                         1.00pm   Lunch & Registration                              Block 6 Level 1, Outram Road
The    Department    of    Plastic,                                                                       Singapore 169608
Reconstructive & Aesthetic Surgery
warmly invites you to our GP CME         1.45pm   Welcome Message                                Fax: 6223 9789 / Email:
                                                                                  Please register the following name(s) for the programme:
                                                  Management of Chronic and
This year besides updating you on        1.55pm   Diabetic Wounds                 1st Name : _______________________________________
Management of Chronic and Diabetic                by Dr Ong Yee Siang             MCR No. : _______________________________________
wounds, Electrical and Chemical
                                                                                  Clinic      : _______________________________________
Burns, we will also have a hands-on
session on Basic Suturing Techniques                                              Address     : _______________________________________

and Dressings.                                    Electrical and Chemical Burns                _______________________________________
                                                  by Dr Ng Siew Weng              Tel         : ___________________Fax : ________________
We hope that this will be useful to                                               Email       : _______________________________________
you in your daily practice and we look
forward to seeing you on 19 Sep 2009.             Basic Suturing Techniques       2nd Name : _______________________________________
                                                  by Dr Tan Bien Keem             MCR No. : _______________________________________
                                                                                  Clinic      : _______________________________________
Dr Ong Yee Siang                                                                  Address     : _______________________________________
                                                  Hands–on Session for
Organising Chairman                      2.45pm                                                _______________________________________
                                                  Suturing and Dressings
Associate Consultant                                                              Tel         : ___________________Fax : ________________
Dept of Plastic, Reconstructive                                                   Email       : _______________________________________
& Aesthetic Surgery                      3.25pm   Tea Break

                                                                                  PLEASE NOTE:
                                         3.45pm   End
                                                                                  Pre-registration for this CME is REQUIRED. However,
                                                                                  unless otherwise notified, all registrations received will be
                                                                                  deemed as confirmed.

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