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					Florida State Seminoles College Football Tickets

<p>While the Florida State Seminoles college football team was officially
established in 1947, the tradition of football in the Florida State
University (FSU) began much earlier when a football team was set up in
Florida State College, the precursor of the FSU until it was disbanded in
1905 when the college became an all-girls school. Despite the 42-year
hiatus in collegiate football, FSU's passion for the sport has not
diminished throughout that time. This enthusiasm has been reflected in
the team's performance as one of the top teams in the Atlantic Coast
Conference. (ACC)</p><p>Named after the Florida-based American Indian
tribe, the Seminoles have been playing at the Bobby Bowden Field at Doak
Campbell Stadium, located at the FSU campus in Tallahassee, Florida.
Nicknamed "The Doak," the stadium was named after former FSU president
Doak Campbell. The stadium field was named after Bobby Bowden, longtime
(and current) coach of the Seminoles who is legendary in his own right as
he steered the team to a number of memorable victories throughout his 32-
year career. It is also interesting to note that this stadium is also the
largest among all the football stadiums used by the ACC member
schools.</p><p>Important Moments And Accomplishments</p><p>Over the
years, the Florida State Seminoles has garnered an impressive number of
championships, making it one of the most formidable collegiate football
teams in the ACC. To date, it has won 2 national championships in 1993
and 1999. It also won 15 conference titles, 12 of which under the current
ACC since it became a member in 1991. The team made a record of 36 bowl
appearances in the post-season, the latest being the Music City Bowl in
2007. Of these appearances, the Seminoles won 20 of these games, the
latest was the victory in 2006's Emerald Bowl over UCLA.</p><p>Many
former Florida State Seminoles have also made their mark in the
professional level in the National Football League. (NFL) In addition,
many of the team's players have made it in the prestigious College All-
American Football team.</p><p>Quarterbacks in the Current
Roster</p><p>Currently, the team's quarterbacks are composed of E.J.
Manuel, Christian Ponder, D'Vontrey Richardson, Drew Weatherford, Randy
Gilbert, and Andrew Nowels.</p><p>Recent News</p><p>Now on his 32nd year
as coach of the Florida State Seminoles, Coach Bobby Bowden and the rest
of the team is looking forward for another championship season for the
team. So far things are looking pretty good for the Seminoles; they are
currently holding 6 wins and only 2 losses in the current ACC football
standings for the 2008 football season. The team is looking forward to
another championship appearance and a victory along with it. The fans of
the Seminoles are looking forward for a possible another feather in the
football cap for this Florida State football team. Expectations are high
so it would come as no surprise that even a venue as large as the
Campbell Stadium would be filled with crowds wanting to witness unfold
for their team once more.</p><p>Author Signature: When you need tickets
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