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									Football News - Saturday Evening Sports Paper

<p>There is one newspaper that football supporters look forward to
reading more than any other. Most towns and cities up and down the
country have a Saturday night sports paper. These newspapers are bang up
to date with all the latest news from the day's football action. They are
full of match reports and contain articles and coverage of all the local
football teams.</p><p>In terms of football news, the Saturday evening
sports paper has everything a football fan needs. It includes a full
rundown of all the football results, detailed match reports as well all
the latest league tables. The fixtures for the following weeks are also
included. If your team is enjoying a good run of form and results, it
will make enjoyable reading.</p><p>Many of these sports papers are
printed on coloured newspaper such as green or pink which makes them
easily identifiable. It is no surprise that because of their colour they
usually end up with names such as the Sports Pink or the Green Un. As
soon as these publications hit the streets you can see football fans
swarm around the street seller, kiosk or newsagent eager to get their
hands on a copy. In terms of sports related newspapers this is as fresh
and up to date as it gets.</p><p>For many supporters, it is all part of
attending a football match on a Saturday. The sports papers are usually
on sale around one hour after the games finish. Some people even refuse
to go home until they have a copy. Once they are armed with their soccer
news fix they will enjoy mulling over the events of the day and reading
expert football analysis in print.</p><p>In recent years some regional
newspapers have decided to scrap their Saturday night sports paper. This
was due to the growth of the internet and football news websites.
Newspapers also have their own websites which can publish everything
digitally instead of in print. Not everyone has access to the internet
and even those that do would prefer to read their sports paper in a
traditional printed format.</p><p>Despite the loss of some Saturday
evening sports papers, plenty of others are still going strong. For the
latest post match football news, reports and analysis they simply cannot
be beaten. These sports newspapers are traditional among followers of the
game who will not welcome their demise. Regardless of digital
alternatives the vast majority of football fans will always be keen to
keep their favourite sports paper.</p><p>The author contributes to the
English Football Blog website. This is a popular <a target="_new"
href="">Football Blog</a> that provides
soccer news and comment. It covers the premiership and the English
football scene in general. He has also worked on the Soccer Wealth
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Information is provided on a range of domestic, European and
international football matches.</p>

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