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					                                                           One of the defining experiences of my life.
                                                           I have released emotions from past                      The First Step to
                                                           experiences that have been negatively                   Transformation
                                                           affecting my health. I feel rejuvenated on a
                                                           deep mental, physical and emotional level.
                                                           My health, perspective on life and
                                                           relationships with others has greatly           ThetaHealing Courses in
                                                           improved.                                          Calgary, Alberta:
                                                           Pam B. / Utah

                                                           After being released from the hospital when    Basic DNA, Nov. 11th- 12th, 2009
   Medical Intuitive Healer, Spiritual Counselor,          the doctors had given up on my condition,      Advanced DNA, Nov. 13th- 15th, 2009
Emotional Release Therapist, Certified Theta Healing       sending me home to die, I heard about
     & Intuitive Anatomy Instructor and Author
                                                           Melinda and the healing work she does. The
                                                           first appointment she put my body back
Melinda Lee is a Certified Medical Intuitive Healer,
                                                           into balance and gave me my life back. I had
able to re pattern DNA and Core Beliefs using the
Theta Healing technique. She is a Practitioner /
                                                           been thirty pounds under weight for my
Teacher for Theta Healing DNA 1 & 2, DNA
                                                           height and within days of the healing I was
Advanced, and is one of the few Certified Intuitive        able to keep my food down and begin
Anatomy Instructors. She is a Life Counselor with over     gaining weight again. Through the healing,
20 years of counseling experience, an emotional            the emotional release work and the
release therapist, accurate intuitive healer, reader,      supplements, Melinda has guided me back
channeler, teacher, author and ordained non-               to my young self again.
denominational minister.                                   Allen S. / Utah
Having been intuitive all her life, and these traits
genetic in her family, she had an immense interest in      I was blessed profoundly by meeting
the metaphysical world. She has studied many forms         Melinda in San Francisco at a healing
of natural healing and energy work. Melinda teaches        conference. I had fibroid tumors
and certifies others who wish to learn how to connect      throughout my right breast and was
with the Creator to co-create and facilitate the healing   scheduled for surgery. After one healing
process. She experienced spontaneous healing of her
debilitating migraines and other health issues and
                                                           session I went back in for them to do tests
                                                           to see if I had cancer. They could find
                                                                                                            Facilitated by Melinda        Lee
since then has helped many others. Melinda has             nothing. My breast tissue was completely
                                                                                                             Medical Intuitive Healer, Spiritual
successfully worked with such medical challenges as        normal. I am off all of my depression           Counselor, Emotional Release Therapist,
genetic defects, hepatitis C, Epstein bar, herpes,         medication also and I have healed                 Certified Theta Healing & Intuitive
tumors, a variety of cancers, pain syndromes, kidney       emotionally from years of abuse.                    Anatomy Instructor and Author
stones, and other conditions too numerous to               Lori M. / California
mention. She can easily transfer her knowledge to
those of you who are ready to learn. Are you ready?
                                              Release any physical imbalances or              “Know your divineness”
                                               “dis-eases” in your body and feel                   -Vianna Stibal
                                               healthy, balanced and rejuvenated.
                                                                                        Theta healing works on the deepest part
Theta healing is the re-emergence of a        Identify core beliefs blocking you       of your subconscious to identify the
simple and effective ancient healing           from losing weight, making more          belief system you carry that are obstacles
technique that aligns and heals the            money, expanding your business,          which prevent you from becoming the
powerful triad of body, subconscious           and living the life you desire.          powerful light being that you are. Your
mind, and spirit. It opens a person to                                                  subconscious controls 80-85% of your
fully receive the gifts of the Universe,      Free yourself from past relationships    body! Through intuition and the applied
ultimately, helping us all to evolve our       and reclaim your body, mind and          techniques of kinesiology (muscle
DNA to aid in personal and planetary           spirit.                                  testing) knowledge about the body is
transformation and healing.                                                             accessed.
                                              Manifest a new soul mate.
“When we heal ourselves, we help heal                                                   The Healing Triad of Theta Healing
the world.” –Roger Jahnke                     Connect to your higher self and step     Together, the client, the facilitator, and
                                               into your complete power.                Source form a powerful healing triad.
This technique guides us to a deep healing                                              Source does the healing, the facilitator
state of consciousness, by accessing the      Deeply open to connect to Source,        does the loving, listening, and witnessing
Theta brain wave. In this state, one has       All That Is, the Divine.                 and the client assesses his or her free
direct access to the Creator of All That                                                will to make the desired changes in his
Is/God Consciousness: thus, making all        Connect with your Guardian Angels,       or her life.
things possible!                               Spirit Guides, or deceased loved
In this state you can:                         ones.                                    “The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the
                                                                                        rational mind is a faithful servant. We have
 Change subconscious limiting and            Facilitate Gene replacement to shift     created a society that honors the servant
  outdated beliefs for positive ones,          disease on an emotional, physical &      and has forgotten the gift.” –Albert
  on a core, genetic, history & soul           spiritual level.                         Einstein
                                              Activate all 12 DNA strands and                      Register online:
 Experience emotions you may never            reverse the aging process.      
  have experienced before, such as,                                                             OR call Melinda at (801)
  how it feels to be nurtured, to be          Heal bacteria, viruses, fungi, pain             898-2162 or (801) 224-6415,
  unconditionally loved & accepted, to         syndromes, allergies, genetic defects,             Fax: (801) 224-6415
  be joyful, worthy, abundant, etc.            bones, kidney stones, hepatitis C,
                                               herpes, tumors, cancers, balance the             This class is hosted by
 Rid yourself of your deepest fears &         brain chemicals to clear depression,      Dr. Andreea Cervatiuc, (403) 283-7513
  sorrows; feel safe, protected and            and learn to protect the body from        Website:
  free.                                                                                   E-mail:
                                               disease and much, much more!

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