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					Free Mexican Food

<p>People read these articles from all over the world, but I happen to be
in sunny California. California is famous for its surfing, beaches, sun,
outdoor rock concerts, and last but not least, it's wonderful Mexican
food. I get all of my Mexican food (and in fact most of my food) for free
and in this short article I will show you how you can get your favorite
food free also (not to mention a paycheck).</p><p>I get paid to shop , I
am a mystery shopper, also known as a secret shopper, shadow shopper. I
am a sub-contractor for over one hundred companies. I provide the service
of evaluating customer service, employee honesty, establishment
cleanliness, and in the case of restaurants the quality of the
food.</p><p>For these services I get free food and a paycheck. If you are
interested in becoming a mystery shopper (and you should be) you will
need to sign up as a sub-contractor with the mystery shopping companies
that use shoppers. You can find these companies through newspaper ads,
radio and television, you can search the internet. There are literally
thousands of companies looking for your services. I am currently posting
a series on learning to mystery shop on my web site.</p><p>There are also
other great informational mystery shopping websites such as
where you can not only learn the mystery shopping trade but actually sign
up with the companies. For my Mexican food shop I get $40 in delicious
Mexican food and a paycheck. What could be better?</p><p>Jim McDowell is
a long time mystery shopper with thousands of shops sucessfully
completed. Jim runs the website <a target="_new"
href="">Paid To Shop</a> which features
tips,stories,experience,and free lessons on becoming a mystery