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					Proper Instructions Ensure the Enjoyment of Electronic Christmas Gifts

<p>It's the holiday season, and electronics are an extremely popular gift
item this year. From new iPhones to portable GPS navigation systems to
flat panel TVs, Americans are buying up high-tech gadgets for loved ones
at a fast pace.</p><p>These items tend to make good gifts. Many gadgets,
such as the GPS navigation systems, make our lives easier. Others, like
the iPhone, can act as status symbols. And still others, like a new flat
panel television, are becoming the standard in home electronics and can
help the gift receiver keep up with the constantly-changing home
electronics landscape.</p><p>Yet one issue often arises with electronic
gifts. Many gift receivers are left stumped as to how they should use or
install their shiny new toy.</p><p>Fortunately several companies have
recognized this potential problem and are averting electronic crises by
proactively educating the public about proper product use. Chief
Manufacturing, producer of leading flat panel wall mounts, recently
published a set of important tips to follow when installing that brand
new flat panel TV.</p><p>By following the below tips, those who receive a
flat TV for the holidays can be sure to make the most of it through
proper mounting techniques.</p><p><b>Place at the Proper Height</b> When
selecting a place to mount your new flat TV, take a minute to sit in your
favorite chair and select the place for optimal viewing. Flat TVs are
designed to be viewed at eye-level, so be sure to mount your TV at the
wall height where your eyes comfortably rest when seated. This ensures
the screen picture appears at its highest quality and is most comfortable
for viewing.</p><p><b>Avoid Screen Glare</b> Once you've selected the
best placement for your TV, address potential glare issues. Windows,
lamps and ceiling lights can all cause screen glare. Use blinds or drapes
to control window light, and move lamps and angle light fixtures away
from the TV to avoid glare. You can also purchase a swiveling mount and
adjust the flat TV screen angle to reduce screen glare.</p><p><b>Select
Appropriate Viewing Distance</b> The size of your television screen
determines the length of distance you should space between viewers and
the TV. New HDTVs offer extensive detail, and therefore viewers will want
to sit closer. Sit in your favorite viewing spot and see if you can
pinpoint the pixels of your screen. If you can, readjust to a greater
viewing distance.</p><p><b>Determine the Best Viewing Angle</b> Your
television's best viewing angle will help to determine the type of <a
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panel wall mounts</a> you should purchase. A tilt or swing-arm mount is
ideal if you will need to readjust to avoid screen glare or so that
people in other areas of a room can view the screen. Low-profile fixed
wall mounts are ideal for a smaller space in which you want to keep the
television as close to the wall as possible. In any case, select a high
quality mount from a reputable manufacturer that fits the flat panel TV
you received.</p><p>Gift givers may want to include extra instructions or
point the receiver to a website or other resources that can help them get
the most joy from their new electronic gifts. With proper education,
electronics can be the gift that keeps on giving for years to come. Or at
least until the next hot new gadget hits the market.</p><p><a