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      (breast uplift)

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    A breast uplift (Mastopexy), is a                                               ■ With ageing, weight loss and            How is a Mastopexy
                                                                                      pregnancies the breast texture          performed
    surgical procedure to reshape and raise                                           changes, with secondary changes
                                                                                                                              ■ Day case. General anaesthetic.
    sagging breasts with no increase in size                                          in the skin-supporting ligaments
                                                                                      and in the breast gland itself.         ■ The skin of the breast is marked
    (unless undertaken with Augmentation).                                                                                      by the surgeon as for a breast
                                                                                    ■ This results in drooping or PTOSIS
    Anaesthetic: general day case                                          Before     of the breast.
                                                                                                                              ■ The nipple is elevated to a new
    Case time: 1.5 hours                                                                                                        higher position on the glandular
    Recovery time: 2 weeks to heal, 6 weeks until full activity                     What is a Mastopexy?                        tissue underneath. Therefore:
                                                                                    Technical term for lifting up               If you could breast feed before
                                                                                    a saggy breast.                             you should be able to after the
                                                                                    A saggy breast is one in which the          operation.
    Mastopexy                                                                       nipple areola complex (NAC) is below
                                                                           After                                                Most patients retain sensation in
    Anatomy of the Breast                                                           the inframammary groove (the fold on        the nipple.
                                                                                    the chest wall under the breast).
                                                                                                                              ■ The scars from surgery are similarly
                                                            Pectoralis                                                          located as for a breast reduction.
                                                            major                   This commonly occurs in:                    Around the areola, vertically down
                                                                                    ■ Large breasts.                            to the fold and sometimes
                                                                                    ■ Breasts that greatly increase in          transversely in the fold under the
                                                                                      size with pregnancy and then              breast, depending on how loose
                                                                                      decrease again.                           the skin is.
                                                                                    ■ Ladies who greatly reduce               ■ Recovery: Usually 2 weeks to heal.
                                                                                      their weight.                             We use dissolving sutures. 6 weeks
                                                                                                                                to return to full physical activity.
                                                                                                                              ■ You should wear a sports bra after
                                                                                    Mastopexy is undertaken in:                 this operation for 6 weeks at least
                                                                                    ■ A saggy breast which is of adequate       (no underwire).
                                                                                      size. The nipple is elevated.
    ■ The female breast is a modified sweat gland of the skin
                                                                                      The breast is reshaped.
      to produce milk.
                                                                                    ■ Mastopexy-Augmentation: When the
    ■ It is present as a glandular bud at birth.
                                                                                      patient wants implants but the breast
    ■ It grows at puberty under the stimulation of hormones                           is very saggy.
      oestrogen and progesterone.
                                                                                    ■ In almost all breast reductions the
    ■ Whether you have a large or small breast depends on the                         nipple is elevated in position.
      sensitivity of the breast bud to these hormones.
    ■ The breast consists of breast tissue and fat. Their size will also
      be influenced by your overall degree of fattiness (obesity).

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    Mastopexy                                               Pre-Operative Instructions                      What are the most common
                                                            ■ Mammogram if over 50 or strong family         complications after
                                                              history of breast cancer.                     Mastopexy
                                                            ■ No aspirin or Nurofen for 2 weeks             ■ Bleeding into the breast.
                                                              prior to surgery.                               Infection.                  Very rare
                                                            ■ Stop smoking or aim to cut down smoking         Poor wound healing.
                                                              1 week before and stop completely three       ■ The scars can, in a few patients,
                                                              days prior to the operation. Complications      become red and thick.
                                                              are increased in smokers.                     ■ Loss of nipple sensation.
                                                            ■ Arnica, an homeopathic anti-bruising            1 in fewer than 10 cases.
          Before Operation             After 3 months         agent: Take 7 days pre-op and 7 days          ■ Loss of part of the nipple-areola
                                                              post-op. Our personal experience is that        through poor blood supply.
                                                              bruising is less.                               Less than one in every 100 cases.
    Mastopexy Augmentation
                                                            ■ Bring a well fitting sports bra (not            More likely in smokers.
                                                              underwire) into hospital to wear              ■ Fat necrosis: 1 in 20 cases.
                                                              immediately after the operation over            Settles by itself. No treatment
                                                              dressings.                                      usually required.
                                                            ■ If drains are used they will normally be
                                                              removed the following day before leaving
                                                              the hospital.
                                                            ■ If you need to spend one night in
                                                              hospital prepare an overnight bag
                                                              and organize somebody to escort you
          Before Operation             After 3 months
                                                              home the following day.
                                                            ■ Lose weight.
    Mastopexy with Augmentation after Massive Weight Loss   ■ Stop breast feeding at least 3 months
                                                              before surgery.
                                                            ■ Previous breast reduction is not a
                                                            ■ Organise someone to take you and bring
                                                              you back from hospital.
                                                            ■ Leave plenty of time and allow for traffic
                                                              problems. Make sure you plan your route
                                                              in advance.
                                                            ■ Leave your jewellery and valuables at home.
           Before Operation           After 3 months
                                                            ■ Bring a credit card with you to cover any
                                                              extras you may order.
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    Associated Procedures with Mastopexy                                          ■ You will be given painkillers to go     ■ You may have a bath if desired at
    ■ Breast Reduction.                                                             home with. Take these regularly for       anytime. You may also shower
                                                                                    a couple of days and then only if you     after 10 days (once the dressings
    ■ Mastopexy-Augmentation:                                                       need them after this. Do not take         have been removed), ensuring the
      Breast increased in size with an implant being                                Aspirin or Nurofen. Don’t take them       scars are towel dried thoroughly
      placed usually under the muscle.                                              on an empty stomach, remember             afterwards.
      Drains are used.                                                              they constipate.                        ■ When informed that you have healed,
      Best to stay overnight.                                                     ■ You will need to wear your sports         after 10-14 days, apply minimal
      Occasional adjustment required some time later                                bra immediately after your operation      amounts of vitamin “E” oil to the
      to adjust the position of the prosthesis or to excise                         on the day of surgery. You may need       scars to help them to fade, and to
      excess skin.                                                                  to buy 2 sports bras so that you are      soften scar tissue. Do this gently
                                                                                    able to wash one. This bra needs to       and carefully.
    ■ Breast Augmentation Salvage:
                                                                                    be worn day and night for 6 weeks.      ■ An underwire bra may be worn until
      Removal of an old prosthesis with hard capsule
                                                                                  ■ Most of your swelling will be in the      after 6 weeks. (But not routinely).
      and re-augment the breast with new prosthesis:
                                                                                    first week following surgery, then it   ■ After the operation if you experience
      One of the most difficult of all cosmetic surgery                             should begin to subside.                  severe pain, unusual swelling,
      procedures to judge.                                                          The swelling may be a little slower       bruising or oozing from the wound,
      Often done in 2 stages but we at PSP do it as a one                           to subside in warmer conditions.          or should you develop a fever, you
      stage procedure.                                                            ■ Try to sleep on 3-4 pillows for           must inform the practice at the
      This is the treatment of choice for the breast augmentation                   1 week, then you may start                earliest opportunity.
      cripple with the so called ‘rock in the sock’.                                reducing the pillows. The swelling
                                                                                    may be more noticeable in one
                                                                                    breast than the other, this may be      Any problems, please contact
    Mastopexy-Related Procedures                                                    due to more bruising within that        Plastic Surgery Nurse Consultant,
    Performed January-December 2002                                                 particular breast.                      Mon-Fri 8-5p.m. 020 8735 6060
    ■ In Plastic Surgery Partners we have great experience in breast              ■ Bruising may take approximately         Other contact information for all
      improvement surgery and have performed hundreds of Mastopexy                  10-14 days to subside, and swelling     hospitals including out of hours for our
      Procedures and over 1500 Breast Surgery procedures.                           6-8 weeks or sometimes longer.          Plastic Surgery Nurse Consultants will be
    ■ This year we hosted a Breast Surgery Masterclass at West London             ■ Arnica tablets should be taken for      provided at the time of booking surgery.
      Clinic in April 2008.                                                         7 days before and 1 after the
                                                                                    operation if desired.
    Discharge Information                                                         ■ No strenuous exercise or yoga for
    ■ You will be given a follow up appointment to attend the dressing clinic       4-6 weeks, and no swimming for 2-3
      following discharge from hospital for 10 days following surgery to remove     weeks following surgery. Try to limit
      your dressing. Please leave the dressing and try to keep them clean and       arm movements for 2-3 weeks.
      dry until you see the nurse at this appointment.                            ■ Try to avoid lifting, pushing or
    ■ Your stitches will dissolve on their own and therefore do not need            pulling heavy objects for a couple of
      to be removed.                                                                weeks to avoid causing discomfort.
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