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									How is a Samsung Plasma TV Different From a Samsung LCD TV?

<p>Now that you want to improve your home theater system, your next
question will be which type to buy? Must it be plasma or LCD
TV?</p><p>With regard to size of the screen, plasma televisions have more
advantage. However, LCD TVs are also catching up with the big screen
size. Screen sizes that range from 32 to 63 inches are now being
developed. Samsung LCD TVs are among those that offer you the best
quality televisions.</p><p>In terms of viewing angles, LCD TV has the
more advantage over plasma. However, there is only a small difference.
Plasma televisions have viewing angles of 160 degrees while LCD TV has a
viewing angle of 175 degrees.</p><p>Refresh rates between the two also
differ by a margin. Plasma televisions can handle rapid movements. LCD
televisions have improved screen refresh rates since they are made for
data display.</p><p>When we talk about the weight, LCD televisions are
lighter, and more portable. They are also less fragile than plasma TVs
therefore easier to transport. Plasma TVs are very delicate and it
entails. You might want to call an expert when you are going to install a
plasma TV. But for the liquid crystal display TVs, you can do it
yourself.</p><p>You cannot also compare both TVs in terms of their
lifespan. The difference between the two kinds of television is very
small. However, if you will compare it with the lifespan of a CRT TV,
then there is a very big difference.</p><p>Whether you want a plasma or
an LCD TV, it will depend on how you will use it. There are many
affordable Samsung LCD TVs in the market today.</p><p>This is a really
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