CREATIVE ART Penguin chicks Painting with frozen paint cubes by ammaalder


  CREATIVE ART                                                              Polar Bear Polar Bear
  Penguin chicks                                                            The Emperor’s Egg
  Painting with frozen paint cubes                                          Snow Bear
  Polar bear ball painting                                                  The Littlest Penguin
                                                                            Arctic Fives Arrive
                                                                            Because I Love you So Much
 SCIENCE & MATH                                                             Knut
 Facts about Polar Bears:
   Where do they live?                                                      Mystery reader this week: Irma
    How do they stay warm?                         Star of the week:        Shepard on Wednesday
    What do they eat? And many more!               Lily Yamazaki
 Facts about Penguins:
    Do they live where Polar Bears live?
    What do they eat?
    How do they survive the cold?
                                                                              This week Dr. DoScience& Dr.
    How many different species, etc?
                                                                              MessAlot will do a “soda can shake
 Penguin to ice block counting 10-20
 Which one doesn’t belong?
 Polar Bear mazes
 Penguin puzzle

 Matching polar picture with its initial sound                         Looking for Ways to Help Save the
 Penguin to egg letter match (capital to                               Arctic and the Polar Bears? Here’s how
 lower case)                                                           you can help!
 We will also be working on retelling the
                                                                          • Talk about global warming and
 story of Polar Bear Polar Bear with story
                                                                              what we can do
                                                                          • Go to www.respect-habitats-
                                                                     and read how a zoo in
Guess who is flying in on her gander to visit ELC?                            Berlin is helping
Mother Goose!! She will be here Monday at 9:30 and                        • Carpool, walk, ride a bike or take a
Tuesday at 9:30 and 1:30 to share her stories and rhymes                      bus whenever possible
with us!                                                                  • Set up a recycle station in your
                                                                          • Keep your heat turned down at
                             The Number of the week: 17                       night and turn off lights when you
                             The Letter of the Week: F
                                                                              leave a room
                             Shape of the week: Star

                             Please bring an “F” item for our
                             letter bag on Thursday & Friday.

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