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									Budget Crock Pot Cooking

<p>With the troubled economic times that seem to be unending, one of the
best ways to economize is to plan less expensive meals. However, less
expensive does not necessarily have to mean less appetizing, especially
when using a slow cooker.</p><p>At the grocery store, some of the best
cuts of meat are not necessarily the most expensive. A whole chicken
costs less per pound than does a chicken cut-up by the butcher. A pot
roast, rump roast or pound of hamburger are less expensive than that
succulent slab of steak, but tastes just as wonderful with the right
cooking process.</p><p>Hankering for a pork sandwich? A pork shoulder
will cost less per pound than will pork tenderloin, offering a
substantial savings. Fish is a healthy and tasty way to save some money
with less expensive fillets available at your grocery
store.</p><p>Another way to save a couple dollars on each visit to the
grocery store is to use fresh vegetables versus frozen or canned. While
convenient, frozen and canned vegetables will usually cost more per ounce
than fresh. A good rule of thumb to remember when shopping for food is
this: the less processing a food receives prior to arrival at the grocery
store, the more economical it is for the consumer.</p><p>All these foods,
and more, are able to be cooked in a crock-pot with more tender meat and
a mélange of flavors that are certain to please even the most
discriminating palates. With some creative thinking and shedding of some
old ideas, nearly anything you can do in the oven or on the stove can be
done in a slow cooker.</p><p>One final way a slow cooker can help with
your food budget is to make more than you might need, freezing leftovers
for lunches or later dinners. Whether you're a family of two or ten,
there is a crock-pot size to suit your needs. By selecting the next size
up, you are assured of having a full freezer no matter how far away that
next payday is. Also, if you've created an especially delicious meal, you
can save what's left and have it again, without having to recreate an
entire batch.</p><p>With so many homes now being two income households
with both parents working late, dinner can become the least favorite part
of the day, coming at the end of a long, tiring day. Coming home to an
already prepared and cooked meal can alter the way you look at coming
home of an evening.</p><p>Utilizing a crock-pot will save you money not
just on your grocery bill but also on your electric or gas bill as well.
As a smaller appliance Crock-pots use less energy than an electric stove
and you won't have to stand next to the hot stove as your food cooks.
Recently, two major frozen food companies introduced to the market
"Crock-Pot Meals" that are low-cost and delicious, with both requiring
little in the way of preparation. Cooking with crock-pots has never been
easier on both your time and your food budget.</p><p>Fran just loves to
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