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									Crockpot Cooking - It Has Its Advantages

<p>Whether you choose to call it a crockpot or a slow cooker it is one of
the most easy to use and downright convenient appliances in any kitchen.
And so versatile. In fact, when you think of all the time that can be
saved by using a slow cooking crockpot and all of the delicious meals
that you can produce in it, every home should have one.</p><p>Here are
just three advantages to cooking the crockpot way:</p><p>(i) Cooking slow
allows you to keep on the go. Your crockpot doesn't require constant
watching. Just leave it alone and get on with all the other things that
you doubtless need to do and let the crockpot get on with the job of
cooking your meal. Nothing else to do? Lucky you. Put your feet up girl
(or boy) and take easy.</p><p>(ii) If you are using a cheaper - and
tougher - cut of meat - the crockpot will tenderize it for you and you
can make some really great stews.</p><p>(iii) Your crockpot is less
likely to burn your food or cause it to stick to the bottom of the pan
and so you can say a little prayer of thanks when it come to the washing
up.</p><p>Okay. I won't deny it. A crockpot isn't a pan for all
occasions. With the exceptions of stews and chowders, they don't cook
fish very well. They are less than ideal too for cooking some of the
larger cuts of meat such as leg of lamb or boneless prime rib. So you'd
best stick to traditional roasting methods for these. It is also worth
remembering that your crockpot does not allow steam to escape and so some
dishes might become impaired by the extra liquid. So versatile it may be,
but it has its limits. With so many recipes available for crockpots
though, any cook would be spoiled for choice and there is no need for
experimentation or guess work in the kitchen. Hmmmm! What't that smell
from the kithchen. Gotta go Dinners ready. You can't beat this slow and
easy cooking.</p><p><a target="_new" href="">Daily Recipe</A></p>

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