CAREER TRAINING IN MATERNAL AND CHILD HEALTH
                                   at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health

The Department of Population, Family and Reproductive Health is the locus for studies in
maternal and child health (MCH) at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health
(JHSPH). As a recipient of a federal MCH Training Grant for over 50 continuous years, the
Department prepares students for leadership careers in health promotion and disease
prevention among populations of women, children, adolescents and their families. Tuition
support is provided to graduate students in the Department of Population, Family and
Reproductive Health, demonstrating the Department’s commitment to fostering the next
generation of leaders in MCH research and practice.

The study and practice of                 Preparation for Leadership              Analytic quantitative and
MCH addresses the unique                  Positions in Maternal and               qualitative skills for problem
developmental and epidemiological         Child Health                            solving;
characteristics of women, children,       The Department of Population,           Policy, and the knowledge of
and adolescents within the context        Family and Reproductive Health          factors that influence local,
of the complex interaction of             offers several programs of study—       state, and national legislation
physical, social, and environmental       Child and Adolescent Health and         and social policies; and
influences on health. MCH has             Development; Reproductive,              Skills in organizational
evolved from an historical focus on       Perinatal, and Women’s Health;          management and leadership in
mothers and children as discrete          and Population and Health. The          collaborative strategies to
units to an integrated view of            Department also offers a range of       address population health
families, their health and well being     degree programs—MHS, PhD,               issues.
over the lifespan and across              DrPH, and the interdepartmental
generations. MCH studies use a            MPH. In addition, students can       Graduates of the Department go on
multidisciplinary approach to             earn a Maternal and Child Health     to careers in a variety of public
examine the interwoven roles of           Certificate by completing a set of   and private settings, including
families, community institutions,         required and elective courses.       academic health centers and
culture, and government functions                                              universities, research
in health promotion and disease           MCH studies at JHSPH prepare         organizations, private foundations,
prevention. MCH training                  graduates for careers in public      community nonprofit and
emphasizes the use of analytic and        health by building:                  voluntary health organizations,
methodological skills in designing            Understanding of the social      governmental public health
and evaluating policies, programs,            equity and justice concepts      agencies, legislative and
and interventions.                            embedded in public health        policymaking bodies, consulting
     Contemporary MCH concerns                theory and practice in MCH;      firms, professional trade
include racial disparities in key             Advocacy, and the                organizations, and national
indicators of population health,              communication skills to shape    advocacy organizations.
early determinants of adult disease,          and influence policy and
effects of social context on                  programs;
outcomes, accountability and                  Knowledge about the
quality of care in different health           interaction of biology, social
care delivery systems, and systems            and physical environments, and
development.                                  psychosocial development;
                     MHS Graduates
                     — Program Officer, Academy for Educational Development
                     — Public Health Analyst, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Health
                       Resources and Services Administration
                     — Coordinator, Breast and Colon Cancer Family Registries, National Cancer Institute
                     — Communication Specialist, Matthews Media Group
                     — Policy Analyst, Association of Maternal and Child Health Programs

                     DrPH and PhD Graduates
                     — Health Advisor, Doctors Without Borders
                     — Assistant Professor of Maternal and Child Health, University of North Carolina
                     — Associate Scientist, RAND Corporation
                     — Director of Maternal and Child Health Programs, Minnesota Department of Health

Experiential Learning                       internships and special studies on          organizations in the Baltimore
Opportunities in the MCH                    Capitol Hill and with federal               community to conduct research
Training Program                            agencies as well as national                that identifies the needs and
The more than 15 full-time faculty          professional and policy                     strengths of young people and tests
members affiliated with the MCH             organizations.                              programs designed to promote the
Training Program devote significant                                                     health and well-being of young
time to teaching, mentoring, and            Additional hands-on learning                people. The Johns Hopkins
partnering in research with students.       opportunities are provided through          Urban Health Institute
Adjunct faculty and guest lecturers         three institutional affiliates. The         (,
expand the opportunities to learn           Department of Population, Family            based in PFRH, works across Johns
from experts in other departments           and Reproductive Health’s                   Hopkins Institutions and with
and institutions in the U.S. and            Women’s and Children’s Health               external partners to improve the
abroad. Students gain practical             Policy Center                               health and well-being of the
experience through collaboration            (                residents of East Baltimore and
with faculty members on research,           draws on the science base of the            Baltimore City and to promote
policy analysis, the development of         university setting to inform national       evidence-based interventions to
programs, and technical assistance          policies, programs, and the practice        solve urban health problems
resources. The proximity of JHSPH           of maternal and child health. The           nationwide. Each of these
to the nation’s capital allows for          Department’s                                multidisciplinary centers is a nexus
frequent involvement of adjunct             Center for Adolescent Health                for connecting with faculty,
faculty and guest lecturers from            (     research, and practice and policy
Washington, D.C. institutions and           works with youth and youth-serving          activities as a component of Johns
provides opportunities for                                                              Hopkins’ MCH academic program.

             Faculty in the Department of Population, Family and Reproductive Health work on a broad range
             of MCH topics, touching on a number of key areas of inquiry:

                 •     Early Childhood Health and Development and Community Pediatrics Practice
                 •     Social Context for Adolescent Health
                 •     Women’s Health over the Lifespan
                 •     Supporting Public Health Practice in the States

  Academic Coordinator Department of Population, Family and Reproductive Health Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public
  Health 615 North Wolfe Street, Suite E4527 Baltimore, MD 21205 410-955-1116 Fax: 410-955-2303

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