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									                          Fascinating Beaches of South India

South India is one of the most sparkling jewels of India where attractions galore. A
favorite of Mother Nature, this region of the country is enveloped in gorgeous greenery
and natural beauty. Every attraction of South India has its own unique charm and beauty,
but among all the attractions the beaches top the list. Enchanting to the hilt, the beaches
of South India make this region an internationally famous tourist destination of India. Its
world class beaches attract tourists from across the globe.

Some of the famous beaches of South India are:

Kerala Beaches:
Kerala, God's Own Country is a paradise for beach lovers. Recognized as a nature
friendly destination, this state boasts of fascinating beaches.

      Kovalam Beach: This beautiful town takes pride in its three small bow-shaped
       beaches namely Lighthouse, Hawah and Samudra. The lighthouse beach is the
       most famous one. There is a lighthouse here which offers breathtaking views of
       the sea and the town. Hawah beach was once famous for topless bathing but now
       it is banned here. Samudra is the place where fisherman catch fishes for their
       living. All the three beaches are separated by rock headlands.

      Varkala beach: It is famous for its mineral springs which are believed to posses
       medicinal properties.

      Kappad beach: This palm fringed beach is very picturesque and one of its
       striking features is a giant rock jutting out of the sea.

Karnataka Beaches:

      Karwar Beach: This picture-perfect beach offers peaceful environment where
       you can rejuvenate your body and mind.

      Bhatkal beach: This wonderful beach is surrounded by hills on which amazing
       temples stand.

Tamil Nadu beaches:

       Marina beach: It is the second longest beach in the world which is very famous
       among tourists.

      Rameshwaram beach: This incredibly beautiful beach offers great opportunity
       for swimming because of its shallow and peaceful waters. It is also a revered
       pilgrimage center of Hindus.

      Kanyakumari beach: High on nature beauty, this beach never fails to leave the
       tourists spell bound.

Pondicherry beaches:

      Karailkal beach: This is an amazing beach offering picture-perfect views of
       sunrise. Its beautiful surroundings add more charm to it.

      Mahe beach: Apart from its scenic beauty it boasts of several fishing hamlets
       surrounding it.

      Paradise beach: Blessed with heavenly beauty, this beach is a must-visit

South India Tour will take you to some of the most enchanting destinations of India
such as Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Pondicherry. These destinations of South
India Tourism offer great beaches which are popular around the world for their beauty
and adventure. South India beaches are extremely mesmerizing.

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