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Vehicle Registration Application - PDF


									Vehicle Registration Application
Transport Operations (Road Use Management) Act 1995
Interstate Road Transport Act 1985
Office Use Registration effective from                   Registration number                 4 Registered operator's details
   Only         ___ /___ / ___                                                                  Details must be those of the individual or company that is
                                                                                                the proprietor/trustee of the business/trust
                                 Please note                                                    Full name and residential address (please PRINT)
 • A fee is payable with this application.
 • You will need to bring the vehicle with you to be inspected.
                           You will also need ...
• Personal identification e.g. Queensland Driver Licence                                                                                         Postcode
• Business/Company/Organisation identification.                                                 Postal address (if same as residential write ‘AS ABOVE’)
  (For requirements refer to the separate Evidence of Identity Information Sheet
  (F4362) or
• Proof of origin of the vehicle (this may be a Bill of Sale; Certificate of Registration;
  receipt from an auction; beneficiary of estate; etc.) if the Department of Transport                                                           Postcode
  and Main Roads (department) has no record of previous registration.
• Original Compulsory Third Party Insurance Certificate - if applicable                         Does the proprietor/trustee have a Customer Reference
• Original Safety Certificate or Inspection Certificate - if applicable                         Number (CRN)?
• Gas Certificate - if applicable
• Modification Certificate - if applicable                                                      No       Complete a New Customer Application - form F3503
• Weighbridge Certificate - if applicable                                                                Customer Reference No.
• A completed ‘Self Assessment of Single Axle Trailers’ form F3970 if registering
  a trailer of 750 kgs ATM or less.                                                          5 Are you applying for concessional registration fees?
• Proof of garaging address (to confirm that the address exists - QLD driver                    A list of the concession types available are shown on
  licence, property rates notice, gas, phone or elect account). Non permanent
                                                                                                page 3 of this application.
  residents enquire at the department.
                                                                                                 No        Go to 6
1 What type of Queensland plate do you require?
   The Smart State                    The Sunshine State                                        Yes      What type of concession will you be applying for?
   Only available for motor cars and trailers over 1.02 tonnes ATM
2 Registered operator's details                                                              6 Is someone lodging this application on your behalf?
   Full name and residential address (please PRINT clearly)                                     Your representative will need to bring personal identification as
                                                                                                well as proof of your identity.
                                                                                                 No      Go to 7
                                                                                                Yes      Representative's details
                                                             Postcode                                     Name (in full)

   Postal address (if same as residential write ‘AS ABOVE’)
                                                                                                         Representative’s signature

   Does the above individual or organisation have a                                          7 Where will the vehicle be garaged?
   Customer Reference Number (CRN)?
   The Customer Reference number is your Queensland Driver
   Licence number or Queensland 18+ Card number.
    No          Complete a New Customer Application - form F3503
                                                                                             8 Is the vehicle to be managed by a leasing company?
   Yes          Customer Reference No.                                                          (i.e. the Leasing Company will pay the registration on behalf
                                                                                                of the registered operator)
   The registered operator above is (tick one box)                                                         Go to 9
          Private                     Registered
                     Go to 3                            Go to 4                                 Yes      Leasing Company Customer Reference No.
     Individual/s                      Company
       Business/                           Other/
                     Go to 4                            Go to 4
            Trust                   legal entities
                                                                                                         Leasing Company Name
                    Identification sighted (Office Use Only)
3 Joint registered operator's details (if applicable)
   Full name and residential address (please PRINT)                                          9 Purpose of use (tick one box)
                                                                                                  Limousine Use            LIMO                     Private       PRIV
                                                                                                Special Purpose                                    Taxi           TAXI
                                                                                                       Limousine                           Peak Demand
                                                             Postcode                                 Commercial           COML                                  TPDT
   Postal address (if same as residential write ‘AS ABOVE’)                                    Public Passenger                                 Used for
                                                                                                                           PPSE                                  NONP
                                                                                                           Service                            Non Profit
                                                                                                 School Activities                               Dealer          DEAL
                                                             Postcode                          Only (Transporting          SCHA
                                                                                               Children,Teachers)                                 Farming        FARM
   Does the joint registered operator have a Customer                                                        Rental                                              LTOW
                                                                                                                                               Tow Truck
   Reference Number (CRN)?                                                                     (Self Driver Rental)        RENT
                                                                                                                                              Emergency          EMER
   No      Complete a New Customer Application - form F3503                                       Driver Training
                                                                                                         or Tuition        TRAI          Translink Urban          TLKU
   Yes     Customer Reference No.                                                                                                                Service
                                                                                                                            Page 1 of 4 SSA MSU Form F3518 ES V01 Aug 2009
   Go to 5
10 Compulsory Third Party (CTP) Insurer                                      18   Is the vehicle fitted with gas fuel systems or other gas systems?
    If this vehicle is unregistered, CTP Insurance must be pre-paid to            No          Go to 19
    the insurer before presenting the vehicle for registration.
    Insurance cover will only apply from receipt of premium payment.              Yes        You must present the relevant Gas Certificate with the
                                                                                             inspection unless exempt. For used vehicles the issue date of
    Nominated Compulsory Third Party insurer Insurance Class                                 the Certificate must not be more than 3 months before the
                                                                                             lodgement date of this registration.
                                                                                  Gas fuel systems Certificate no.         Gas fuel systems Certificate issue date
    Insurance                                    Issue
    Certificate No.                                date ____ /____ /____                                                          /      /
   Input Tax Credit Entitlement (ITCE)                                            (exemptions listed on page 3)
   Is anyone entitled to claim the GST component of the CTP                       Other gas systems Certificate no. Other gas systems Certificate issue date
   Insurance premium for this vehicle as an Input Tax Credit                                                                      /      /
   (ITC)?                 Note: Only GST registered businesses
     No       Yes         may be able to claim an ITC - if unsure            19 Registration periods - Please indicate your preferred registration
                          please consult your tax advisor.                        period.
11 Vehicle Registration Duty                                                      Light vehicles:        6 months              12 months
   For vehicles other than tractor-based mobile machinery,
   what is the Dutiable Value at the date of this application?                    Heavy vehicles:          3 months              6 months               12 months
    Duty (if applicable) on tractor-based mobile machinery
    is charged at a flat rate of $25.00.                                     20 Federal Interstate Registration
                                                                                  Vehicles registered under Federal Interstate Registration are restricted
     $                            ‘Dutiable Value’ is defined                     to the carriage of passengers or goods consigned to an Interstate/Territory
                                  on page 4 of this form.                         destination. These vehicles cannot be used for intra-state trade or
    Are you exempt from paying Duty?
    Exemptions from paying Duty are listed on page 4 of this                      Is the vehicle to be registered as Federal Interstate with
    form.                                                                         restricted use as stated above?
     No     Go to 12                                                               No         Go to 21
    Yes     Exemption number                                                      Yes        Does the vehicle have a GVM or ATM over 4.5 tonnes?
            (as listed on page 4)
                                                                                               No             The vehicle cannot be registered as
12 Was the vehicle previously registered?                                                                     Federal Interstate.
     No        Go to 13
    Yes        Previous plate number             State or Territory          21 Will the vehicle be used to tow a trailer over 4.5 tonnes ATM?
                                                                                  No         Go to 22
               You are required to surrender number plates (excluding             Yes        In what type of configuration will the vehicle operate?
               Personalised Plates), if they are still in your possession.                   Truck and Trailer      Combination is less than 7 axles
13 Proof of origin                                                                               (select one)       and up to and including 42.5T
    You must present proof of origin of the vehicle to register this
                                                                                                                    total operating mass (TRTT)
    vehicle (e.g. Bill of Sale, Registration Certificate, auction receipt,                                          Combination is 7 or more axles or
    beneficiary of estate).                                                                                         more than 42.5T total operating
   Do you have this proof?                                                                                          mass (TRTM)
             Registration may be delayed until the vehicle's                                       Road Train       What is the maximum number of
    No                                                                                                              trailers in the combination?
             origin has been verified                                                                 B-Triple      (excluding dolly trailers)
   Yes       The chassis number, engine number, etc. must
             be consistent with this application.                                                       B-Double                                            Trailers
14 Do you or your organisation have 5 or more registered                          Prime Mover and 1 Trailer
   vehicles with the same registration expiry date?                                           (excluding dolly trailers)

    No      Go to 15                                                              Note: The department must be notified if the vehicle is used in a higher
                                                                                        combination where registration fees are higher than previously paid.
   Yes       Provide Common Due Date (if applicable)
                                                                             22 Is the trailer to be used as a lead trailer or a middle trailer?
                        /       /
                                                                                  No         Go to 23
15 Safety or Inspection Certificate                                               Yes        In what type of configuration will the vehicle operate?
    Exemptions from providing a Safety or Inspection Certificate are
    listed on page 3 of this form.                                                                Lead Trailer in a B-Double/B-Triple Combination
                                                                                                  (body shape: BDTT)
    Are you exempt from providing a Safety or Inspection
                                                                                                  Middle Trailer in a B-Triple Combination
     No       The original of the Inspection Certificate must be                                  (body shape: BDTT)
              attached to this application (requirements - Page 3).
              Certificate number       Issue date                            23 Certification
                                                                                  I/We certify the information and statements provided in this application
                                                     /      /                     are true and correct, including the dutiable value of the vehicle. I/We
                                                                                  consent to the department verifying my evidence of identity documents
    Yes        Exemption category number                                          or information with the issuing authority or their agencies.
               (as listed on page 3)                                              Note: Both signatures are needed if the vehicle is to be registered in two
16 Motorcycle Engine Capacity (if applicable)                                           names, however future transactions will require only one signature.
                                                                                  Registered operator/s signature/s                          Date
                                                                                                                                                    /       /
17 Has the vehicle been modified in any way from its original
    design? (e.g. change of engine type, additional seats etc.)
     No      Go to 18                                                             Please return the completed application to:
    Yes        Has a modification plate been fitted?                              • Your nearest Department of Transport and Main Roads Customer
                                                                                    Service Centre (refer to your local Telephone Directory)
                       A modification plate may need to be fitted                  OR
                No     before this application can be processed
                                                                                  • Clerk of the Court, Queensland Government Agency or Police
               Yes     Go to 18                                                     Station authorised to transact vehicle registration business.
                                                                                                                    Page 2 of 4 SSA MSU Form F3518 ES V01 Aug 2009
    Motor Dealers/Department of Transport and Main Roads Agent’s Use Only
    Inspection Certificate                                Departmental Officer                                                 Authorised person
                                                                                                                                                            (for applications submitted
                                                                                            Approved Motor Dealer                    Police Officer         to a Police station or
                                                                                                                                                            Magistrates Court office)
    I certify that I have inspected this vehicle and found the vehicle particulars recorded on the Inspection Certificate to be correct.
    Signature                                                               ___ /___ /___
                                                       Position or
    Name                                               Rank & No.

                                       Concession types and additional documentation required
                             Pensioner Concession
                          Seniors Card Concession
                                                                            You must also complete form F3937.
                   Ex-Service Person Concession
               Special Interest Vehicle Concession
                    Primary Producer Concession
                            Farm Plate Concession                           You must also complete form F4517.
                       Restricted Area Concession
    Charitable/Community Service Concession                                 If you have been approved by the department to have this type of concession, no additional
                                                                            documentation is required. Please note only those vehicles used solely for the charitable
                                                                            or community purpose of the organisation are eligible for the concession.
                     Local Government Concession                            No additional documentation is required. Only vehicles used solely for the purpose of the
                                                                            local government are eligible for the concession.
                        Specific Purpose Concession                         Complete form F4290 (Beekeeping), F4291 (Prospecting), F3630 (Mineral, Oil or Water
                                                                            Exploration), or F3631 (Well boring).
                               Safety or Inspection Certificate Exemptions and Requirements
Exemptions for both Safety Certificate and Certificate of                                         Gas Certificate exemptions
Inspection                                                                                        10. A new vehicle, never registered anywhere and fitted with a Gas Compliance
1. A new vehicle, never registered anywhere.                                                          Plate.
2. Tractor-based mobile cranes (any size).                                                        11. Registering an unregistered vehicle in the same name that it was previously
Other Safety Certificate exemptions
                                                                                                  12. Remote areas (contact Department of Transport and Main Roads Customer
3. A dealer demonstration vehicle.
                                                                                                      Service Centre).
4. Light trailers and caravans .75t ATM and under.
                                                                                                  13. A dealer demonstration vehicle.
5. Wheelchairs.
6. A QLD island where there is no AIS for safety certificate inspection.                          Queensland Registration
7. For a motorbike, caravan and trailer (.75t up to and including 3.5t ATM) with                  A current Safety Certificate or Inspection Certificate is required. Only the original
   a garage address outside of 50km radius of an AIS station that can perform                     copy is accepted by this department.
   inspections for that type of vehicle.
8. Remote areas (contact Department of Transport and Main Roads Customer                          Federal Interstate Registration
   Service Centre).                                                                               A current Certificate of Inspection issued by the department is required and must
                                                                                                  not be dated more than 45 days prior to lodging this application.
Other Certificate of Inspection exemptions                                                        · For vehicles under 16 t GVM, the Certificate of Inspection is issued by an
9. The vehicle is garaged prior to and at the time of sale in one of the shires of                  Authorised Inspection Station.
   Aurukun, Barcoo, Boulia, Bulloo, Burke, Carpentaria, Cook, Croydon,                            · For vehicles over 16 t GVM, the Certificate of Inspection is issued by the
   Diamantina, Doomadgee, Etheridge, Hope Vale, Mapoon, Mornington,                                 department.
   Napranum, New Mapoon, Quilpie, Torres, Umagico, Warroo and Wugal Wujal.

                Compliance Plate Details                                                                                     Office Use Only
Gross Vehicle Mass (GVM) is determined by the manufacturer and                                     Fee Calculation
specifies the maximum permissible mass (tare plus load) of a loaded
vehicle. GVM is shown on the Compliance plate.                                                       Motor Vehicle
Note: a standard passenger vehicle will not have a GVM over 4.5                                            Traffic
                                                                                                                                                                l Stam
tonne                                                                                                Improvement
   The following is one example of a compliance plate showing
                                                                                                        Premium                                      Offic
   where you will find details on the GVM.                                                                     Plate
 Gross Vehicle
 Mass (GVM)                                                                                                      Duty

                                                                                                         Admin. fee
                  HOLDEN                            COMMODORE / SEDAN
                  6/88                              6HBVNK19HJU270210                                    Surcharge
                  GVM                  KG           SEATING CAP 5
                                                                                                              Total      $
                  3, 4C, 5B, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10B, 11, 12, 14, 15, 16, 18, 20,21, 22A, 23, 24,                                                       Registration
                  26, 27, 28, 28A, 29, 30.
                                                                                                     Interim Label No.                          effective from ___ /___ / ___
                                                                                                     Issued at

 Privacy disclaimer - Your personal information is required under state and commonwealth
 legislation to manage the department’s vehicle register. This information may be released
 by the department or its agents/contractors to parties such as vehicle insurers,                  Concession code                     Concession no.
 statutory/insolvency entities, lawyers, persons involved in vehicle accidents/incidents,
 vehicle manufacturers, tolling entities and to or through interstate registering authorities.     Pay mode                    Pay term                    Plate type
 The information is accessible by authorised departmental officers and your personal
 information will not be disclosed to other third parties without your consent unless              Receipt No.
 authorised to do so by law.
                                                                                                                                    Page 3 of 4 SSA MSU Form F3518 ES V01 Aug 2009
                                             Vehicle Registration Duty Exemptions
1. Registered operator is a Licensed Motor Dealer                              12. Foreign Consul
     Where the motor vehicle has been acquired by a licensed motor                New registered operator is a member of a Foreign Consulate
     dealer for sale in the course of and for the purpose of carrying on          Staff and is a national of the Country represented.
     the business of such licensee. The Dealer must maintain records           13. Vehicle is Motorised wheelchair
     as prescribed by the Duties Act 2001 Chapter 9.                              The vehicle is a motorised wheelchair that will be used by a
2. Licensed Motor Dealer - Demonstration vehicle                                  disabled person for private purposes.
     Applicant is a Motor Dealer and the application is for the                14. New registered operator is an Ex-Serviceperson
     registration of a ‘demonstration’ model not previously registered.
                                                                                  An ex-serviceperson who acquires the vehicle, not used for
3. Trailers/Caravans                                                              commercial purposes and receives a concession on registration
     All trailers and drawn equipment are exempt.                                 fees due to an injury resulting from War Service. Registration
4. Previous interstate registration                                               must be recorded in the sole name of the ex-service person. The
     Where the vehicle was registered and duty paid in another State,             Acquirer must provide a letter from the Department of Veterans’
     and the application is made by the same registered operator s or             Affairs stating their disability and complete form F3937.
     a relative of the registered operator/s. ‘Relative’ is spouse, parent,    15. New registered operator is a person who has
     child, grandparent, grandchild or one of their spouses.                       lost the use of one or both legs
5. Previous Queensland registration                                               A person who has lost the use of one or both legs and who uses
     Where the applicant is the same person in whose name the vehicle             the vehicle for transport to and from his/her place of employment
     was registered previously in Queensland.                                     because he/she is unable to use public transport due to the
                                                                                  disability. In the case of a second-hand vehicle a statement to
6. Repossession                                                                   that effect is required. In the case of a new vehicle, a statement
     An owner who has repossessed the motor vehicle pursuant to a                 by the person to that effect is required together with a copy of
     hire purchase agreement or by an owner to whom the motor                     the Sales Tax Motor Vehicle Exemption form Item 97(1) from
     vehicle has been returned by the hirer voluntarily under a hire              the Australian Taxation Office.
     purchase agreement or on the termination of a hiring agreement.
                                                                               16. Transfer Duty (i.e. Contract/Sale Duty) paid on
7. Redemption                                                                      another document
     A hirer who has redeemed the motor vehicle that was previously
                                                                                  An applicant who is required to pay conveyance duty to the
     repossessed. This applies only when the registration of the vehicle
                                                                                  Commissioner of Stamp Revenue on any other instrument (e.g.
     is to be recorded in the same name as before repossession. This
                                                                                  Contract for Sale of a business or a farm) relating to the
     category also applies to a private repossession.
                                                                                  transaction by which the vehicle was acquired, including duty on
8. New registered operator is a Primary Producer                                  the value of the vehicle. However, unless the applicant has
     Where the motor vehicle is 6 tonne or more GVM and is intended               previously obtained from the Office of State Revenue an
     for use solely in connection with their business as a primary producer       endorsement on this form that such conveyance duty has been
     and is to be used by them for that purpose for 5 years and they provide      paid, they must pay the Duty on their Transfer of Vehicle
     a Statutory Declaration to that effect. The applicant must also be           Registration Application and later claim a refund from the Office
     eligible and applying for primary producer concessional registration         of State Revenue.
     (Form F4517).
                                                                               17. Interstate Road Transport Act
9. Same Business name/owner                                                       The vehicle is a heavy motor vehicle being registered or was
     Where the applicant is the sole owner/s of the business or another           registered under the Interstate Road Transport Act 1985
     business owned solely by the same owner/s, as the previous                   (Commonwealth) immediately before 1 July 1995 and the current
     registration.                                                                application for registration will result in the first registration of
10. New registered operator is Local Government                                   the vehicle in Queensland, in the same name as it was registered
    operated                                                                      under the Commonwealth Act.
     A local government, a regional health authority established under         18. Other reason for exemption
     the Health Services Act 1991, the Queensland Ambulance Service               Please provide evidence from the Office of State Revenue.
     or the Queensland Fire and Rescue Authority.
11. New registered operator is Government operated
     The Crown or any Corporation representing the Crown or any
     Department, Sub-Department, Board or Commission under the
     State Government.

Duty Recovery - The Commissioner of State Revenue may take action against the registered operator/s when recovering
                                     outstanding duty on a Vehicle Registration Application.
                                      Vehicle Registration Duty and Dutiable Value
Duty is payable upon application to register a vehicle unless exempt. Duty on tractor-based mobile machinery is charged at a flat rate of
$25.00. Duty for other vehicles is calculated at a variable percentage rate of the Dutiable Value of the vehicle as determined by the vehicle’s
fuel type or number of engine cylinders/rotors. These rates are: Electric/Hybrid vehicles with any number of cylinders/rotors = 2% ($2.00
per $100 or part thereof); up to 4 cylinders/2 rotors (incl. steam) = 3% ($3.00 per $100 or part thereof); 5 or 6 cylinders or 3 rotors = 3.5%
($3.50 per $100 or part thereof); 7 or more cylinders = 4% ($4.00 per $100 or part thereof).
The Dutiable Value of a vehicle not previously registered in Australia is the total of the vehicle’s list price and the price of all items of optional
equipment not included in the list price. The list price is the highest recommended retail price of the manufacturer, importer or principal
Brisbane distributor of the vehicle.
        The Dutiable Value of a vehicle that has previously been registered in Queensland or another State or for which there is no list price,
        is the greater of the following:
        - total amount payable by the purchaser including any deposit, trade-in allowance and the price of all optional equipment; or
        - market value of the vehicle (The market value of the vehicle is the amount for which the vehicle might be sold, free of
          encumbrances on the open market).

                                                                                                              Page 4 of 4 SSA MSU Form F3518 ES V01 Aug 2009

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