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									How To Grip A Golf Club Properly

<p>Proper golf grip is so important because the grip is your only
connection with your golf club.<br>You may wonder how to grip a golf club
properly. I will try to explain few basic things.</p><p>Place your hands
properly on the golf club. Well placed hands helps you better control the
position of the club's face. During swing your body turns, since your
body is rotating your golf club must rotate at the same time to make
perfect swing. Golf club should be like a part of your body.</p><p>There
are three basic grip types : interlocking, overlapping and baseball
grips. Overlapping grip setup is simple , little finger of one hand is
placed over the index finger of other hand. Interlocking setup is similar
just two fingers will be iterlocked not overlapped. Baseball grip - two
fingers do not overlap or interlock they just meet together. If you are
wondering which grip type is the best I only could say that they are all
good. Just experiment with all three types and then choose the one which
is most comfortable to you.</p><p>Grip pressure is important too. If your
grip is too tense you will lose some yards of the tee. Proper golf grip
should be in the middle of really intense grip and extremely loose grip.
If you done everything correctly you should have a very accurate
shot.</p><p>Only by practicing you could know how to grip a golf club
properly. You should try all three types of golf grip and practice.
Practising is the key to success.</p><p>Visit <a target="_new"
/a> for golf swing guide. How to cut 7-12 strokes off of your game</p>

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