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									Ten Years of Tampa Bay Rays

<p>St. Petersburg in Florida is a famous destination for those who plan
to go on vacation. There is variety of attractions that the vacationers
can enjoy. They have a wide array of museums and art galleries. They also
have beautiful sites and when you are tired from exploring the many
stunning places, you can dine at their fine restaurants.</p><p>St. Pete
is also the home of one of the younger teams in the Major League
Baseball, the Tampa Bay Rays. The foundation of the team took place a
decade ago. Talks of having a major league baseball team in St.
Petersburg started back in the mid 1960s. After several attempts, the
American League approved to have an expansion team at St. Pete. They are
set to start play in 1998 together with the D-back of the National
League.</p><p>After the approval, they picked Chuck LaMar to be the
general manage the team. They hired Larry Rothschild to manage the team.
The Expansion Draft help them acquired players that will potentially lead
to their success. Their first pick was Tony Saunders.</p><p>They lost
their first major game to Detroit Tigers in March 31 1998. However, it
was memorable because Baseball Hall of Famer, Wade Boggs hit the first
home run for the franchise. Another memorable moment for Wade Boggs took
place in 1999. He marked his 3000th career hit with a homerun, the best
way to do it. After he retired, the Bay Rays retired his
jersey.</p><p>Although they had some memorable moments with Wade Boggs,
it was not enough to give success to the team in general. After his
retirement, the team continued to have a hard time winning. Even the
acquisition of baseball stars in 2000 and 2001 did not do them
magic.</p><p>The team changed Rothschild as their manager. Hal McRae took
over the management of the team. In 2002, they concentrated on building
new players. Although new promising talents emerged, the season became
the worst in the franchise history.</p><p>Lou Piniella managed the team
from 2003 to 2005. He managed to improve the team standing of the team a
bit during his leadership. Interesting moments took place when he took
over. One incident happened in 2003 during the pitch of Geremi Gonzales
against Sammy Sosa of the Chicago Cubs. The bat that Sosa used broke and
revealed that it was a corked bat. The Major league Baseball prohibits
the use of such bat.</p><p>There were major changes in the management of
the team after Stuart Sternburg bought it in 2004. Joe Maddon managed the
Tampa Bay Rays after Piniella left. The team focused on their young
players. They also improved their marketing strategies to attract more
audience during home games.</p><p>Although the changes had some positive
impacts, the team continued to struggle due to injuries and the trading
of their seasoned players to other teams.</p><p>Recent changes are
promising for the team. They have a strong start and winning more games
than before. They had their best year in 2008, earning their first
postseason berth ever.</p><p>Rick Grantham is an expert on sports
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