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									When Coaching Kids, A Picture Can Be Worth a Thousand Words

<p>As a youth sports coach, much of your time is spent instructing and
teaching your players the proper techniques and fundamentals. Whether
your showing your players the proper batting stance, how to make a tackle
or how to box out a player for a rebound, you will find that there are
many different ways to instruct a young player on how to do
something.</p><p>The coach can explain something to their players
verbally; the coach, him or herself, can demonstrate the action, they can
have a player demonstrate or the coach can simply sketch out a diagram of
what they are attempting to explain.</p><p>However, once they leave the
field or court how can a coach make sure that the players remember what
was just explained to them?</p><p>A great way to reinforce is through
pictures. A coach should look through the sports section of the
newspaper, magazines or on the internet for pictures of professional
athletes demonstrating great techniques and fundamentals.</p><p>The photo
may be of <a target="_new" rel="nofollow"
href="">great batting stance</a>, stance or
throwing motion, whatever you are trying to reinforce to your
players.</p><p>These sports pictures are not only plentiful, but
extremely easy to find. Make copies of a few good pictures and hand them
out to your team. Explain what the player in the photo is doing
correctly. Since these are pictures of their heroes, your players will
pay closer attention to the technique's demonstrated in the photos. "Wow,
Derek Jeter stays low when he's fielding a ground ball." "See how Tim
Duncan boxes out for the rebound."</p><p>Handing out pictures is an
effective and fun way to "show" your team the proper
fundamentals.</p><p>Tony Argula</p><p><a target="_new"

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