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State of Alaska - Department of Education


									RFP BEP # 2006-100

           State of Alaska - Department of Labor & Workforce Development
                         Division of Vocational Rehabilitation
                             Business Enterprise Program
                 Request for Proposal RFP BEP # 2006-100
                           Full Service Vending
By signature on this form, the respondent certifies that:

(1)    The offeror has a valid Alaska business license and has entered that license number on the
       following Acknowledgment or has submitted one of the following forms of evidence of an
       Alaska business license with the proposal:
       (a)    A canceled check for the business license fee;
       (b)    A copy of a business license application with a receipt date stamp from the state's
              business license office;
       (c)    A receipt from the state's business license office for the license fee;
       (d)    A copy of the proposer's valid business license; or,
       (e)    A sworn notarized affidavit that the Proposer has applied and paid for a business

(2)    Alaska Bidders Preference: Alaska Statute (AS) 36.30.170(c), (e) and (f) sets forth the
       circumstances under which bidders can qualify for certain state procurement preferences. An
       individual, company or program must meet the qualifications for an Alaska bidder as well as
       any one of the other qualifications listed below in AS 36.30.170 (I) and be certified by the
       Division of Vocational Rehabilitation:
              a)     If the bidder is a disabled person who owns a business; or,
              b)     If the bidder is a business employing persons with      disabilities (Fifty percent or
                     more of current employees.) Fifty percent or more of the bidder's employees at
                     the time the bid is submitted must be persons with a disability and remain
                     employed through the contract period.

(3)    The offeror is complying with applicable portion of the Federal Civil Rights Act of 1964;

(4)    The offeror is complying with the Equal Employment Opportunity Act and the regulations
       issued thereunder by the state and federal government;

(5)    The offeror is complying with the Americans with Disabilities Act effective on January 26, 1992
       and the regulations issued thereunder by the state and federal government;

(6)    The offeror complies with all terms and conditions set out in this Request for Proposal (RFP).

(7)    Proposals must be received no later than March 31, 2006.

If the offeror fails to comply with (1) through (7) of this paragraph, the state may reject the proposal,
terminate the contract, or consider the contractor in default.
RFP BEP # 2006-100                                                                       2


I certify that I am an officer of the firm listed below and that information and materials
enclosed with this proposal accurately represents capabilities of the firm listed below for
providing the service indicated. The department is hereby authorized to request any
officer identified in this proposal to furnish any pertinent information deemed necessary
to verify information provided or regarding reputation and capabilities of the firm.

Signature:    __________________________                Date:

Please type or print the following information:

Name: _______________________________________________________________

Title: _________________________________________________________________

Company: ____________________________________________________________

Street Address: ________________________________________________________

City, State, Zip: ________________________________________________________

Mailing Address: _______________________________________________________

City, State, Zip: ________________________________________________________

Alaska Business License #: ______________________________________________

Employer Identification #: ________________________________________________

Phone: ______________________________________________________________

TTY: _________________________________________________________________

FAX: _________________________________________________________________

This proposal includes the following locations:
RFP BEP # 2006-100                                                                               3

                                          PROPOSED SCHEDULE

Release RFP ................................................................ February 23, 2006

Written proposals received at issuing
 Office by 4:30 p.m. .................................................... March 31, 2006

Evaluate proposals....................................................... April 4, 2006

Contract negotiations ................................................... April 6, 2006

Notice of intent to award sent
 To all offerers ............................................................ April 7, 2006

Contract award completed ........................................... April 28, 2006

Commence work on contract …………………………... May 1, 2006
RFP BEP # 2006-100                                                                          4

The Department of Labor and Workforce Development, Division of Vocational
Rehabilitation, Business Enterprise Program (BEP) is issuing a Request for Proposal
for contractors to provide vending machine service in buildings which are owned, leased
or occupied by the state or federal government or on other property as determined by
the BEP. These contracts will be established in a manner consistent with the
Randolph-Sheppard Act (20 USC Section 107) and the Chance Act (AS 23.15:010-
210). The proposals must provide the most beneficial financial return to the Alaska
BEP; while at the same time providing high quality products at a fair price. Proposals
will be accepted for the following locations: Juneau/Douglas.

This RFP is intended to result in a Vending Services contract between the State of
Alaska Business Enterprise Program (BEP), and the successful contractor (Contractor).

The bidder must comply with all applicable national, federal, state, local and borough
regulations, codes, and laws; be liable for all required insurance, licenses, permits and
bonds; and, pay all applicable federal, state, local and borough taxes.

Federal Excise Tax should not be included in the RFP price(s). The State of Alaska is
exempt from Federal Excise Tax.

To be considered, proposals must be received sealed and in a written format provided
in this proposal document by the Business Enterprise Program no later than the close
of business, 4:30 p.m. Alaska time, March 31, 2006.

Proposals may be mailed or hand delivered to:

      Nelida Irvine, Business Enterprise Program
      Division of Vocational Rehabilitation
      1251 Muldoon Rd., Ste. 101
      Anchorage, Alaska 99504-2096
      (907) 269-3568

Proposals sent by fax or e-mail will not be accepted.

The contractor will indemnify, save harmless and defend the state, its officers, agents
and employees from all liability, including costs and expenses, for all actions or claims
resulting from injuries or damages sustained by any person or property arising directly
or indirectly as a result of any error, omission or negligent act of the Contractor, sub-
Contractor, or anyone directly or indirectly employed by them in the performance of this

All actions or claims including costs and expenses resulting from injuries or damages
RFP BEP # 2006-100                                                                         5

sustained by any person or property arising directly or indirectly from the Contractor's
performance of this contract which are caused by the joint negligence of the BEP and
the Contractor will be apportioned on a comparative fault basis. Any such joint
negligence on the part of the BEP must be a direct result of their active involvement.

Without limiting Contractor's indemnification, it is agreed that the Contractor will
purchase, at its own expense, and maintain in force at all times during the performance
of services under this agreement, the following insurance policies.

Proof of insurance is required for the following:
A. Worker's Compensation Insurance; the Contractor will provide and maintain, for all
employees of the Contractor engaged in work under this contract, Worker's
Compensation Insurance as required by AS 23.30.045. The Contractor will be
responsible for Worker's Compensation Insurance for any sub-Contractor who directly
or indirectly provides services under this contract. This coverage must include statutory
coverage for states in which employees are engaging in work and employer's liability
protection not less than $100,000 per person, $100,000 per occurrence. Where
applicable, coverage for all federal acts (i.e. U.S.L. & H. and Jones Acts) must also be

B. Comprehensive (Commercial) General Liability Insurance; with coverage limits
not less than $300,000 combined single limit per occurrence and annual aggregates
where generally applicable and will include premises operations, independent contracts,
products/completed operations, broad form property damage, blanket contractual and
personal injury endorsements listing the State of Alaska, Business Enterprise Program
as additionally insured.

C. Comprehensive Automobile Liability Insurance; covering all owned, leased and
non-owned vehicles with coverage limits not less than $100,000 per person, $300,000
per occurrence bodily injury and $50,000 property damage.

Failure to supply satisfactory proof of insurance within 5 days of award will cause the
BEP to declare the bidder non-responsive.

Where specific limits are shown, it is understood that they will be the minimum
acceptable limits. If the Contractor's policy contains higher limits, the state will be
entitled to coverage to the extent of such higher limits. Certificates of Insurance must be
furnished to the BEP. These certificates must provide 30-day prior notice to the BEP in
the event of cancellation, non-renewal or a material change in the policy.

Proof of all types of insurance must be received by the BEP prior to finalization of
a vending services contract.

A successful contractor must post an individual surety to ensure performance over the
entire term of the contract. In the event it becomes necessary for the BEP to cancel the
contract issued as a result of this Request for Proposal due to noncompliance during
RFP BEP # 2006-100                                                                          6

the term of the contract, regardless of the circumstances or time remaining on the
contract, the individual surety will be declared liquidated damages and become due and
payable to the BEP. By signature on this Request for Proposal, the bidder
acknowledges this condition and voluntarily relinquishes any and all claims to the entire
individual surety. The individual surety may be in any of the following forms:

       a)     Certified or cashier's check: A certified or cashier's check, made
              payable to the State of Alaska, Business Enterprise Program in the
              amount of $5,000.
       b)     Special notice account or certificate of deposit: A special notice
              account book or certificate of deposit, made payable to the State of
              Alaska, Business Enterprise Program in the amount of $5,000; or,
       c)     Irrevocable Letter of Credit: An Irrevocable Letter of Credit, made
              payable to the State of Alaska, Business Enterprise Program in the
              amount of $5,000. The BEP must have full authority to call upon these
              funds without Contractor's approval.

Guidelines for how BEP determines the amount of the individual surety are outlined in
Appendix V. Failure to supply this document within the time required will cause the
BEP to declare the bidder non-responsive and to reject the Contractor’s proposal.

                         SPECIFIC RFP REQUIREMENTS

Contract period is from May 1, 2006 through April 30, 2007. The contract will be
renewed annually for four additional years, with the State having sole right to exercise
each renewal option. An annual Notice of Renewal is to be exercised solely by the
BEP. If all four options are exercised, this contract will terminate on April 30, 2011.

The Contractor is responsible for compliance with the terms and conditions of the
Vending contract. The Contractor agrees that, after reasonable written notice, the State
may default the contract; i.e., for a defined cause of non-compliance with the contract,
and/or 24 hours after notice of the third infraction for not providing vending machine
services as submitted in this proposal. The BEP will give the contractor sixty days
written notice in the event of default.

In the event of early termination of the contract, the contractor must continue operations
until a replacement contractor is found, or for approximately thirty days after the
effective dates of terminating the contract, whichever is shorter.

The BEP reserves the right to exclude specific buildings and/or locations from this
contract at any time during the term of this contract. Such exclusion shall be executed
by the BEP in writing at least thirty days in advance of the exclusion.

The State will have the right to inspect all activities of the contractor associated with
RFP BEP # 2006-100                                                                      7

performing this contract.

Award will be made for each proposal received based on the total number of points
received for that proposal.

The BEP desires that prices to customers be reasonable, however the BEP will not
accept decreases in the prices currently being charged to customers. On the
Evaluation Criteria, determining whether the prices to customers are reasonable will
be done as follows: Prices to customer, as offered in each proposal, will be inserted into
a 3-month spreadsheet, which contains the most current data available. An overall rate
of increase in price to customer will be determined. The lowest price increase
percentage will be divided by each higher increase and then multiplied by 15 (maximum
number of points) to calculate the number of points to be awarded.

                                     For example:

Proposal #1 does not plan to increase any prices, so this results in prices being the
same (or 100%) of the current prices to customer.
Proposal #2 will increase prices to 125% of the current prices offered.

Since Proposal #1 has offered the lowest increase, it receives 15 points.

To determine Proposal #2 points, Proposal # 1 (100%) is divided by Proposal #2
increase (125%) and then multiplied by 15 (maximum points possible).
                       100/125*15=12 points for Proposal #2.

The commission data information on the Evaluation Criteria will be evaluated base
upon the commission percentage figure(s) submitted by the Vendor. The Vendor that
submits the highest total commission proposal will receive 40 points. Lower
commission percentages will be adjusted accordingly.

                 Qualifications and Experience of Contractor

The contractor must possess and demonstrate the following qualifications and

      1. A valid Alaska Business License;

      2. At least one year of providing full service vending machine service is
      3. Proof of financial stability, including current balance sheet;
      4. Must have and show proof of the ability to secure a $50,000 line of credit;
      5. Must provide 3 letters of recommendation from customers reflecting
         satisfactory performance on vending machine contracts.
RFP BEP # 2006-100                                                                        8

                                Scope of Services

A.   Contractor agrees to install and maintain the types of vending machines on State
     of Alaska, Department of Labor and Workforce Development, Division of
     Vocational Rehabilitation, Business Enterprise Program sites as listed in
     Appendix I or as otherwise proposed and approved by the BEP. All vending
     machines must accept dollar bills. While new vending machines are preferred,
     used machines in good condition may be used with permission from BEP. The
     BEP or building owner or manager will not be responsible for providing any
     hardware, tools, labor, or other incidentals, other than water, access to water,
     electricity and electrical outlets as provided for in paragraph C of this section.

     1.     Contractor agrees that, if maintenance is necessary because of
            breakdown on a machine three or more times during any six-months of
            the contract, a new machine will be installed within thirty days after the
            third breakdown. Contractor is responsible for reporting all breakdowns to
            the BEP.

            NOTE: Replacing machines do not constitute a reason to raise prices or
            reduce commissions.

B.   Contractor shall have the right to request additional and/or alternate locations for
     its machines; however, it is agreed that the amount of space, number of
     machines, and location of such machines shall be solely determined by the BEP
     and building owner or manager. Machines shall be relocated or removed at the
     Contractor’s sole expense. Upon removing any machine, the Contractor shall
     leave the premises in the same condition as when the machine(s) was originally
     installed, excepting reasonable and normal wear and tear.

C.   The BEP and the building owner or management shall provide electrical outlets
     for all machines; however, the BEP shall incur no liability whatsoever for
     interruption to electrical service.

D.   Contractor agrees that the products vended shall be fresh and of the best quality
     and variety.

     1.     The prices at which Contractor shall offer such items for sale shall be fair
            and competitive with the prices at which similar items are sold in the
            vicinity of the building site. Responses to this RFP should include specific
            brand name information for all items to be vended. Item prices and brand
            name selections shall not differ from those indicated in this proposal
            response unless agreed to in writing by the BEP.

     2.     All price changes (both positive and negative) for products must be
            submitted in writing to the BEP at least thirty days prior to effective date of
            price change. Contractor must provide at least one document which
            shows why price changes are occurring. This can include, but is not
            limited to a certified invoice from the wholesaler where products are
RFP BEP # 2006-100                                                                       9

           purchased, certified invoice or bill of sale from product manufacturer, a
           nationally recognized product publication, which lists when and where
           price changes will occur, etc.

     3.    Contractor shall respond to calls from the building owner or manager
           and/or BEP regarding vending machine breakdown within four hours after
           the initial call. If the complaint has not been resolved within 24 hours from
           the initial call, the Contractor will receive written notification from the BEP
           regarding contract performance.

E.   Contractor agrees to pay the BEP a commission based on the proposal
     contained in Appendix II. This commission is based on a percent of its gross
     sales from its machines. It is agreed that the following procedures will apply to
     collecting commissions, sales, revenues and payment:

     1.    Money from each machine will be collected and counted regularly and not
           less than once per month. The proposed schedule should keep all
           machines operational with products available for sale, i.e., no outages or
           red lights.

           All bidders will submit their proposed schedule for collection and product
           stocking in the proposal response Appendix III.

     2.    All money collected shall be promptly deposited into the Contractor's bank
           account. All records of this deposit transaction shall be made available
           within two days after a request during an audit by the BEP.

     3.    Once per month the Contractor shall furnish the BEP with a report of total
           gross receipts, as shown in Appendix IV, from each machine along with a
           commission check. This report shall minimally specify the type of
           machine, its location and indicates the beginning and ending reading of
           the cash meter/counter for each machine for the same period of time.
           Meter readings will be checked against the reported gross sales for
           verification of accuracy in reporting. The commission will be based on the
           total gross sales reported and not on the meter readings; however, if
           consistent variance is identified between the meter reading and the gross
           sales, measures may be undertaken to obtain a more accurate report
           from the Contractor. The BEP shall be paid no later than fifteen calendar
           days after the end of the month. The contractor agrees that, if commission
           payments are not postmarked by the 15th calendar day after the end of
           the month, a penalty of 1.5% per month will be added to the commission
           due for that reporting period.

     4.    All transactions and financial records shall be subject to audit and/or
           inspection by BEP personnel or their designated representatives, at any
           time during the contract period, without prior notice, and/or up to three
           years after contract termination. Audit and inspection will occur only during
           normal business hours, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
RFP BEP # 2006-100                                                                    10

F.   Contractor agrees that the specified commission rate and selling prices are
     established based on Contractor's cost of items sold as indicated in Appendix II.

G.   The Contractor shall be solely responsible for maintaining good sanitation and
     cleanliness conditions in connection with its vending machine operations and
     shall perform, at its sole expense, all maintenance, repair and cleaning service
     necessary to maintain machines in a sanitary state and good working condition.
     Such service shall include keeping the machines filled with vending products in
     marketable condition, including but not limited to conditions such as freshness
     and appearance. Such service shall include cleaning, maintaining, lubricating,
     repairing or replacing machines as required to maintain an efficient level of
     service. Replacing machines that cannot be repaired will be done in accordance
     with Paragraph B in this section.

H.   The Contractor shall remove any refuse caused by stocking and maintaining
     machines, and if the Contractor fails to do so, Contractor agrees to pay the BEP
     and/or building owner or manager all costs, charges, and expenses for such

I.   The agents, employees and representatives of the Contractor shall have access
     to the vending machines during reasonable business hours for the purpose of
     inspecting, maintaining and servicing the machines. In the event of an
     emergency situation involving the machines, the Contractor, with the permission
     of the BEP and/or building owner or manager, may be granted access to the
     designated location on the premises during non-working hours.

J.   If subcontractors are used for installation or any other aspect of service provision
     for this contract, it must be indicated in the proposal. The Contractor will be
     responsible for the subcontractors’ quality of work and loss or damage caused by
     subcontractor during installation. Subcontractors will be required to obtain the
     same insurance as the Contractor, including worker's compensation.
     Subcontractors do not include food or food/vending product suppliers.

K.   All local, state, and general taxes are the Contractor’s sole responsibility.
     Contractors may not deduct sales tax prior to determining commissions.

L.   The Contractor shall refund money to customers who have lost money in the
     vending machines or have purchased defective merchandise. The Contractor
     will establish a proposal for reimbursing money lost in their machines. The
     method to be employed for this purpose must accompany the Contractor’s
     proposal. A refund form shall be furnished by the Contractor to be filled out by
     the person requesting a refund. The BEP or building owner or manager will not
     be responsible for disputes over refunds.

M.   All machines must be installed with a non-resettable cash meter/counter or
     functional equivalent. Such meters will enable the BEP to monitor the actual
     amount of cash put into the machine by the customers. At the onset of the
     contract, the Contractor either must reset all cash meters/counters or functional
     equivalent to zero, or must submit the current reading of the cash
RFP BEP # 2006-100                                                                          11

         meters/counters or functional equivalent to the BEP on the first day of the
         contract. At the end of each monthly reporting period, Contractors must submit
         the cash meters/counters or functional equivalent reading to the BEP with the
         commission payment. Failure to submit the cash meters/counters or functional
         equivalent reading may constitute a written notification from the BEP concerning
         performance, or a penalty charge of 5% per month on that month’s commissions.
          The BEP will inform Contractor within 30 days following the preceding month
         concerning what penalty will be imposed.

N.       Within 60 days of onset of contract and annually thereafter, Contractor will
         submit a survey of property or space, which is owned or leased by applicable
         state or federal agencies in the contract area. Included in the survey, Contractor
         will provide an inventory of all vending machines, owned by the Contractor or any
         other party, in property or space, which is owned or leased by applicable state or
         federal agencies.
In addition to the Scope of Services listed above, the Contractor will be granted limited
authority by the State of Alaska, BEP to engage in the following activities in order to
further develop vending machine opportunities and income under the Randolph-
Sheppard and Chance Act Program in Alaska:
        Make contact, negotiate and develop additional unassigned vending locations
         throughout contract area. An official letter of introduction will be provided to the
         Contractor in order to facilitate this process.
        Submit recommendations to BEP for:
         1)    Expanding or enhancing vending machine services in existing locations
               covered under the Randolph-Sheppard and/or Chance Act Program, and
         2)    Exercising authority to provide vending machine services in locations not
               currently recognized under the Randolph-Sheppard and/or Chance Act
               Program. The Alaska BEP will review and comment on recommendations.
        Approval by the Alaska BEP is required for the addition of any state or federal
         facility to be served under the contract and for any significant expansion or
         enhancement of services in an existing state or federal facility.
        With the addition of new state or federal facilities, or the expansion or
         enhancement of existing facilities, Contractor will collect appropriate amount, per
         contract, of vending revenues due.

                                      EVALUATION CRITERIA

Proposer: ________________________                                Evaluator #: __________
RFP BEP # 2006-100                                                                                   12

City: ____________________________

Evaluation Criteria                                                             Points      Points
                                                                                Possible   Awarded

1. Vendor is certified as disabled employer (Documentation required)            5          ______

2. Vendor is eligible for Alaska Vendor’s Preference (Documentation             5          ______

3. Understanding the Contract                                                   5          ______

4. List personnel who will work on the project. Include individual              10         ______
   experience and specific contributions expected from each.

5. List machines to be provided for each location. Include type and age of      10         ______
   each machine. Describe equipment, fixtures and storage facilities.
   Describe plan for providing repairs to machines in the time-frame required
   in the RFP (page 9, D.3).

6. References. Provide at least three references from persons/business with      5         ______
   previous satisfactory experience in working with the Offeror.

7. Quality and variety of products offered.                                      5         ______

8. Price to customer must be reasonable. This is determined by calculating      15         ______
   the percentage of increase in price to customer. The lowest percentage
   will be divided by the percentage of each higher percentage and then
   multiplied by maximum points possible (15).

9. The highest commission will receive maximum points (40).                      40        ______
   Lower commission offers are divided by the highest bid and then multiplied
   by the maximum possible points to determine the score.

         Totals                                                                 100         _____

                                    Appendix I
                      Vending Machine Locations and Types of Machines
RFP BEP # 2006-100                                                            13

Location            Physical            Machine      F: Federal   Annual
                    Address             Type         S: State     Sales

AK Marine Hwy.      3132 Channel Dr. Soft Drink      S            $ 106.15
1st. Floor

Community Bldg.     153 3rd. Ave.       Soft Drink   S            $ 49.05
                                        Snack                     $1,780.35
                                        Soft Drink                $1,398.55

Court Plaza Bldg.   240 Main St.        Soft Drink   S            $1,368.00
                                        Snack                     $1,677.60

Court House         123 4th Ave.        Soft Drink   S            $3,539.85
Main Floor                              Snack                     $2,206.20

D.E.C.              410 Willaby Ave     Soft Drink   S            $1,164.85
2nd. Floor                              Snack                     $1,550.20

Dept. Forestry      8485 Old Dairy Rd Soft Drink     F            $ 942.15
Downstairs Hall                                                   $1,180.80

Dept. Labor         1111 W 8th Ave      Soft Drink   S            $6,066.35
2nd. Floor                              Snack                     $5,156.61

Dept. Public                            Soft Drink   S            $ 219.65
Health 1st. Floor

Dept. Transporta-   Mile 3 Glacier Hwy Soft Drink    S            $1,712.15
Tion 1st. Floor                        Soft Drink                 $4,953.10
                                       Snack                      $3,579.30
                                       Snack                      $3,326.88

D.M.V.              2760 Sherwood       Soft Drink   S            $ 824.90
Main Entrance       Ave.                Snack                     $ 835.25

Federal Bldg.       709 W. 9th St       Soft Drink   F            $1,980.80
Basement                                Soft Drink                $ 210.35
                                        Snack                     $3,817.48

Ferry Terminal      Mile 13.5 Glacier   Soft Drink   S            $1,139.56
Lobby               Hwy.                Soft Drink                $1,736.59
                                        Snack                     $3,415.55

Fish & Game         10107 Bentwood Pl Soft Drink     S            $2,417.80
Break Room                            Soft Drink                  $2,336.55
Douglas Island                        Snack                       $3,493.75
RFP BEP # 2006-100                                                 14

Break Room                            Snack            $3,427.85
Maintenance                           Snack            $ 532.20

Post Secondary     801 W. 10th Ave    Soft Drink   S   $ 982.75
Education                             Soft Drink       $3,456.40
2nd. Floor                            Snack            $2,751.95

Post Office                           Soft Drink   F   $2,895.20
Break room                            Snack            $2,971.26

Permanent Fund     801 10th Ave Ste 3 Soft Drink   S   $ 796.00
Office 3rd Floor                      Snack            $

Pioneer Home       4675 Old Glacier   Soft Drink   S   $1,102.49
Lower Level        Hwy.               Snack            $ 851.30

                                Appendix II
RFP BEP # 2006-100                                                            15

                               Commission Schedule

                           City: ______________________

                                            Product    Selling   Commission
     Product to be sold                      Size      Price         %

Attach additional pages if necessary.

                                        APPENDIX III
RFP BEP # 2006-100                                                                  16


Vendor must list the proposed days of the week when they will collect revenue from the
vending machines. Vendors must also list the proposed days when they will stock
product for the vending machines.

                                 Collection   Stocking         Type of
City & Building Location           Day          Day            Machine

                         Use additional sheets if necessary
                                   APPENDIX IV
RFP BEP # 2006-100                                                                               17

                           VENDING MACHINE COMMISSIONS

Vendor Name: __________________________                         City: ____________________

Contract #: ____________ Reporting Period: ______ Month: ______ Year: ____

 Each Vending Machine          Meter Reading          Loc.   Prod.     Gross Sales   Comm.   Comm.
       Location               Beg     End             Type   Type                    %       Due

                                                             Total Commissions Submitted
*Indicate the location as federal (F) or non-federal (N)
**Snack, Cold Food, Soft Drink, Juice, Coffee, etc .


Signature: _______________________                           Date: _________________

Title: ____________________________
Payment in full must be postmarked by the 15th day of the month following the end of the month
of reporting period. Please mail this report with your check or money order to:

                                              Department of Labor
                                      Division of Vocational Rehabilitation
                                        Business Enterprise Program
                                             801 W 10th St., Ste. A
                                            Juneau, AK 99801-1894

                        A computerized form may be used with BEP approval.

                                                   APPENDIX V
RFP BEP # 2006-100                                                                   18

                        BUSINESS ENTERPRISE PROGRAM
                              Surety Deposit Policy

The manner in which surety deposits are currently calculated for BEP vending machine
contracts is as follow:

      The amount of the surety deposit is based on three-month’s anticipated
      A maximum limit for surety deposits is set at $10,000.
      Surety deposit amounts are rounded to the nearest $100.
      Surety deposits are re-evaluated annually when contracts are renewed.
      Surety deposits based on anticipated quarterly commissions of more than
       $5,000 be determined at a flat rate as shown below.
      Contractors with more than one BEP contract pay the surety deposit based on
       the largest volume contract with another $500 deposit for each additional
      Waivers for the surety deposit are permitted on a case-by-case basis.

Quarterly Anticipated                  Surety Deposit
Commissions                            Calculated By
0-$5,000 per Quarter                   Quarterly Anticipated Commissions rounded to
                                       the nearest $100.
$5,001-$10,000 Per Quarter             Flat Rate of $5,000
Above $10,000 Per Quarter              Flat Rate of $10,000

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